Big Brother S18:E21 Live Eviction Recap


It is another Live Eviction tonight on Big Brother, and it does not look good for our Mama Da'. Will the dude-bros stick to the original plan to get rid of Frank's Cabbage Patch Kid? Or will Da' be heading to the Jury House? Let's find out.

We open with The Chenbot looking much better this time in a blue floral sundress. I guess she rebooted, drank a can of oil and told off her stylists. We see Da' and Bridgette on the screen in the background and if looks could tell the story, Da' knows her days, (ha, get it?) are numbered. She is side-eyeing the hell out of this thing, and her leg is swinging in an angry way.


After the recap of last week's fuckery, Jules talks about PP (what a dumb name) and the ticket back into the house: will Da' or Bridge have it tonight? She takes us back into the week of what we've missed:

Da' wonders why she's been put up as a pawn when Paul is her friend. Uhhhh, yeah, no. Paulie assures Bridge that Michelle and Zak will be the only ones to vote her out; she can chill. Bridge smugly Diaries that she's got sweet revenge on Da' now. Then as Da' walks by, she says, "Want some tea, babe?" Yuck.


Da' tells Paul that she saw Bridge and Paulie conversing and she's suspect about that. She wonders what the hell is going on; why are they afraid of Nicole? He stutters around about why he put her up and she is NOT buying it. Paul tells us he doesn't care who goes home, he just hopes it's not a tie; he doesn't want any BLOOD ON HIS HANDS!

Da' knows she's fucked; Paul is totally lying to her, and she Diaries that she has to get her votes to stay. Meanwhile; Michelle and Zak sit with Da' and try to figure out how to keep her in the house, and know they have James, but not Natalie. But then Nat tells them she may keep her; she's not happy about Bridge hating on her man, James.

James wants to vote for Bridge because he doesn't want Da' to go home with zero votes. This is what he tells the dude-bros and Nicole, but he really likes Da' and doesn't want to send her home. He's stuck because he doesn't want to go against the house. These people are such SHEEP anymore! GAH

Paul then says the double eviction is coming up soon and asks what they should do. James says, "B and V," and everyone is like, o_0 Paul says, "Who's B?" and James is all, #Oops. Da'Vonne has come in and she watches this whole mess and she KNOWS. Especially when she sees Nicole's "dumb-ass face". HAHAHA


Da' goes to James and Natalie and works her case. She reminds them about the double eviction and she tells them she's sorry to put them in this position, but she will leave without their votes. James tells her the house is split and she calls him out that he's all squirrely that he will vote with whatever the house says. She is disappointed and hurt and she tells him so. Dick move, James. Dick. Move.

James asks Natalie what he should do; he wants to keep her, but her ship is sinking and he doesn't want to go down with it. He tells her he thinks he can save her, but the dude-bros will be super pissed.

Oh, yay, we get to go to Paul's home town and meet his family. His mom, Margaret, says she misses him because he's the "life of the party." They live in a super nice house it looks like, and mom creepily goes into his empty room to say good morning while he's gone. She says he seems obnoxious, but he's sweet and he volunteers at shelters; he has a heart of gold. I'm sure. His dad, Raffi, says he's very straight forward, smart and honest. "That's why they chose him to be a famous person in the house."
Hahaha, go dad! Mom and dad think it's cool that Paulie has single white-maled their son. He's their new son now!


Time for the live eviction. Bridgette and Da'Vonne can make a statement. Bridge says she has no regrets and thanks. Da' thanks God and loves her peeps back at home. She hopes she really is the pawn and thanks.

Paulie goes first with his hair in a super-duper swirl. He votes Da' of course. Zakiyah is next up and votes out Bridgette. Nicole votes Da', duh. Michelle votes Bridgette, natch; she took her MAN. Victor votes Da'. GAH. CAN DA' PULL THIS OFF? Corey votes Da'. James is next. C'MON JAMES. DO IT. SONOFA. James votes to evict Da' and she is officially out. Natalie votes Da.

Julie tells the house guests the news and Da' smiles and hugs Zak and Michelle, then Victor and James only. Julie asks Da' how she feels and she says she knew it because she could feel it the whole time. Da' says she whispered to Victor that the crew is going to take him out in the double eviction. "She snitched." Hahaha Love it!


Time to open the envelope to see if Da' has the round-trip ticket back in! *crosses fingers* The house guests get to watch via video while Julie opens it. The results are: Denied. Da' says, "Ya'll lucky, ya'll lucky!" But she's laughing and she has a great attitude about it.


Julie asks her who betrayed her the most and she says she didn't trust anyone but James, Zak and Michelle anyway. Julie points out that she only got two votes though and Da' is all, I know! Did she mess up getting rid of Frank and Tiffany? Da' doesn't think so, they were a mess. Da' thinks Nicole will go far and James better be careful.

Goodbye messages: Nicole tells her that she loved having her there, but she was a threat. Zak wants to win it for her and she is like her sister. James is sorry if she's out there, and he hopes she understands. Paul tells her he's just as confused as her if she's out, he doesn't know what happened. Da'Vonne is crying pretty hard and she says she loves Zakiyah so much. Julie tells her she will be the first juror of nine and good luck.

The new HOH is beginning and it's called, "Harsh Hashtags". They are on a rope, standing on a disc and they will be pulled up and swung by a harsh hashtag like, #UglierByTheDay and #USuck and #GrossMance LOL Never change, BB. Whoever is last on the rope, wins.


Internet trolls arrive and it's literally people dressed like trolls with hashtag foam paddles to beat them with. It just gets better and better. Annnnnd, that is all folks. We'll have to see who wins next time! Bye, Mama Da', I'll miss you!