Wentworth S4:E10 Smitten Recap

Hi everyone, welcome back to Wentworth Prison after a long time away! Things are pretty chaotic Chez TTM right now, but maybe an escape into a superb Australian prison drama is just what the doctor ordered. Plus, I hear there is another season starting right skippy, I'd better get this one done tout suite! Rolling Wentworth S4:E10 Smitten after the break

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Girls S6:E4 Painful Evacuation Recap

I got about 2 seconds into Girls this week and had to legit stop and freak out BECAUSE TRACEY ULLMAN IS IN THIS EPISODE!!!!!!!!!! Tracey ULLMAN!! Sorry, sorry, you'll see what I mean, but of course you already do because Tracey Ullman taught me about about Brass in Pocket and everything else there was funny in the world before I found Amy Poehler too. Let's roll before this gets embarrassing, shall we?

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Top Chef S14:E14 Comida Final Recap

This is it! Something we've been waiting all season for: the ACTUAL Top Chef Finale!! Padma said it and everything in the promo so I know I got it right this time! Woo hoo! Let's see which of our chefs rises to the top; I dig the fact that we're in an all-female finale, let's see who takes it!

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