Big Brother S18:E19 HOH Twinsies Recap


Ding Dong, the Frank is gone. Pretty soon the house guests will start turning on one another instead of just targeting one or two people like they've been doing, and that's when the real fun begins on Big Brother. But first, I have a feeling they will target little Cabbage Patch first. Let's find out!

The house guests are still practicing with their yellow balls for the HOH competition and they all talk about how important it is for each of them to win. Same story, different verse. That is, minus Paulie. He does not want to GET BLOOD ON HIS HANDS this week. He's out when he deliberately tanks his shot with a 6.


It looks like everyone else is doing pretty well on their technique, but poor Natalie can't even get her ball to go two feet down the ramp. James is trying to help her, but it is no dice. Victor decides to go and he scores a 14. Paul goes next with a near perfect 21. He walks around yelling, "BOOM. BOOM. FRIENDSHIP."

Bridgette is out with a 10. She tells Paulie that Frank told her to work with him and he says he's got her. Michelle makes a perfect shot with her yellow ball and then so does Natalie. Twice. Three times. She goes for the red ball and gets: a two. *sad panda*


Corey over-shoots for a big fat zero. Nicole and Da' have to go and they no longer trust each other. Nicole rolls and she gets a 19. So close. Zakiyah over-rolls a zero. Da' and Michelle go and Michelle gets 16 while Da' gets a 19, making Paul the new HOH.


Paulie wants to sway Paul against putting Bridgette up; as he puts it: they're may be bigger fish to fry. Paul is all set to get rid of Bridgette right off the bat, but isn't sure who he'll put up with her. He tells Corey and Victor that he needs a pawn. Victor says no way, he was already gone, so uh uh. Can't blame him.

Nicole and Da' sit on the couch together in the living room and it is awkward as hell. They look like they would rather be anywhere then where they are. Michelle just looks like she's in a coma on the opposite couch. I guess she's back to her covert self.


Paulie tells James he wants to convince Paul to put up Da' instead of Bridgette. He thinks that she's a bigger threat than Bridgette and will soon target them. She's "Frank in girl form" Corey says. They think they can work with Bridge and form an alliance with her without Frank. James is so not on board because he and Da' trust each other, but he puts on a poker face to the dude bros.

The dude bros go to Paul about it, but Paul says he'd rather put up Victor with Bridge and then backdoor Da' when Victor gets pulled off. They ask what if he doesn't get pulled off, but Paul's all, who cares, then Bridge goes. He thinks either way is a win/win. Bridge or Da' can go.

Paul wants someone to volunteer to be a pawn and it's total: crickets. He's been a pawn numerous times, so he's got no patience for these people. They're all full of excuses. Vic's just come back; James is still sore; Corey just won't do it; Da': HAYL NO. Finally, Nicole says if he thinks she strong enough, then fine. She instantly regrets offering herself up.

We get a hilarious scene of blonde and blonder bonding over kitties and puppies. Nicole tells Corey about her little kitten she found and kept, and then he tells her about his dog he adopted. She asks about animal shelters, and he tells her how they are the worst; they just will kill you dead because there are so many animals saying, take me, take me. And their eyes glaze over and she ohhhs and ahhhs over it. She just can't even. His eyes are pinwheels by now.

Paul tells Bridge he didn't want to win HOH and she giggles that she didn't either. She then tells him she doesn't trust Da' nor Nicole. He asks who's the shiftier one and she says they work together. Paul just wanted to make her think he's given her a solid so that she feels safe. It's either her, Da' or Nicole going home.

Paulie has transformed into Paul completely. He's gone total stalker. The hair, the beard, the tank tops, the same way he talks. We get a montage of it and it's scary. Paulie says he may as well drop the I and the E and be done with it. Ha

The house guests learn about the care package and they're all excited, yet worried. They're all lying around when they hear a silly voice telling them to head to the backyard for the package. A plane drops a box down and Natalie's name is on it. She jumps up and down and squeals twelve hundred times, then she opens it up to find socks and a Have Not pass for the entire summer. Everyone smiles real stiff-like and golf claps while she's so genuinely happy. No slop, cold showers, or tiny car-beds for her anymore. *gnashing of teeth from everyone else but James*


Nicole tells Corey that she's volunteered herself to go up as pawn and he says he'll do it and they go 'round and 'round that, no I will, no I will. Later, she goes up to Paul and says she trusts him, but he says that "PP is gonna get the job done," meaning Paul and Paulie. Paulie will go up. She keeps thanking Paul and he brushes her off.

Paul announces the nomination ceremony and he turns the first key to reveal: Bridgette. The next turn reveals: Paulie. He tells them that he needs to finish what Frank started and take out Bridge. He's besties with Paulie and he hopes he'll get the POV.

See you for the POV comp!