Big Brother S18:E10 POV Recap


We are back at the Power of Veto again on Big Brother. With Frank as Head of Household, oh, sorry. I meant, with Bridgette as the Head of Household; who will go be a replacement if need be? Will one of the nominees win POV and pull themselves off the chopping block? Let's find out!

Here we go; a recap of Bridge winning HOH and Frank manipulating her to nominate his way. Frank then ostracizes his alliance by treating the women like pieces of meat, while winning the Roadkill comp. Then, he proceeds to screw Bridge by nominating her bff for the third nominee. Weeeeeeee!

After the Roadkill reveal, Bronte thinks that Paulie won it, but Frank says Tiffany is his real target, not Bronte, so she's way off target. Tiff knows she's in trouble so she's going to try hard for the veto. Yeah, good luck with that, you haven't won squat so far.

Bridge is so pissed that Bronte is up she can't get over it. It was her watch and she is just disgusted. Well, you should have done what you wanted in the first place, lady. Paul is also disgusted, but with Frank. He wants to know who made him King of the castle; telling him he's safe, no problem dude. Paul says he'll only be safe when he wins POV.

Bronte cries in the Diary room and feels all alooooooone. She has a secret she has to tell her "girls," she says no one knows her and she cries while she says she's no dumb dumb that's never been to college, she's a mathematician and they scream "YOU'RE A SECRET NERD?" Then they all squeal and hug, because, she's smart, ya'll. Natalie asks her if she knows calculus. Bahahahahaha This one is for the books.


Frank comes in later and starts spinning them all saying he'll take Bronte off the block just for his girl, Bridge. Awwwww, ain't he sweet?! Blerg. James know's what up and tells Da' he's getting those gals on his side. She says she'll let them know what he's up to. James says he'll tell them Frank won the Roadkill. OHHHHH, love this! Can't wait for the dramazzzzz.

Natalie and JammmesUH, talk on the phones from different floors and he tells her to tell Bronte it's okay and not to tell anyone anything, but neither Paulie nor Zakiyah won the Roadkill, so, guess who did? He says he never said the name, but for all her dumbness, she gets it. He tells her Tiff is the target, so it is all good, but one of the girls could go up if Tiff pulls herself off. James says do NOT tell the girls or he's dead meat. Natalie is stuck in the middle, but I don't think girlfriend can keep her mouth shut for one minute. We'll see.


Natalie gathers the girls in the bathroom and hint hints around that she wants to know who put Bronte up. She keeps saying to be cautious, but surprisingly she doesn't break; she wants to stay loyal to James. Good, lady. Stupid Bridgette then says she trusts FRANK, but not JAMES. DRRRRRRR.

Time for the Veto picking! Bridgette pulls the first chip and it is Bronte; and she chooses Natalie to play. Second chip is Paulie, so he'll play. Da' is stressed that her or one of her girls will end up being put up due to the players; she thinks that Frank may backdoor them.

Veto comp time! We have Outback Steakhouse and kitchens and food. The contestants are shown ingredients that flash by quickly and they have to follow it perfectly. Whoever doesn't add a wrong ingredient wins and when they get it wrong it blows up. They also will win an Outback dinner with a team of their choice in the backyard later.


The ingredients are are items like, fancy, tasty, festive, toasty, sassy, etc. Not only do they have to memorize the ingredients, it then asks them use the middle ingredient, or the ingredient that starts with a certain letter, so it messes them up that way. Bronte and Natalie are immediately out. And, Paulie is out. Tiff is OUT and the guys start celebrating. Hahaha. Bronte says, "Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus."

Down to Paul and Bridgette and Bridgette has done it again! I reckon she will pull Bronte off like she's promised to do a million times. But wait! Frank might talk her out of it. Frank wants her to do a twist back bump celebration and she hurts her ankle. Oops. Paul is stained pink and says Frankie Grande would look like this if he grew his beard out. Ha.


Tiffany cries about not winning any competitions and that everyone compares her to her sister. Boohoo. Bronte asks is Bridge will still take her off and she says yes; will Natalie mind going up? She says she doesn't mind, no one wants BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS, she says. They asks if she knows who won Roadkill and she denies it. Bridge and Bronte notices she's acting funny though.

So Bronte talks to James and flat out asks him if he knows who won the Roadkill. He says he might and she tells him she wants to know because she doesn't want Nat to go through what she did without info. She's in her bra and James knows she's doing it on purpose and he stutters, but doesn't give Intel. Haha

Bridge picks #BigSister to her Outback dinner and it's Zakiyah's birfday, so that works out well. They have beer, Bloomin' Onions and Aussie cheese fries for starters, and an Australian chef greeting them. The rest of the guests put their ears to the glass doors and pout while they hear screams and laughter. The chocolate cake servings at the end are the size of my head. Good gawd.

James and Natalie have a chat about how awful it is to have to keep secrets from her bestie and how manipulative Frank is, especially to Bridgette. Nat says she can "smell a jerk from a mile away."

Ewwwww, Bridge snuggles up to Frank on the bed and then he admits he won the Roadkill. She doesn't bat a fucking eye and she closes her eyes and says she trusts him!!! She says she won't tell a soul. She says the girls don't trust him, "whatever." and throws her arm over his chest and snuggles closer! He gets so cocky at this that he Diaries that he may as well come clean about everything! So, he tells her he put her up the first week! She LOVES it! And FUCKING TELLS HIM HE'S THE MAN! gnjftjfio4[aewtgioewrtfo

Veto meeting time. Bridgette gives the noms a moment to speak. Paul says putting him up wasn't friendship, but taking him off would right the friendship. Tiff says she respects her decision. Bronte says the same and she's proud of her. Bridge says she's not going to use the POV.


Well, well, well. See you guys for Live Eviction Night! Oughta be a good un!