Reign S3:E18 Finale Spiders In A Jar Recap


Well here we are. It's the season three finale of Reign! We finally made it all the way to Scotland, where our Mary will fight for her throne.

Mary is all spiffied up in a gorgeous green lace gown talking with her brother James and Bash. James tells her that she'd be better off to turn Protestant to rule because John Knox is a "master orator" and the people lurve him. Mary is all, Oh no you didn't. "Queens do not bow to their subjects. It is, in fact, quite, the other way around." Get it!

Mary is going to take Mass - IN YOUR FACE - much to Knox's disgust. He tells her that it's against the law, but she tells him that she can do what she wants and she will not impose her religion on her people; they may do what they like.She tells him she wants religious tolerance for Scotland: "Help me bring all of my people to there. Or may God and your Queen have mercy on your soul." Mary rocks, you guys.


Lola is nervous as a cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. She doesn't know what to do about her fake note from Mary. Gurrrl! Why you gonna believe that mess? She asks her maid to get a meeting with Narcisse; she's going to kill Elizabeth for Mary!

James tells Mary that Catholics slaughtered a bunch of Protestants. Bash comes in and tells her that some English delegates have arrived to get support for Elizabeth as well. Bad day, yeah? Mary rallies and tells James to get the Catholic priest to hang if he's guilty, then tells Bash she'll meet with the English. Boom.

Elizabeth is also looking quite gorgeous in a blue and glittery off the shoulder gown with her red hair up and lovely, pearls around her neck. She doesn't have time for Dudley who wants to tell her something.

Lola tells Narcisse she cannot go with him because Liz has an event. She tells him to take her son, she'll meet him in a couple of days. She tells him she understands him now that she's seen harsh things. She cries as she tells him she loves him and and that it's goodbye...errrrr...for now...

Two Red Knights comes in as guards saying that that the castle is under attack. Leith saves the day and kills them right when the dude is going to kill Catherine and Claude. Catherine is so grateful she tells him she blesses the marriage of him to Claude. They are ecstatic.


Gideon is the English delegate and they immediately get their smooch on, but then say, "We can't do this!" Ha. He tells her that people are tired of unrest, but Mary is all, hey, I'm not the problem, I just need time to show the people I'm a good leader! He agrees to stall for time.

Lola meets with a shifty dude who gives her a pistol who tells her where to hide it and he tells her he will kill Liz and then die for his service of Queen Mary.


Claude tells Leith to chill when it comes to proving himself to the Volois'. He gets on his knee and asks her to marry him formally. We then get some pretty eye-candy as they get it on.

The Catholic priest is put before Mary and insists he wasn't there when the protestants were murdered. He doesn't believe in that kind of thing. He's a pacifist. God knows the truth, he tells her. She sends him back to the dungeon and she worries that she is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. James tells her she has to give the people justice, but she says she can't kill him without proof.

Elizabeth sees Lola with a funny look on her face and she asks her what's wrong. Lola is having second thoughts and when the assassin shoots the gun he misses. Dudley shouts out to grab the shooter AND Lola because she's in on it and he knows it!


Liz goes to visit Lola in jail and says that the assassin has confessed that she was in on it. They yell-cry at each other - two ex-BFF's betrayed. Lola tells her "I march to my execution soon, and yet, you are the one to be pitied." Oh, burn.

Catherine listens to Charles tell her that Thierry was caught by the Red Knights and he was strung up and burned. Charles hid and he feels like a coward now. Catherine tells him he did what he had to do. He's a broken soul now and says he can't be King anymore. She slaps him silly and tells him to grow up, the whole nation depends on him!


The Catholic priest has hung himself, and Mary says his death will not be in vain. She uses the death to pretend that she has actually hung him for his sin of killing the protestants. She tells the crowd that even though she's a Catholic, she has been raised to rule Scotland. "I AM SCOTLAND." She gives a wonderful rousing speech and the people love it!

Charles has had a privy meeting without his mother and has asked them to declare him of age. Catherine is out. She is utterly speechless. Bad move, Charles. Bad move.

Dudley tells Elizabeth that Narcisse is demanding Lola's release. Liz isn't having it and she orders Lola's head this very day. She is lonely and begs him to marry her, it's perfect timing! He's already married again, what?! Well, that was fast. She orders him out of her room and her court. Liz can't catch a break. A BFF and a lover. Gone in one day.

Charles finds out that the Red Knights are holed up and Martel says he will help flesh them out with Leith. I sense a set up right there, buddy. Catherine would never fall for that.

Mary finally gets some of that Gideon lovin'. Poor Bash. He gets ready to leave and she tells him she has blood on her, but he reassures her she's done what she's had to do to rule Scotland. She looks pretty alright with it too.

Narcisse watches as Lola is led to the executioner. She tells him to tell John that she loves him every single day. He loses it and starts stabbing guards arms left and right, trying to get to his Lola. He makes it right up front, but they grab him. Lola begs him to let her go and they take her head. He's devastated and he looks back at Elizabeth. He looks like he could kill her with his bare hands. She leaves. Dear bob. Did that all really just happen? Lola? Dead? Dear bob.

As the guards ready to smoke out the Red Knights the fake one stabs Leith! He says Claude's name while we see her happily looking at her wedding gown. I will not believe he's dead too! Oh no I will not! You can't make me!


Bash has to deliver the news to Mary about Lola and the assassination attempt. Mary doesn't believe that Lola would ever do a thing like that.

Knox! It was Knox that sent the letter to Lola! James confronts him over it. That rat bastage! He smirks over it too. He tells James that Liz and Mary are like "two spiders in a jar" sometimes you need to give them a good shake. James threatens to tell on him, but Knox says that he can't do that, Mary has promised religious tolerance, so, neener neener.

Catherine looks mighty smug when Charles walks in. She tells him that she's brought his baby brother to remind him how easily replaceable his butt is; if something were to happen to him, well, she's got plenty more where he's come from, all at reg-enable age. Oh, that Catherine is pure gold.

Bash tells Mary that he's seen "things", he's a seer and he can help her. She looks at him like, Whaaaa? He tells her he has to go for now, but he'll be back when she needs him.


Gideon tells Mary he got her message and she kisses him goodbye the border of Scotland and England. She tells him to get close to Liz the way he got close to her. Well, well, well. She's so pissed about Lola and everything else, she's done. She's going to to take her throne now as well, "Her nation. England. Some day it will be mine."