Big Brother S18:E15 Battle Back Recap


We have a special Friday edition of Big Brother, with the five evicted house guests getting a chance to return to the house for another shot at that five hundred thousand dollars. Who will get back in? Glenn, Jozea, Victor, Bronte, or Tiffany? Let's find out!


We are live, and Julie is lovely in an off the shoulder tight black shirt and black trousers. She tells us that first Glenn will take on Jozea, and whoever wins will advance, and whoever loses, goes home. The set is the same one from the Berry comp with the log balance beams.

Jozea comes out cocky as heck, he's the Messiah and a dancer, after all. Glenn, I gotta say; it doesn't look good for him physically matched with the younger fit guy, but Jozea's cockiness could easily be his undoing. Annnnnd, Jozea falls first thing and loses a berry. Hahaha. Annnnnd, then a second time. Wow, so balanced for a dancer, aren't ya?


BB brings the rain on and while Glenn had been ahead of Jozea when he had fallen, he's now behind so Glenn grabs up the twist, which is a poison berry that can send Jozea's berries pummeling. Glenn gets it there too late though. Jozea wins the competition, leaving Glenn in the dust. Oof. They hug it out, and Glenn goes home to his family.

Next up is Victor to battle it out with Jozea. The two BFF's hate having to duke it out, but they are still out for their own spot back in. They have to throw a tennis ball at 5 rackets with their faces on them and then knock them over. They only have a few balls, so they have to keep retrieving them after they throw them. First one with all 5 down wins. Or as Victor puts it: He has to throw his balls in my face.

Victor gets the first one down and Jozea is having a time at it. Victor gets another one down. The jokes are writing themselves when the guys Diary, (Jozea wants a Ball Boy, natch) and then they end up with a tie 3-0. Victor then knocks one more down, with one left. Jozea is not in good cardio shape and he is huffing and puffing badly having to run back and forth getting those balls. Victor finally gets the last racket and Jozea is OUT! Phew! It would have made for awesome drama, but even Jozea isn't worth any drama fun.


And then we have Bronte battling Victor. Bronte brings a tiny bit of shade and tells her buddy Vic that not one person in the house likes him. Nice game, lady. These two have to answer questions about house guests in photos that flash on monitors and then match them up. The person that does it quickest, wins. Victor locks his in and he has three wrong. Bronte locks hers in with all but one wrong.

Victor tries again with only one wrong. Bronte then gets three wrong. Then two. And then Victor wins it again. He's in the final round with Tiffany. Of course they leave the final round for Tiffany. I *suppose* they kind of did it in the order of who was evicted, but whatever.


Alright, you guys. You ready for the final round? It's Victor and Tiffany and she Diaries that she sure hopes that it's not Victor, because he's a great competitor. Well. Sorry. This is a puzzle comp. They have to find pieces in bins and they have to listen for sound clues for a "band schedule". They're dressed in glow in the dark wrist and ankle bands and they are on harnesses so that they can climb up the wall to place pieces.

Victor concentrates on putting the body of the puzzle together, while Tiffany listens to the schedule and gets that done first. They get pretty close, but then Victor notices his pieces are down to far and he has to lift then all up. He's not worried because as he says, that's why I work out. Tiffany looks at hers, and she has done the exact same thing. This doesn't look good for her as she is not as athletic as him. He finishes up, fixes his band times and VICTOR WINS IT. He is back in the house!


Tiffany looks both downtrodden and relieved. Victor is completely elated. This is one house guest that is NOT a little hesitant to go back in. Julie will tell the house guests about the Battle Back and send him back in next.

She calls them all into the living room. They hop up knowing something is happening. Julie tells them how it all went down. She announces that the last one left is coming back in soon. They all scream and holler when they hear a knock on the door. Victor walks in and the boys all OOOOOHHHHHHHH at him. Wait! Paulie has done mohawked his hair, you guys! Anyway, it's funny because while the dude-bros all hug on him, Mama Da' is hanging so far back in the room she may as well be in the backyard pool.


See you next time with the ramifications!