Big Brother S18:E16 HOH Down With Curly Cue Recap


After the Battle Back competition on Big Brother, Victor is back in the house. What kind of ramifications will this cause, and will the game completely change now that he's back in? Or do we think that Victor will just be targeted immediately and shown the door come Thursday's eviction? Let's get to it!

All the team crap and the Roadkill mess is over. These people are on their own. Thank the bobs above! I was not down with that. So, Victor is back and he tells us that he's not going to be as honest this time. Apparently on the internets peeps have been calling him "Budget Jon Snow" which is hilar! Michelle (who dat?) isn't thrilled he's back in, while Paul is happy he's back, but not sure how to handle it. Paulie knows he may be a target and Frank thinks he can use Vic for his own. James says as a whole house they've all decided if anyone came back in - they out!


Frank goes ahead and tells Victor the scoop and Paul calls him "Curly Cue" in the Diary Room while calling him out for leeching onto Vic. Haha. Later, James tries to tell Frank what a comp beast Vic is and that it might be prudent to think about that.

Nicole tells Frank that Da' wants him out before Vic, while Paul tells Paulie that Vic will not do him any harm. Paul is loyal to Paulie because he's saved him. These two want to maybe go after Frank and Bridge instead of Da' now. WOOHOO. As Paul says, they need to nip it. Now. He tells Da' and Zak that they need to keep the Curly headed Cue away from Vic. Heehee

HOH time and it's a Rave-Disco type set up. "Watch Your Dubstep" is the name of this comp, and it's the same set as Vic and Tiff's comp. They have to hold one arm up at the same time as stepping over a glowing line. Their wrists are connected by a pin too, so that if they move it too much it'll disconnect and they'll lose. They start, and then the glowing line stops glowing which makes it harder to see what to do. Paul is the first out when his arm moves the wrong way. One hour and seven minutes later and they are all still steppin'. James is going to kiss Natalie later he's so proud of her.


Nicole is out next, and then it's been one hour forty when Zakiyah is out. Michelle drops at 1:49 and Cory at 2:41. BB gives the rest left up there a break to share a water bottle, and Victor tries to catch it but loses when his arm moves. Amateur move, dude-bro. Frank is out next. Yes! So it's down to Da', Natalie, James and Bridge. I am so down with this; minus Bridgette, natch.


The ones that have dropped are so done in that it's only a matter of time that the ones left in the game will start negotiating. Natalie finally drops, and James wants badly to win for her and himself. It's now been six hours and it's Da', James and Bridge. James asks for a deal and Bridge says no, but she looks sick, while James still looks spry as hayl.

James says he'll stay up there for another two hours, so...Frank tries to make a deal with Da'. He says whatever you want, it's yours. She says you know what I want; safety. He tries to tell her she is, but she won't play. Paul comes up to intervene, but Frank and Da' talk in secret about who told him Da' was making plans to get him out.

Da' still refuses to drop because she rightly doesn't trust Bridgette. She'll give the HOH to James, but not her. Frank keeps trying to sweet-talk her, but she says she's screwed either way; so NO. She ain't dropping till Bridge does first. Paul finally suggests that they all just bring it out in the open and Da' says: fine then. Frank looks like a scared little girl and says: But you promised you'd drop if I told you! Da' ain't having it, and outs Nicole and Frank as the dirty playa's they are.

Nicole just shakes her head, smirks and denies. Bridgette and Frank are all, oh yes she did, we were there. Frank still asks her to give it to Bridge (Good lord) and she says the more you talk about it the more pissed I'm getting. Finally Bridge and Da' agree to let James win HOH and Bridge goes first because they all know there is no way in hell that Da' will ever drop before her. Bonus alert! James gets his first smooch from Natalie.

Victor is happy with all the dramazzzz, because it he's not a part of it. Nicole tries to clean up the mess that Frank left with Da'. She keeps denying and Da' says she believes her, but *she's got her eyes on her*.

Nicole tells Corey that Da' doesn't believe her, and he flat out tells her she shouldn't have said it. She says she's done with Frank the "fricker" and he needs to get. Paul tells James that Bridge is a good competitor as we saw, and to put her and Frank up. He says don't worry about Budget Jon Snow, he'll be there for later.


Paul then goes to Vic and fills him in on everything. He tells him to not be "Alpha" - lay the hell low and yes-man James to death. Vic agrees and he'll just wear his cool Battle Back belt and chill.

Frank and Bridgette think that James will keep his word and keep them safe this week, so they lie on the bed and talk about it smugly. James tells Da' that he did promise Bridge she's safe, so he may put up Victor and Frank. She smartly points out that if Bridge gets to play for Veto, she could pull Frank off and then what?

Victor goes to talk to James and plays the chill dude-bro. He's good with anything; fresh start, you know. Natalie tells James that he told Bridge she's safe, but James knows that he may have to do what he's gotta do. Paulie comes in and reminds him he's got to put them up, but James is so reluctant because of breaking a promise. Also; nookie from Natalie might be a problem. Paulie tells him he has got his back - DO IT. He's learned from Boogie that you gotta break promises or die in the BB world.

Frank summons James from the kitchen and tells him he knows people are throwing his name up, but James lies and says, nah, Victor is enemy numero uno. Frank tells him he trusts him. James hilariously foreshadows when he tells him that you gotta love the game and the drama. It's not all puppy toes and rainbows.

Nomination ceremony time: James turns the first key in the nomination box and the first face on the nom screen is: Bridgette. Next turn of the key and it's Frank! He grins, winks and then Paul smiles while nodding his head slowly. James says he hopes Bridge gets off the block; he likes her. He says that Frank is too much drama. Bai.

Bridgette boohoos that how dare James not keep his word! This is Big Brother; people should keep their word donchaknow! Da' is just beside herself with glee. Frank is shocked; shocked! Oh, James. Love you, mean it! Also, nice game, Budget Jon Snow!