American Crime Story : TPVOJS S1:E2 The Run of His Life Recap


Welcome back to American Crime Story: The People v O.J.Simpson! We start this episode with Robert Kardashian praying for God to have mercy on his buddy O.J. Simpson.

The DA is super pissed and tells Shapiro to get his client to him ASAP! Kardashian brings him O.J.'s suicide note, which he's curiously signed with a happy face. "If it were our absolute goal, could we look more incompetent? "This is the worst day of my life. It's worse than the day I was diagnosed with cancer," he says. Clark says it's all Shapiro's fault for trying to haggle a time to bring him in. It always goes wrong when it involves a celeb, they grumble. We see the infamous white Bronco pull up and stop at Nicole's grave where there are paps and mourning fans. It takes off after a few seconds.


The DA's office holds a press conference to say anyone helping O.J. is breaking the law and will be punished. Someone asks how it happened and he admits he has no idea. Shapiro tells Kardashian they need to hold their own press conference because he's being blamed for everything and he's got a clean reputation to uphold. He claims he's also shocked and the arrangement has been done many times before with no problems. Cochran is watching on TV and he calls him a prick; one should always be about the client, not one's self. Kardashian reads O.J.'s note he wrote, saying that he didn't murder Nicole, that, "at times I felt like a battered husband." Clark is like, DO WHAT?, and her partner says, "Well ya know, he cut his hand while he was killing her." They show Kardashian's brood, who are cheering him on back at home, watching him on TV.


Meanwhile on the highway, (awesomely set to The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage") a couple in a VW van are all excited when they see that Bronco, honking and waving as they pass him. Traffic gets backed up and the police go and tell A.C. to get out of the car. He says no way, O.J. is in the back seat with a gun to his head. They pull away and one cop says to shoot at the Bronco. He says he won't shoot at O.J. Simpson unless someone authorizes it.


Kardashian has to go tell O.J.'s family that he has reason to believe he's killed himself by now. They all fall apart until one of them sees the Bronco on the TV. They are weak with relief. Shapiro also finds out from the TV that he's still alive as he walks in and his wife informs him. "Good for you O.J., good for you. We're still in the game."

Clark asks why they can't just shoot out the tires, but they can't do that with all the live coverage. A.C. asks O.J. what he wants him to do. O.J. says to take him to Nicole's grave, but he says no, they have already  been there. O.J. freaks and squeezes that gun even harder to his head. A.C. calls 911 and tells the operator to have the police back off because O.J. is about to kill himself. The cars are all cleared off of the freeway so O.J. can go see his mother.


Everyone is watching that lone white Bronco on the freeway at the office and one guy comments, "It's like the world's longest Ford Bronco commercial." Clark says the S.W.A.T Team is already at the house waiting for him. O.J. calls Kardashian and tells him to say goodbye to everyone for him. He just wants to see his mom one last time and then he's out. Kardashian asks O.J.'s older son where his grandma is and she's in the hospital with heart palpitations.


A.C. answers the car phone and hollers at the police to back off. O.J. takes the phone and apologizes for running off and putting them through all of this. He tells them he wants to kill himself and be with Nicole. They tell him to please not do it and they'll let him go home. He says he deserves to get hurt and hangs up.


Darden is visiting his father and in the yard he hears the neighbors cheering O.J. on. He tells them that O.J. never gave back to the neighborhood, that when he made it, "He became white." The neighbor replies, "Well, he's got the cops chasing him. He's black now."

Back on the freeway, there are a bunch of people up on the bridge above also cheering O.J. on.  A.C. tells him that the people still love him. They are headed home so he can talk to his mother and as they near, the throng of people is so thick they almost can't get through. When they finally arrive his older son yells at him to drop the gun and get inside the house.

A.C. answers the phone and it's more of the same. Leave us alone, it's a setup, blah, blah. He does get the S.W.A.T. guy to kill all the lights though. O.J. says he should have killed himself that morning and puts the gun in his mouth. Then, HIS phone in the back rings and he answers it. It's Kardashian and he manages to talk him down. O.J. will come inside to talk to his mother on the phone, but only if they will arrest him inside, not outside. They agree. I cannot believe the coddling of this guy! He walks out and repeatedly says I'm sorry to everyone in general. He gets in the house, sits on the couch and asks for an orange juice - natch - and talks to his mother on the phone.


Back at Darden's, someone says it's too bad he's not on the case, while his dad walks out and says, "You stay the hell away from this."

And O.J. is finally taken away.