American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson From The Ashes of Tragedy Recap


American Crime Story opens with footage from the Rodney King beatings and it's aftermath.


Brentwood, CA. A driver is waiting. O.J. Simpson walks out of his house saying he's sorry he's late, he over-slept and had to shower. Uh huh. Meanwhile, a man walking his dog discovers that infamous Akita, his paws covered in blood. The dog leads him to the house and the murdered bodies.


The police search the undisturbed house of the crime scene, finding nothing but sleeping children and a filled bathtub. Outside, they find a glove, hat and an envelope. They see a heel print and bloody shoe prints.  They note that the murderer was bleeding from the left hand. Mark Fuhrman says he knows where O.J. lives because he's been up there for a family dispute before, so they leave to inform a family member.

They arrive and no one answers the gate. Fuhrman finds blood on the inside and outside of O.J.'s Bronco. They hop the gate and pound on the door of the house. They go 'round to find Kato Kaelin stoned out of his mind, who can only say that he heard loud banging by the air condtioner earlier and that O.J. is in Chicago. They call O.J. and tell him his wife is dead. His reaction troubles the officer; "He didn't ask how she died." They find the matching glove under the air conditioner: "This is a crime scene."


Aside: This is already making me so angry. End of aside.


Marcia Clark gets a phone call while trying to manage her two boys at home. The officer needs her opinion on what's happened. They came to inform O.J. of his wife's death and found out he is a suspect. She doesn't know who OJ Simpson is, but the evidence tells her everything she needs to know; "Well this prosecutor says go get him."


Back at the crime scene they're taking blood samples and the news vans are starting to showing up. The phone rings in the house and the answering machine picks up. Everyone stops as a child desperately asks for her mommy.

At her office Marcia and her cohorts are trying to work out the crime scene. One of the guys remarks how nice OJ is. "I just can't see him doing it." The other guy shuts him down. "He's not so terrific." O.J. has a prior. Five years before, he was arrested for beating Nicole and he got off "celebrity-style", never even did his community service.

Robert Kardashian is waiting at O.J.'s house along with a million other people; the press. The police are also there to arrest him as he arrives. They tell him they found a trail of blood. A resourceful journalist climbs through some trees and gets footage of the police briefly cuffing O.J. Howard Weitzman arrives and has them remove them straight away.


We meet Johnnie Cochran picking out an outfit in his rotating closet. He arrives at Christopher Darden's office and Darden confesses he hates doing what he's doing. Cochran says that's a good thing and he'll go far.

Marcia is outraged that the police was called on O.J. Simpson eight times for beating Nicole before he was even arrested. Apparently there was a celebrity-police arrangement going on there. The interview with him arrives, and Marcia is outraged again.  'What time did he park his Bronco? Seven, eight, nine?  I dunno. How did you hurt your left hand? I think I hurt it in Chicago? I might have broke a glass?  No, no.  I hurt it before I left for Chicago. Yeah, yeah. That's it. No biggie. You see, I golf a lot, nicks and stuff.  Heehee.' What in the entire fuck? "He got away with beating her, he's not going to get away with killing her." Oh, Marcia.


O.J. is sequestered in his house with his friends and family, completely freaking out. Kardashian is trying to calm him down. He questions Weitzman's layering tactics and O.J. wonders if he needs a different one...

Robert Shapiro is having dinner with his wife and friends when O.J. calls him. "We don't want to miss the opening of "I Love Trouble" his wife says. Haha. Now that's a blast from the past. He meets with O.J. and Kardashian and tells them the D.A. is going to do anything they can to win. He asks Kardashian to re-activate his attorney's license and join the team. He says he'd do anything for OJ.There seems to be a hero-type worship with going on there.


Cochran is disgusted by the way O.J. has been treated. He compares the way he's been treated to Jeffery Dahmer. He talks about this and the war against African Americans on a radio show. He declares he hasn't "been this popular since the riots." He says he won't join the case, he's too busy defending a single mom that's been shot nine times. Besides, that's a losing case and he likes to win.


Marcia interviews a witness that actually saw O.J. the night of the murder run crazily through a red light. The driver that took him to the airport says he saw a man go into his house before midnight while he was waiting on O.J., and he also saw a white Bronco parked on Rockingham that wasn't there when he arrived. Jeebus. The timeline is perfect. They think they've nailed it closed.

O.J. takes a polygraph and fails it horrendously. Just beyond, beyond. A minus twenty-four if that means anything to anyone. "It's the worst you can do." Kardashian is in total denial. O.J. goes nuts. "THESE MACHINES DON'T WORK!"

At the funeral we see Kris Jenner and Faye Resnick. And unfortunately the three little K's. Kris and Faye talk about how OJ beat Nicole and how scared she was of him. O.J. arrives and everybody watches as he goes to the coffin and kisses Nicole's corpse. Her sister says, "He came, he has no shame." and right about now I wish she'd kick the living shit out of him. Sick to my stomach. It's a very effective scene.


The test results have come in. Blood drops are his type and the gloves have a mix of OJ and the victim's.  "Let's go get him," says Marcia.

Shapiro negotiates when he can bring O.J. in to the police station. There will be no bail and they are in panic mode. He arrives at his house where he is staying. Kardashian says he's in a bad state since the funeral, Shapiro wakes him where he's staying in Kim's room, and tells him he has to go in. He freaks again and Shapiro calls doctors in case they need a "diminished capacity defense". Meanwhile the police are still waiting, and they are late.


O.J. hand writes his will and letters to his family then he grabs a handgun which he points to his head. He tells Kardashian the situation has gotten to be too bad. Kardashian follows O.J. through the house and tries to talk him down. "Do not kill yourself in Kimmy's bedroom." O.J.'s best friend A.C. arrives and Kardashian tells him to handle O.J.


A.C. and O.J. have slipped out of the house into his white Bronco. Thus starts the infamous slow chase...


Marcia: "Oh my god. We're going to look like morons."



  • I have it queued up and I’m almost scared to watch, yo! I didn’t realise this was a Ryan Murphy deal, he’s got his fingers in ALLS the pop culture pies!

    • Renoblondee

      Oh, you’ve GOT to watch! It is so well done! DO IT!

  • JSierra

    Bout to watch it right now! I was cracking up at some ROL article about how Kris Jenner was an OJ groupie desperate for fame. Ain’t nothing changed