American Horror Story: Hotel S5:E8 The 10 Commandments Killer Recap

As Wren, the pig-tailed blonde friend of Sad Cop lies dead with blood dripping out of her mouth on the road, he sees her in her coffin back in the empty pool at the Cortez in his mind and then he takes off running.

Awww, poor Liz.  She’s crying and fixing her eye makeup, lamenting her lost love, Tristan.  Sad Cop walks in, demanding to know who the killer is, damnit!  He owns the place, donchaknow?  Liz ain't havin’ it and when Sad grabs her, Liz threatens to "cut his throat in his sleep.”  Uh, I believe him!  Dang!  Sally perma-cries (seriously, for those that don’t watch, she really has tears under her eyes, permanently, that also frequently roll) that she’ll take him to see where the Ten Commandments killer is hiding, while Liz offers him a gun in case he finds what he’s looking for.  Uh huh.

Of course they arrive at Room 64, duh.  He’s like WHAT?  And she promises him that there are answers in there.  It's March’s office and where he died:  On and at exactly  2-25 at 2:25 in the morning.  Oh, let’s just go and forget it, she tells him.  He demands to know what’s up and she tells him to look behind the armoire where he finds a safe.  Opening the door there is a stash of the murdered hand:  though shalt not steal; teeth:  Keep the Sabbath Holy; Brain:  Do Not Worship False Idols;  tongue and eyes from the man left alive for Thall Shall Not Commit Adultery; he argues booshit, that he cataloged those items himself; she perma-cries at him pityingly.  Oh Sad, you in danger of yourself boy.  She keeps going, Honor thy Mother and Father: the hearts of the two brothers who killed their parents; False Witness: tongues, False Profit: Vocal Chords; spleen.   Sad, you DUMB.  He’s still trying to figure out it’s HIMSELF.  Well, who let this killer in?  Duh, you!  Sally is trying to comfort him while it’s slowwwwly dawning on him in flashback sequence.  Sally weeps and holds him as he sinks to his knees, “It’s you John, it’s always been you.”

Sad Cop and his teefs arrives at the morgue where he tells his Ex Partner he’s confessing to the Ten Commandment Murders.  He tells him he finally remembers he first came to the Hotel Cortez five years ago after that horrible night when they were called to the scene of the poor dead family and he went on the binge-er afterward.  The only place open was the Cortez.  He tells him after his son was gone, he only felt at home at the Cortez and with James March, returning over and over.  Ex hears all this and is like NUH UH, you crazy pants!

It's LA, 2010:  They’re all there, all the familiar residents of the Cortez and he gets invited to a party to get wasted upstairs by Ex Boy Toy.  Seeing that it’s last call, Sad Cop accepts.  OH, this is funny!  Apparently, March has his own night with The Countess and they get interrupted by Ex Toy and Sad Cop, her asking him what he’s thinking doing such a thing, “A Deal is a deal.”  March shrieks angrily, “I GET ONE NIGHT A MONTH!  JUST ONE NIGHT!”  March is intrigued by Sad Cop’s sad story and dismisses The Countess and Boy.  Telling March he sounds and looks like a 1930s movie, they drink down Absinthe.  They banter, March egging him on to admit he’s violent deep down.  He starts to embrace that attitude of taking justice into his own hands, drinking and talking for days.  Miss Evers, March and The  Countess talk over him while he’s passed out.  They wonder if he’ll do “it”, which is take over and finish what March started.  March says for sure, Evers says he's gross, Countess says nope.  March offers her his  pretty blonde boy.  “All he needs is a nudge,” he tells her, knowing his missing child will take him over the edge.

He returns home to Alex, who is mad as hell at him, and they plan that fateful trip to the beach and the carnival.

March shows him his trophy room full of hunted animals.  And then victim's human heads.  Yeah. At first he’s horrified, but then he’s coming back for more.   On this partick day, Sad tells him his boy would have been ten years old.  March sets him up, making him think his first victim to be is a pedophile.  But he’s really not, he’s just some sorry-ass punk making a living feeling gross about selling icky pictures of kids to Sad Cop.  Sad kills the guy and goes to his room to hang himself over the toilet.  “They cut you down,” Ex partner says in flashback.  Nope, Sally, it’s always Sally.  Flash again to may many sexy times and many many happy times together.  They were soul mates it seems.  They both fulfilled each other in ways no one ever could.  BUT, it was March that cuts him down from the rope, yelling at Sally that she can’t have him yet!  Now be a good girl and mind papa March or the gross ghost monsters you people made will get you!

Sad tells Sally he can’t remember her when he leaves The Cortez.  The Cortez won’t let anyone take anything with them ever.  It’s jealous, she says.  He confesses his first murder and March encourages and soothes him, petting him like a favorite child.

After the first murder, his partner tells him he and his wife are worried about him.  He anger fucks Sally in return.  He tells her he'll kill them both, he knows they're banging, and she laughs, telling poor, innocent dummy that he can't start with people they can trace him to.  She shows him the OG murder scene couple checking in at the Cortez.  He set the couple up later, at a different hotel, already dead.  A staged after-the-fact scene.

And we come full circle to the beginning of the episode.  March tells Sad to finish his project, showing him his collection that Sally first horrified him with.

Sad Cop enters the Hotel Cortez with a brown paper bag, smirking and... Checking in...telling Iris he knows exactly who he is.  She’s just relieved to not have to adjust to which John he is anymore.  Any regrets?  Nope.  Well, maybe sweet, poor Wren, the little pig-tailed blonde girl that got kilt.  Turns out Sally sent her as his protector and Iris tells him he should turn away from all this, he can, they can’t.  ROOM 64, NOW!  Okay Jerk Cop.  Sheese.

He enters Room # 64 and he and March admire their work, hugging and making plans for finishing “their masterpiece”.  Wooooo, that was quite the ride!  Lots we had guessed, lots of surprises! Two more Commandments to break!  Almost there, folks!