The Biggest Loser S17:E5 Homeward Bound / Real World Problems Recap


It is week eight on The Biggest Loser and Bob is going to test the remaining contestants with real world temptations. Let's see how they do!


First Challenge:

Bob tells the group that two people are headed home for the entire week. The team that wins this challenge will pick one person from each team and those will be the two that go. The goal is to fill up a big net with medicine balls while team mates hold it with out letting it fall. Whoever lasts the longest wins. Team Dolvett has almost 100 pounds more in their net and they can't keep holding the weight of it. They drop it and Team Jen wins it. Felecia just knows they'll pick her because she's the smallest, so she'll lose the least amount of weight. Roberto agrees, but he says she'll go home and "drink eighty-five diet sodas. She's been complaining about those damn things since day one." Jen announces they are sending Luis home. No surprise there. She then says "Maybe it feels predictable..." and she announces they picked Roberto. Wait, WHAT? Everyone is shocked, but Team Jen says they are competitive and they won't take the easy way out.


On the twins go on the plane to Chicago and they are pleasantly surprised to see they don't need the extensions on the seat belts anymore since they've been on the Ranch.  As they arrive home their wives and parents all cry and tell them how proud they are.

This smile says it all:20160206_111457

They go in the kitchen to be met by this:20160206_111718

Their favorite foods. They won't take any of it though, they are focused and they stick with the veggie tray someone kindly put on the corner of the table.

Back at the Ranch everyone is hitting it hard. Dolvett tells Rob he's amazing for being there at his age. Jen has a talk with Lauren about her emotional state. Lauren cries and admits she's lost without her mom. It was nice having her there and having her take care of her because she has been on her own with her child for so long. Jen tells her she's strong and she can find it in herself, the usual pep talk.


Back in Chicago the twins are visiting the High School where they teach. They give a group of kids a workout and one bigger boy cries and tells us that they showed him that he can work out when he didn't think he could.  It's very touching and that's what the twins wanted to be able to do.  Uh oh.

Last Chance Workout:

At the Ranch everyone is losing their minds working out like crazy people. In Chicago Roberto in climbing stadium stairs; chanting this team mates names and then his own. His brother Luis is also working his ass off, running, climbing stairs, push ups, everything. These men are so competitive; it is on!

Weigh-in: Red Line tonight

Team Dolvett                           Team Jen

Rob: 262 -3 259                      Stand Alone

Felecia: 187: -4 183                Erin: 199 -3 196

Stephen 253 -8 245                Colby: 271 -6 265

Jacky: 251 -7 244                   Lauren: 194 -7 187

Roberto: 276 -11 265             Luis: 244 -11 232

And Luis wins with a 3.99%. Oh Rob. He always makes me cry. Damn onion cutter in the house. He says that it was the best experience he's ever had in his life and they're all lifelong friends now. We'll see how he's done at the end of the show.


Bob greets the remaining contestants and tells them that they are losing their teams. It is now individual time. Also, the gym is closed, the kitchen is completely cleaned out and you each have a car at your disposal! In the car each day are two options and you have to pick one. Real world situations, see!  They're excited and the first choice is: a workout with a trainer off campus or wine tasting at a safari. Felecia, Erin, the twins and Stephen all impress Jen by showing up, but Jacky and Colby go to the Safari/wine tasting. Colby says it's his birthday and Jacky says she's just trying to find balance. Also, there's cheese.



There's an obstacle course and they have to pull sandbags out and then cross a balance beam. Then after they get all of the bags into their wheelbarrow they have to spell out their prize with the bags onto a shelf. Luis and Felecia are exactly tied when Felecia JUST steps on the mat by literally thousandths of a second before him. The word spells out Immunity. He's a poor loser and so is his brother, who says, "You gave the weakest one immunity." This does not sit well with the women and Erin says he shouldn't disrespect girls, she won, so she's not weak, she's strong. He tells her to shut up, he's got a wife, he knows how to respect women. It escalates and then he apologizes, telling Felecia he's sorry and that he said it in anger.  Bob steps in and everyone calms down.


The group of girls and the group of guys each have a night out. The girls get drunk and get various piercings; trag, nose. The guys take it relatively easy and stick with a beer or two. Both groups try to talk each other into forming an all guy and all girl alliance. Stephen is key because of his wife Jacky. Which side will he go on?

Last Chance Workout:

Dolvett is happy to see all the guys and Erin, but Jacky, Lauren and Felecia have all chosen parasailing instead of working out. Stephen is disappointed in his wife, but he says he's fighting for "me" and he may just side with the guys. Erin is on the treadmill and Jen tells her she can go all the way. She sets the 'mill to max out at 12. Erin runs her heart out and she owns it. She cries when Jen stops the treadmill. Jen asks her why and she says she is afraid she'll fail after all this hard work. Jen asks her if she feels good running on a maxed out treadmill and she says she does. She tells her to always remember that feeling and to always strive for it. Never forget that's how she wants to be.


Final Weigh-in:

Team Dolvett                                        Team Jen

(Starting weight/last week/current)

Felecia: 234/181/179   -2                       Colby: 339/265/258 -7

Roberto: 348/365/259 -6                        Luis: 308/233/232 -1

Jacky: 304/244/238 -6                            Stephen: 309/245/238 -7

Lauren: 234/187/184 -3                          Erin: 238/196/188 -8

Lauren and Luis are in the bottom  two.

Voting Room of Doom:

Votes: Roberto-Lauren, Erin-Luis, Colby-Lauren, Felecia-Luis, Stephen finishes it by voting for the strongest competitor to go home, Luis.

Rob has lost 100 pounds all together. He now weights 226 pounds. He feels like he's thirty years old,  and him and his wife feel like newlyweds. He can run around with his grandson like nobody's business! He has a new life and he's loving every minute of it!


Luis is now 203 pounds, losing 105 so far. He is so glad to be a good example for his Health and PE students finally. He is enjoying his wife and kids so much now, he's able to do so many things he wasn't able to before. He's thrilled to finally be a healthy role model.


Join me next week:  IT'S MAKEOVER WEEK WITH TIM GUNN!!!!!!!!!!


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