Just Jillian S1:E6 Miami Madness Recap


Just Jillian continues on from last week's party for Heidi's mom in Florida. Let's see if she can get that golf cart fixed!

So her and the one guy are still arguing, and the owner guy all of the sudden tells her she's arguing with someone that can't make any decisions at all. Why didn't he say that in the first place? Anyway, he says he'll do something with it. Heidi tells Jill she doesn't think they're bad people, she just thinks they were selling to like, old people that couldn't see the damage. Jill asks her if she's lost her damn mind, they're shysters! It's over $12,000!

Jill is so worried about Joyce not liking her, and the cart being wonky is making it worse. They go shopping for alcohol for the party and they talk about how it's been nice not dealing with G and work. Heidi mentions how they've been discussing adding a third child and it would be on her, so would Jill consider it? Jill understands that, but she says they hardly have any time as it is. They decide to shelve it for now. Jill ends up buying over $1400 of booze. Do we really need that, Heidi wonders? Umm, probs.


It's almost party time and Heidi tells Jill, "If those strippers show their wieners we're gonna be in trouble." Jill tells us that around there she's usually referred to as "Big Loser," but today she's going to be "Big Winner." "Not 'The Biggest Loser', Big Loser." Joyce walks in, and she's surprised. Jill says she's never been so excited about male strippers before. She likes to mess with Heidi's parents because they are so conservative. They bring the devil out in her.

Out they come after Joyce opens up a packet full of dollar bills. Most of the guests are just mortified, being as they're all about 70 years old. It is hilarious! Most of them leave. Haha. Joyce tells her she's gonna kill her. She tells us she doesn't care, the cart is gonna win her over, not the strippers. They bring her to it and she loves it, but she's still gonna kill her for the strippers.


They're all at Universal for a family day, and G has invited himself along. Jill isn't thrilled about any of that. G is having a ball on the kiddie rides, but he also throws some business in there, pissing her off. Jill asks Joyce if the kids can stay with her for 2 days so her and Heidi can go to Miami alone. G finds out and tells her she needs to go to the office in Miami while she's there. They argue about that, and she finally concedes one hour. That G always getting her!

Jill arrives in the Miami office and says if she's not super quick Heidi will kill, nay, leave her, "What's that movie, "The Hours?" One of those bitches killed herself and another one just stole away in the night. That's would Heidi would do. In the night."  She laughs over how white he's decorated the place and pulls up his Instagram to show how he posts his white Ferrari constantly. She then meets the staff not knowing who anyone is and forgetting names.

G has done it again! He puts her on the spot - hey, don't you remember that group thing we were gonna do while you were here? She's like, FFS. Heidi is going to kill me dead. They pick teams and play some sort of trampoline dodge ball. As per, Jill goes nuts with competitiveness. She's screaming and swearing like a crazy person. GET OUT, GET HER, GONE! She still can't remember anybody's name and G is like, this is why you need to be here! Heidi shows up and doesn't look pleased.


"That was way more than an hour," she smiles passive-aggressively. They play a game of Scrabble later that night and talk. Jill tells her she's happier with her in her life, but Heidi cries that she feels like she doesn't need her. She wishes there could be one day without work and just them. Jill tells her "there's nobody in my life that I happen to love or need except you, and if that's really the way you fucking see it, then great." She's crying now too. Heidi explains that she knows she loves her, but all the work just causes so much stress to their relationship.

Once again Jill is at a loss as to what to do. Heidi fast talks she gets it; she has to make the money, work; but she's always on the phone, email, etc. Jill tells her she loves her more than anything, but she doesn't know what else she wants. Heidi says sometimes that's all she wants, for her to say it. Jill says she really does need to say it more often and promises herself to say it and text it to her a lot more.


Jill takes Heidi on a surprise trip. Heidi is excited, so she makes a SLIGHT change of expression on her face. Not really. They arrive at Monkey Jungle because Heidi loves monkeys. As they visit around and feed the different monkeys Jill says, "We're going to end up with a monkey farm, I just know it." Heidi loves the gesture and they leave happy.

They're back home in Malibu and Jill is trying to spend some time at home. It's almost time for school and Phoenix says they can't talk about poop at there because their teacher said no. Jill is aggravated, saying it's a natural state and they should be able to. Call Grandma up and see what she says. They do and she says it's a word big people don't like. Lu says everybody poops and she's a kid. Grandma says if that's the rule, you gotta follow it. Grandpa doesn't like that word. Jill says OMG, that's what's wrong with you, Heidi! You couldn't talk about poop! Phoenix tells Grandma he hopes she gets poopy on her. They all giggle as Jill says Joyce is probably even more mad now.