Dancing With the Stars S22:E7 Iconic Artist Night Recap


Welcome back to DWTS and Iconic Artist Night! Along with the Iconic Artist, we also have the men vs. the women in a dance-off. If that's not enough drama for you, we also have a double elimination, so it is going to be brutal, folks. Best grab a pitcher this time!

Jodie is still tore up physically from last weeks contemporary with Keo. She's all taped up, but she's stiff and sore. Is she up to the task of a quickstep to a Stevie Wonder classic? She looks beautiful, and while she did well, something is still lacking. I feel like as much as Keo is terrific, Jodie has not shone as she did when she danced with Val during the switch night. That lady has more in her then this. The judges disagree, with CA-8 Len-9 Bruno-9


Kim and Sasha are dancing a samba to the Jackson 5, and Kim says that ties in nicely with her life because she was friends with Janet. Their samba was very cute and as per, Kim is just as happy as a clam to be there working her thang. But...it isn't quite enough to get them to the end. In a shocking turn of events, the judges all give her a solid 9 across the board. Um, okayyy. That makes sense. Ahem. Moving on!


Nyle is very upset about how the show portrayed him last week. They emphasized him acting extremely cocky and that's not who he is. Peta is upset because he's so upset he's not being himself and she wants the real Nyle back. They get their act together but good. Their foxtrot is elegant and absolutely enchanting. He always takes my breath away. Also, Peta's gown is all kind of WANT. CA-10 Len-9 Bruno-10 BUT WAIT, Bruno wrote down a NINE, so it's a NINE. Ugh, Bruno. He beats himself with his 10 paddle in regret. Good.


Antonio is going to have to go into no-smiley mode, which is not his usual smiley self, to do a tango to "Paint it Black." Antonio has improved very much in these 7 weeks, but this dance is ALL Sharna looking hawt as hell and dancing her ass off. All Sharna. All. Tom gets a whisper in his ear mic to tell Sharna to pull up her top during the judges critiques and she's mortified. Ha! I bet America wouldn't have minded seeing that! All 8s and All 10s for Sharna's top sitch!


Wanya is super happy he's at the top of the leader board from last weeks Famous Dance Night success, and he wants to stay there. It's a lot of pressure; can he do it with a foxtrot to "Say a Little Prayer"? I'm going to have to say a firm NO. This dance is a huge snooze-fest for me, I must say. Wanya is always a good dancer, he's always putting forth his best, but what in world was whoever thinking saddling him with this awful song? Zzzzzzzzzzz. Oops! I'm awake for the scores! 9s across, and I agree!


Ginger and Val have a Viennese waltz and they're disappointed that they didn't get any 10s last week for their Janet Jackson "Nasty" dance. Val works her to the bone, but she doesn't complain at all. He appreciates her hard work and it shows in their gorgeous dance to Whitney's "I Have Nothing." It is amazing, smooth, lovely, just what you want a waltz to look like. It deserved all of those sweet three 10s it got!!! Yay!


Von and Witney are dancing to Elvis, and he teases her that she doesn't know he Elvis is. She is SO young. They dance a fun salsa and it is still striking how teeny tiny Witney is next to giant Von! Not surprisingly he receives straight 8s from the judges.


Of course Paige and Mark are in our Pimp Spot! Finally going to get those three 10s? They are going to dance a jive to "Proud Mary," and Paige says she came into this with no confidence, so she is going to go out there and try and show girls out there that you can be confident and strong. I cannot properly say how insane this jive is. I mean, there are on words so if you haven't seen it: YouTube is your friend! I thought last week's dance was awesome, but this one is just something else. The cartwheel on cartwheel on cartwheel? Helllllooo! And it IS 10-10-10


Time for the men vs. women dance off! First:  Team James Brown - The men are just a plain hot mess in rehearsal, but they pull their stuff together to give a really good performance liiiiive. They receive a nice 9-9-10


Team Beyonce is up next and at first I thought the ladies are going to nail it and take this, but they do not. They aren't quite up to par and receive 8-8-9. Hey I thought they should have gotten 9s from Hairography alone!


Now for the double eviction. In a non-surprise for no one, Von and Kim are sent to the underworld of non-celebrityville. But they can perk up, because the end is near and they will be back for the finale! See you next week when America gets a shot at judging!