Big Brother S18:E2 Messiah of the Newbies Recap


Here we are on episode 2 of Big Brother. There's already going to be an elimination, so let's find out if it's going to be the Nicole, Glenn, Corey or Tiffany.

After a big fat recap of Wednesday night's two hour premiere, we see the house guests and Nicole tells us how much more stressed out she's been now than the whole season last time she was on. Her team sits around despondent while Da' takes Tiffany into a room while she cries and cries just like her sister did. She's so embarrassed, you guys. She told herself she wouldn't cry. Da' tells her it's hereditary. HAHAHAHAHA.


Paul tells his team and Corey that everybody better stick to the plan and help get rid of the vets. They had their turn and never mind their boohooing. Corey tells the Diary Room he's not so sure that's what he wants to do.

James and Frank know what's going on and they feel like they may be able to turn it around because of their experience. Da' says she has already started manipulating them. She's on it.

Nicole takes Corey aside and wants to put it into his noggin' that she would be the best choice for first Head of Household. He totally falls for it and suggests she would totally be the best and she's all, Oh my god, I never thought of that! I guesssss, but I don't really want to. Okay, for you. Well played, Missy. She even threw out the classic, yet dreaded: BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS line.

Welcome to the start of the HOH competition. The four of them have to get on top of an "island" that's a disc that wobbles around. Then they have to climb up a palm tree and retrieve a coconut and place it in notches on the letters S.O.S on the island. Frank notices how everybody is shouting for everybody to go go go except for Nicole. Glenn has already lost all of his coconuts a bunch of times while Tiffany is in the lead so far. Nicole has one more coconut left and can she pull it off? Yes. Yes she can. Ha! Loves it. Just because the newbies were acting so smug.


Now, whoever is last will be eliminated. Tiffany keeps having a coconut roll off of her letter. They are all three neck and neck. Tiffany pulls it off and now it's either Corey or Glenn. Glenn gets all of his coconuts in and goes for his flag.  Corey gets his last one in and it is a photo finish, you guys!!!!! Oh wow! They show the flag pulling in slow-mo and I swear it looked like Glenn had it, but whatever. Poor Glenn.


Nicole is still acting like she doesn't want the HOH to Tiffany and Corey and they totally fall for it again. She makes them swear on everything that they'll keep her safe next go 'round and so she "volunteers" to be HOH. Hahahaha The other newbies are not too happy.

The house guests all hug and say goodbye to Glenn as sad music plays. Bye, Glenn, we hardly knew ye. The guests walk back in the house and watch his picture turn black on the wall. Paul takes Corey into the pantry and is all WTF, dude? Why did you let Nicole become HOH? He tries to squirm his way out of it, but Paul is super pissed.


Nicole, James and Paulie all giggle about being in the same room together. Nicole wonders if she could ally with him since he's got a connection to the game via his brother Cody. Paulie says they can trust him. Uh huh. We'll see.

Victor asks Nicole what's going on. He tells her that the newbies are sticking together like glue. Nicole says you can't assume things, like, because, like, you look like a fool, like...and then awkward silence. Then she's shocked because he starts telling her his team's whole game plan! She's all, okay, stoopid.


James goes up to the bedroom where Nicole is showering and announces he's Victor. He starts asking why doesn't she like him and he's coming after her and he's messing with her big time. She totally falls for it. Hahaha He's laughing the whole time. He tells her he got her.

Da' is sitting with Jozea and he tells her he's totally safe, he's "like the messiah of the newbies." Her face is hysterical at that one. She Diary Rooms that he just sealed his fate right there. Haha He then proceeds to list off the exact names of people they are going to take down and in what order. She DR's "You act like we sitting in a hair salon and you giving me a fresh curl, perm and press. What you thinking?" If not anything else, great sound bites that Da'.

She tells Nicole who goes to tell Corey and she wants to put up Jozea and Paulie. She explains she's putting up Paulie so that he'll be the decoy because he's strong. If Paulie can be convinced to do this, she won't HAVE ANY BLOOD ON HER HANDS.

Nicole hems and haws around with Paulie to see what his thoughts are before suggesting her plan. Frank finally puts it out there and Paulie gulps and says he might could do it. They tell him if he did it they got his back. He's right though, when he says he's seen it happen a million times that these things backfire and the pawn goes home. Nicole understands and will think about it.

The nominations: Nicole presents the key box and turns the key. Of course the first one is Jozea. The second is Paulie, after all. She says she just picked a strong player from each team. Jozea is just nasty about it saying he's not worried, Nicole is a snake anyway. Paulie is just worried he'll go home. Join me soon to see who goes home! Should be a good one!