Big Brother S18:E11 Live Eviction Recap


Alrighty! It is Live Eviction night on Big Brother, and Confucius say...Tiffany...will greet Julie Chen on the other side! Unless something crazy has been happening we don't know about; let's find out if that's what happens! Plus, new HOH! Please, dear BOB, do NOT let it be anyone on Team Frank.

We get the same ol' same ol' recap we just got, yadda, yadda, yadda, and then Julie comes out looking lovely in a black strapless sundress. Hey, Chenbot, heeeeey! She shows us footage of what's happened since the POV ceremony.


Frank is sure Tiff is out, but Da' wants her to stay to help her get Frank out. She talks to James about it and he feels like that might be a good idea for their game. Michelle totally agrees. James points out that if they flip, Frank will be a monster.

They go to Nicole and point out the reasons to keep Tiffany and she says she'll keep her if they want to. I'm leery if this is really going to happen, but. It. Would. Be. Fucking. Awesome. Then, they bring in Zakiyah on the deal, and of course she's in with whatever they wanna do.

Zakiyah then goes to Paulie and talks to him about keeping Tiff, but he's not buying what she's selling. He says she's too much of a strategist to keep her. James comes out and in a hilarious BB move, they play a soldier-like theme while he starts to make points on not voting off people on your team. Hats off, BB! Paulie then rightly points out how Vanessa was just like Tiffany at first last season, and they need to get her out NOW, which confuses the heck out of Nicole and flips her mind.

Frank asks Nicole what's happening next week and she says maybe a backdoor? Nicole comes out of the convo knowing that Da' and Frank are out for each other's throats and knows she has to pick a side. Really, Nicole? Is it that hard?

Frank tells Bridge he can see them working with Nicole and Corey, but Bridge does not like Corey. Franks and Nicole then whisper-whisper about making a side alliance with them and getting Da' out eventually. Nicole doesn't want Michelle to know though. So what does Frank do? Summon Michelle and talk to her about it!

Michelle is happy he's giving her intel because Da' is one of her besties, so keep on leaking info, Frank, buddy! So, Michelle goes straight to Da' and then Nicole joins, but Nicole acts all innocent about it. Da' is not a stupid head and sees right through Miss Blondie. Nicole is pissed that Frank threw her under the bus though and is about done with him. Yeah, sure.

Michelle tells Nic that only Paulie is a hold-out, so they should go talk to him again. Michelle wants to know why they just don't go back to the original plan but Paulie doesn't want to razz Frank, BUT, then again, he thinks, maybe he does!

Julie tells the nominees to make their statements and Paul goes first. He has had the time of his life, blah, blah, blah. Tiffany talks about dictatorships (Frank) and cow manure and gas (the toot kind) and his "little cabbage patch kid." (the Bridgette kind). Snort. Bronte says she's not a meanie herself, so keep her if they want; she'll be nice.


Frank votes out Tiff, natch. Nat votes out Tiffany, while James votes Tiff. Blerg. I see how this is gonna play out. Well, Michelle votes out Bronte! Nicole votes to evict Bronte! Zakiyah casts her vote for Bronte! Corey says his vote is Bronte! Paulie votes out Tiffany! Da'vonne says Bronte, of course. And, poor, sweet Bronte is out! Well! Who knew these wishy-washy dolts would make this choice! Wow!

Good job trusting Frank there, BRIDGITTE! Bronte hugs her fellow house guests and says, "keep it classy, you guys, keep it classy." Inside the house they immediately walk away from her darkened picture and Michelle storms around. Frank smirks like, that's just Big Brother, whaaaat? I'm a good guy, hey!


Julie asks Bronte what went wrong and Bronte nails it when she says that Frank became the target and she's just cross-fire. She says she's just happy for her time there. She says she would not trust Josea and Victor if she could re-do, but it's all good.


She watches her video messages and they all have sweet things to say to her and they all will miss her. She really does seem like a very nice lady. Julie tells her about THE TWIST. Bronte reacts by saying she's glad she wasn't snooty when she left. Haha. She's really cute, helium voice and all.

It is now HOH time and it's Euro' Trippin'. They see pictures of Glenn, Josea and Victor on a made up trip to Europe and they have to memorize them. Julie will ask them questions and the last one standing will be new HOH.


Corey, James, Natalie, Zakiyah and Paul are all out with the first question. No one is out with the second. Tiffany, Michelle and Da' are out on number 3. Dear god, not Frank. Oh, just great. Paulie has won, which makes Frank safe as well! GAH!

Julie has questions from viewers: Would Paul shave his beard to stay in the house one more week? Yeah, why not. What does James miss the most? His baby girl and his cat, Gizmo.

That's it! See you Sunday night for the next show! *mutters* Frank's safe... *kicks dirt*