New Girl S5:E16 Part Two Helmet Recap

new girl

Welcome back to New Girl: Part Two. We're heading back into the second half of a full hour of New Girl, which we'll be doing for the next few weeks until the season finale. Let's keep going!

Right before bedtime, Sam asks Jess if she'll come meet his parents when they arrive in town the next day. She says she'll be glad to, because they are a solid couple now. She falls asleep and when she wakes up, she runs to Cece and tells her she's had a sex dream about Nick!

Winston is going to meet Aly and her boyfriend for lunch. Schmidt says he's going with him because, "You're going to brunch with the woman you love and her boyfriend? That's the worst thing I've ever heard of." Winston replies, "I'm in a prank marriage anyway, so..."

Cece asks Jess what happened in her sex dream. She says she was wearing the football helmet he gave her, so she's going to get rid of all the stuff she's kept from him to clear the air. She can't have him in between her and Sam anymore.

So Aly's boyfriend is an animal agent, and he's kind of obnoxious, after all, he's just signed the crow from "Game of Thrones," ya know. Winston asks him if he could maybe see Furguson, and he says no. Schmidt sticks up for him and says Furg is the most beautiful cat he's ever seen. Aly says Winston has tons of head shots of the cat, so he says fine, he can bring him by his office.


Nick sees Outside Dave with his football helmet housing his collection of rock babies, and he takes it back from him. He asks Jess why she's throwing his stuff out. Jess and Cece let it slip that she had a "dirty dream" and then he gets her to admit it was about him.


Jess tells Nick she has no time for this, she has to meet Sam for dinner with his parents. What does she have to do to get rid of him? He wants all of the deets. She says her dream may have been historical. "So was there a dragon?" he asks. She's all, you think dragons are real? He thinks there are debates about that, actually.

Ferguson Michael Jordan Bishop won't come out of his cage for Tripp until he puts some catnip on his finger. When he does that, he walks out he but he immediately says nope, he's not an It cat. He tells them that Patches is an It cat, and shows them a video of her.

So apparently Nick's football helmet was "caked in soot". He wants to know why he was a chimney sweep. Cece helpfully says, "Well a chimney is hollow and you're usually jamming something into it." Then they're in a dark alley where she's on top. "Okay, I'm okay with that." Their passion drowns out the coughs of orphans and then Winston brings them scones! Nick thinks that's real sweet because he's always hungry after sex. Please leave, Nick, and get rid of the damn helmet. She puts it on while she's yelling at him that he gave it to her last minute anyway. Sam knocks on the door and she can't get the helmet off. It's because it's a child size helmet, Nick tells her. Oops.

"Hey there, Legs, what's up?" Cece asks Sam. "Me and you have never really clicked, have we?" he asks. HAHA Jess starts slamming the helmet to get it off and Nick finally admits that his dead father gave it to him. She says she can't believe she put her change in such an important gift. He says he'll help her figure out how to get it off.


Sam and Cece walk in while they are trying to get the helmet off, but they're in an awkward position together, with Jess on top of Nick. Jess asks him if he can just trust her that she had a sex dream about Nick, but it didn't mean anything. He says he can, but can she break the helmet off so they can go to the dinner? She says she can't because it's important to Nick. He's disappointed, but he's okay with it.


Winston and Schmidt take Furguson for an audition that Schmidt found out about. Winston gets intimidated and wants to abandon ship when Tripp and Patches show up. Schmidt tells him not to give up and he asks Tripp if he can borrow some catnip. He takes it and douses himself with it. All the cats in the room start running after him.

Nick tells Jess that he knows Sam means a lot to her and he's above six feet tall which also means so much to her. He'll break the helmet so she can make the dinner.


Winston goes into the audition room with Furguson and they immediately start laughing at the cat. Winston gets upset and starts to leave, but really they love Furguson. Tripp and Patches have walked in and he's like really, Winston? You have to win this too? He tells him he already has to feel so intimated by him because of how Aly talks about him all the time, and the fact that he's a cop. Winston says Furguson is no longer in the running, he's cool now.


Winston tells Aly that if Tripp makes her happy, he's happy. She tells him that means a lot to her. Jess brings Nick a present. It's a piece of his helmet that she had framed, so that he can hang it in his bar.

Best Lines of the Night:

Tripp:  "Lunch is on me today okay, so feel free to add blue cheese on anything."

Winston, to Schmidt about brunch:  "Don't be weird and start smelling people's bread. Either you eat bread or you don't eat bread. There's nothing in between, man."

The casting director about Furguson the cat:  "He makes Patches look like a Culkin brother."

Outside Dave, when Nick asks him where he got his helmet:  "From a shoulder-less Dutch boy." (Jess)