Big Brother S18:E13 POV Whip It, Whip It Good Recap


It's Power of Veto time on Big Brother, and hopefully Tiffany won't win it because who wants a whiny, sniveling, stupid hat-wearing mess around the house, eh? Let's find out who grabs it up!

So, after the Roadkill reveal, Tiffany thinks she can change the game by nominating Corey. Nicole is all torn up about it and cries and cries. Corey thinks that Frank has done it and Natalie also cries and cries. Da' is still using her brains, unlike the rest of them, and she tells us in the Diary Room that she knows Tiff won, but she's keeping it to herself while the rest of the gang speculate.


Corey tells us that he fucked with Tiffany before the vote, and we see a flashback where he remains cool as a cucumber while she tries to rattle him. Nice. Meanwhile, Tiffany goes and tells Frank that everybody is against her, lather, rinse, repeat, and Frank is all woe is me; I don't know why people flipped on me, I did so much for them! James Diaries that he's just going to fly under the radar and stay out of the way of the two sides this week.

Corey tells Frank that there's no way in hell Tiff won the Roadkill because she sucks at comps; basically trying to get him to admit that he did. Frank just tries to get back in his good graces, wanting to align with him. Corey still thinks he won the RK and doesn't fall for it.

Da' is eating some Baked Lays lazily on the couch and Frank comes along wanting to buddy-buddy with her and she plays along nicely, annoyed inwardly, but you can't tell a thing. She's good. He tries to get her to do what he wants for the vote on Thursday, but she says she's gonna do what she's gonna do. Paul walks by and Diaries that she doesn't need to be sitting with the enemy.

Paul then goes to Corey and Paulie and tattles on her. They talk about how weird she's being and that she is probably with Frank now. She may be playing with fire, because they say if Tiff gets off the block, they will put her up. Uh oh, gurrrlll, be careful playing both sides. You're game has been en pointe so far, don't fuck it up.

Paul has a new hobby: baking muffins. #BBMuffinMan He's apparently never baked before, but he's tearing the kitchen up with his fabulous-ness.

Time for the POV chip picking! Paulie hopes to pull out Paul's name, while Tiff wants Frank. And the first chip reveals the name of...Da'. The second chip is...Paul! Frank tells Tiffany to not give up and Tiff hopes that Da' will use the Veto on her if she wins it. Yeah, sure, Jan. That'll happen.

And now, let's see who wins the POV! The backyard is done up like Candyland. Lollipops, gumdrops, pink waterfalls, and ice cream cones. It is an ice cream battle. They have to challenge each other to match and transfer big ol' scoops of ice cream onto their cones from a pic on a screen. Whoever does it fastest wins and moves on. Corey challenges Tiff first and she already starts in that "nobody has her back". Ugh.


So, they are each having a time doing it, but Corey tries to copy Tiffany until he gives up and wins it on his own because she is not doing it right. She's OUT. She walks off and says, whatever.

Paul challenges Natalie and sorry to say, but there is no way girlfriend is going to win this. Her brain capacity for puzzle, memory-style games is low, low, low. And Paul wins it easily.

Da' wants to play last, but Paulie wants to get her out already, so he challenges her. She comes close, but Paulie wins it.

Corey challenges Paul next and they have decided to throw it to Paul, so obvs Paul will win this one. Or, maybe not. Paulie keeps shaking his head, don't win, don't win. But Paul is taking too long and he wins it anyway! Paul is super mad.


Paulie and Corey go last and Paulie is going to give it to him so that he can take himself off and Tiffany will go home. Da' sees what's going on and hopes she won't be put up. Corey wins it while Da' claps with a total not happy face.

Nicole is happy for Corey, but she cries anyway because one of them are going to be on the block; she's just sure. Tiff is mad because she sees Da' crying and she thinks she should trust her. Da' regrets not sending her ass packing last week.

Corey decides to lie low on his win, which is very wise. Frank asks Da' if she thinks she'll go up and she ummhmms him. Paul comes in and she says Frank was trying to make her cry by asking her about being put up.

Paul comes into the HOH room and asks if they're using the Veto. Paulie's now not sure if they will because no matter what, Tiffany is going home. Da' asks Tiff and James if they know what's going on with the veto and Tiff snaps at her about it. Why, why would I know? Why you acting shady? Huh? What about me? I'M the one on the block! She tells James she doesn't like confrontation and he rolls his eyes and says, "You're in the wrong game, girl." HAHAHA Never change, James. Never change.

Da' comes to Paulie and he tells her they have the power, do not freak out. Tiff tells Frank that her whole problem has been Da'. She then tells him about the Fatal5 and throws Da' completely under the bus. Paul comes in and she fills him in too. Tiffany, girl, too little, too late. You're just being hateful and bitter. Da' is just playing the game. Big difference.

Corey goes and gets the POV medal and calls the Veto meeting. He has decided to use the POV on himself. Oh, man. He shouldn't have done that. The video nom goes to of course, Da'vonne. She smiles, hugs Natalie and whips that hair back. She says, "I'm pissed," and Tiff thinks Da's going home. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Good luck with that!


Da' Diaries that she will out-game Tiff and she will go home and "cry and cry and cry, because you are nothing but a cheap knock-off version of your sister." And then she whips that hurr! #burn

See you guys for the LIVE EVICTION and also the Battle Back! Woot!