Big Brother S18:E17 POV Michelle Who? Recap


With Curly Cue and his Cabbage Patch up on the block for nomination, it's time for the Power of Veto on Big Brother. Will one of these two clowns snag it up? Or will one of them finally be sent packing?

After the nominations, Frank and Bridgette are all butt-hurt that James betrayed their trust when he had promised her he wouldn't put her up at the HOH comp. She cries about how much it sucks, and how much of a liar he is. Frank tells her that everyone lies in the house, which, ummm, YEAH. Don't these people know it's BB?


Da', Paul, Nicole and Zak dance an Irish jig in the storage room after the noms, to celebrate. Michelle, (Who dat?) is happy that they're nominated because she thinks Bridge is fake. Frank tells James he's all good, but why put up his Cabbage Patch? Her poor feelings are hurted. Waaaaaaah. James tells him that Frank's name is always in the middle of a fight, so...Frank denies, denies, denies, but James ignores him.

Time to pick the POV players. James reaches into the bag and his first pick is: Michelle (Who dat?) Next, Bridgette pulls out: Da'Vonne. Frank pulls out Nicole's name. So, this POV is pretty much set to leave the noms just the way they are unless Curly or Cabbage wins. Ha.

Da' laughs with Michelle (Michelle who?) about how funny it was when Bridge pulled out Da's name. Paul just hopes one of them win it because he knows he's the go-to to be put up if they have to replace one of them.

It's Power of Veto time and it is OTEV! Otev is awesome, guys! He's a frog this time, and the ladies are dressed in flower bikinis. He insults them ("I don't know who you fu*^ed to get in here..") and then tells them how to win the comp. They have to start at the top of a water slide thing; run down and find a certain record track, then climb back up and present it to him. Whoever is last is out. Whoever is the last one standing; wins.


James decides to throw it and he's out first. He doesn't want any more BLOOD ON HIS HANDS. The second round Da' can't find the right record to save her life, but then Michelle (WHO?) busts her face on the way up and falls. They replay it over and over. Haha. Unfortunately, Da' is last though and she is out next.


Nicole is out next, with Frank barely beating her to the top of the ledge. So it's all up to Michelle (Say, who?) now. Bridgette finds it first, and then Michelle (she's beginning to look kinda familiar) runs up next. Frank is OUT.


Michelle (Looking really familiar) grabs the record first, and she gets it. The whole crew is screaming for her and if I was Bridgette I would really want to cry right there. Michelle (Oh, Michelle!) wins the Power of Veto!


Frank thinks that he may be able to talk Michelle into using the POV on himself or Michelle. Excuse me for a second. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay. So, he goes to her and tells her he'd like to flip the house and if she does, then towards the end of the game, she'd be more set. He asks her what he can do for her to use it and she says campaign against Bridge. He won't do it, so he offers up Da' and she tells him no way, she won't do that; she's not after her. Ultimately, Michelle has no beef with Frank; she has a crush on him, so she *may* want to get Bridge out so she can get a chance with him. Ha!

James sees what Frank and Michelle are up to and talks to Da' and Paul about it. Paul wants to break it up and goes to break up the "picnic". Frank shoos him away and then everyone piles in. Frank just starts pleading out loud may he have alone time to beg her to use the Veto on him. LOL


Paul is about to lose his shit over Frank. His temper is about to pop wide open and Paulie wants him to chill, but Da' wants him to go off on him. Paulie and Paul interrupt some "alone time" with Nicole and Corey, ahem, to talk about it and then Paul ends up hollering at Frank in the kitchen.

Paul accuses Frank of pulling everyone in the room except for him. I think that he thinks that happened when people were wandering in while Frank wanted privacy with Michelle? Then, they just go 'round and 'round about stupid shit and Frank just says, I'm on the block, bro! What do you want me to do, lie down and die?

Michelle is yogurt and chip-stress eating from having the power of the POV. James gathers everyone for a house meeting, and Frank and Bridgette moseys on in with them. Paul starts and says lets just talk about the POV out in the open. Frank wants it used, Da' says it ain't gonna happen. Paulie tells him he doesn't have the numbers, don't make a fool of yourself, you're going to leave. He thanks Paulie and Da' for having a backbone and leaves.

Bridgette decides she wants to talk it out with Michelle because she's always avoided her. Michelle just says, "I am nice to you sometimes." LOL Bridgette tries to explain that Frank makes her feel happy, but Michelle tells her it's a game move and that she got jealous about her and Frank, especially after she abandoned her side for him. She went over to the dark side. She pretty much tells her she doesn't like her, but Bridgette just stands there looking hurt and confused.

Michelle wants to take Frank off the block, but knows she can't. So, of course she won't. She gives the two a chance to say something first. Bridgette says congrats on her win and to do whatever's best. Frank says congrats and why waste his breathe, do whatever's best as well. Michelle says she thought about using it on Frank, but she will not use it in the end.

See you next time for the Live Eviction and also there will be a secret room!