Wentworth S4:E10 Smitten Recap

Hi everyone, welcome back to Wentworth Prison after a long time away! Things are pretty chaotic Chez TTM right now, but maybe an escape into a superb Australian prison drama is just what the doctor ordered. Plus, I hear there is another season starting right skippy, I'd better get this one done tout suite! Rolling Wentworth S4:E10 Smitten after the break

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Wentworth S4:E3 Prisoner Recap


I can't believe we're already in season four of Wentworth, what a wild ride this series has been! Let's see if Joan Ferguson gets what she wants and is released into the wild: methinks it's a foregone conclusion and just another step towards her and Bea's big showdown. Rolling S4:E3 Prisoner after the break!

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