Big Brother S18:E12 Nominations and Roadkill Recap


Bronte, of the helium voice, is out and Tiffany, of the whine, cry and generally aggravate everyone, is still in the house, on: Big Brother. Frank is safe, due to Paulie winning HOH, so this week may be trash. Let's take a big breath - or shot - and dive in.

Frank starts ranting that it was "all the girls that did it; even that one." He points at Nicole. He says he's just playing, but she fusses at him not to call her out. In her kitten dress. Yeah. She diaries that she's just trying to make him think she was loyal. Paulie is doing the same thing. He tells his peeps he didn't want to win HOH.


Natalie cries over Bronte leaving and James and Paul try to comfort her. Bridgette is shocked. Shocked, I say! Who would of thunk it? Dumb ass. Tiffany and Frank get into it when Frank says Da' told him she was coming after him. She denies, denies, denies. Then he involves Da' and calls her a liar. She just says she doesn't talk to him and "lies, lies, lies." Then she calls him out that he's been trying to send her out too. He doesn't deny it. She walks away laughing, which is awesome!

Tiffany whines, as per. "Nobody has my back, waaaaaaaaaaa." Da' and Zakiyah can't get over her going to Frank and Da' knows she has to control the situation. She is using her brains this season. I am Team Da'! Who'd a thunk THAT? She asks Frank why he didn't come to her and he says he thought she was still mad about the butt-slapping. She giggles and awww shucks, and naw's him. She is masterful. He totally falls and he asks her who flipped. She won't say, but says to trust her and they'll move forward. Franks says in Diary, he's not sure what to think.

Paulie wants to go after Tiffany again and he'll put Natalie up with her. James is not happy, but Paulie wants Tiff gone, because she's a "loose-lipped cannon, that one," says James. Now they're all saying Tiff should've already gone home. Too late, people. She walks into the group and it's totes awkward silence. She asks what's up and one by one they start to leave. Haha. She diaries that waaaaaa, no one talks to me. Boohoo.


She goes in to get Natalie and cries and cries and tells her how her former pals are so mean to her. She's not safe and they hate her and she's so aloooooone. She Diaries that she's not meant for this, she should've just left already. Natalie is very sweet and tells her she's there for her and leaves. Gawd, and you wonder why no one wants to be around you?

Tiff then comes to Frank and cries AGAIN to ask him why he doesn't want to work with her. He blames it on Da'. He then works her wobbly emotions by asking for her Intel and she totes gives it up. She grins and says, "They ALL want you out." He's all, even Nicole? LOL She gets so excited that they're both pariahs, you can see her lighting up like a Christmas tree.

Da' walks in briefly and she goes and tells her buds that something is going down. Frank leaves and Nicole comes in. She asks Tiff if Frank asked her something bad and she says no. Nicole keeps grilling her and Tiff just eye rolls and grins, now that she has a fellow loser-friend.

Da' asks her to talk and they repeat "What's up" and What's the issue" five thousand times before they get down to brass tacks. Tiff says she's a "silly silly silly silly silly silly girl" to trust the girls. Da' says she's here isn't she? Da' points out that Frank is using her. Tiff goes off about being a competitor and having a one person all animated and giddy-like, and then she loses it. She pulls her bandanna over her eyes, starts crying and Da' tries her damn-est to not laugh out loud and I swear that is the funniest shit I've seen all day! She then tells Tiff to just hug her and pull it together. Da' does say in Diary she does feel bad for her, but in the game, she needs to pull her shit together! Da' FTW!


Da' tells Tiff she has to be cool, calm and collected, not a hot damn mess. Tiff agrees that she's awful at BB. Da' calms her down and for now, she's over it. For at least another 5 minutes. Thank Bob.

It is time for the nominations. Paulie turns his first key and the face that comes up on the screen is: Tiffany. The second face is: Natalie. So, no big surprises there. He says it's because he still wants her gone, not personal, she's too much like her sis.


Frank and Tiff talk again and she tells him that everyone is still talking crap about him. He's still asking if he can trust Nicole. Not even, she says. He says he guesses everyone thinks he's a *^T&(^ and she says, "You kind of are." Hahaha So he wants to win Roadkill and "shake things up."

Roadkill time! It is called "Smell Ya Later" and they have to hang as many air fresheners as fast as they can in order of colors on matching lines. There are lots of fart noises and toilet flushes. Apparently, Uncle Austin had a blowout in there. Paulie tells us that it smells disgusting in the RV and he tries not to pass out while hanging the fresheners. Natalie gags and can't handle the smell and OMG's it the whole time. Haha.


Corey tells the house guests to go peek in their tackle boxes. Frank opens his and he's a loser this time. Tiffany opens hers and she has finally won something. Wow. She says she has power to help herself. Puleeze, girl. You're still going home unless you win POV.

They all speculate who won and have no clue. Tiffany goes to Da' and says that Corey is going home, she won. Da' says in Diary that she's got nothing, she's not even in the house she's so laying low this week. Tiffany is giddy with power and goes to Frank and Bridgette to scheme with.

The third nominee is announced and Paulie reveals the screen. The nominee is: Corey. Which we knew. Tiffany gives a half grin, while Nicole side-eyes her. Corey smiles and says in Diary he'll be a gentleman and be cool so that Tiff can ruin her game on her own. Good plan! Tiffany thinks she's going to get Corey out of the house, but she'll be sniveling again in about five seconds, so...see you next time for the POV!