Big Brother S18:E22 HOH The Executive MeatHeads Recap


We continue on from the live eviction to get our new Head of Household on this episode of Big Brother. Let's just hope it's someone other than a dude-bro for once. Let's shake this thing up now that Da' is gone!

The screen helpfully tells us that this is day 51 at the BB house and the house guests are still spinning around, bumping into the hashtags. Zak and Michelle are burning with fury about Da' going home and are desperate to win. Well, pretty much, they all are desperate to win, so...


Back in the house earlier, Paulie says that his dude-bros have a giant bromance and they invent the name "The Exectutives" for themselves, with Paulie being "Director of Social Affairs-(555) IMA-BRO" Corey is: "Chief Event Coordinator (555) I heart-XMAS) and James is: "Chief of Operations (555) GET-$$$ Paul is: "Chief Friendship Operator (555) FRIEND) Ah, Big Brother has done it again. (*A Big Brother Subsidiary)

So the trolls are there at the comp, and they harass the guests to make the comp harder. James is struggling, so he drops and is out. The trolls still beat him anyway. HAHAHA The one good thing is that Bridge didn't last. I think it's because of her bum knee, which I am sorry about that. The trolls beat her too, mainly on her butt.


It's been 11 minutes and the ones left are already nauseous and achy. Corey drops next and him, Bridgette and James are the Have-Nots. Michelle says she's fine physically, but she is so nauseous she just hurls all over the place from her disc. She finally drops and puts her face in a bucket and cries while Paul rubs her back."I FEEL BAD FOR WHOEVER HAS TO CLEAN IT UP." HAHA

41 minutes in, and Zak wants to bring it. I hope she does, too. NEW BLOOD, PLEASE. Nicole is about to drop and she does. Paulie, Victor, Zakiyah and Natalie are left and PULEASE not Paulie again. Zak is weak and she is going to drop, she wants to make a deal. MAN. Victor tells us that he will "make deals all day and bounce checks all day." He's been voted out, he'll say whatever it takes. She drops, then Paulie drops next because he isn't worried about Zak anymore. Zak knows exactly what he did and she's not happy.


So it's in between Nat and Vic and she tells him she just wants to be HOH and get a letter from her mom. He says, same. 1 hour and 5 minutes later and Natalie almost falls off. She catches herself by a hair and stays up. Vic promises Nat he won't put her up, but she knows she can't trust him and stays on. She's tiring quickly though, but wants to stick it out.

Natalie begs Vic to let her win and he tells her not to beg. She finally gives up and drops. I think she did the only thing she could; Victor was gonna hang on till the cows came home. He's the fittest one there. Natalie just cries and cries, and Paul tells her not to be a #crybaby.


Well, more dude-bros, YAY. This should be a really super fun week. I guess it's better than Paulie, but what's the difference, really?

Zakiyah cries in the Diary Room that she's betrayed by everyone but Michelle. Paulie tries to hug on her and asks her "What's up," but she won't talk to him, so he leaves. Natalie also cries with James about not being able to win HOH, but he bucks her up about how well she did. She tells him since Vic prayed, kissed his fingers and promised, he can't go back on his word, "Like, you can't..." HAHAHA

Bridgette is Miss Smuggy Smug again, knowing she's safe, while Zak and Michelle are lost in the house and can't believe their situation now. Michelle just knows she'll be put up now that Vic is HOH. Paul asks Vic what Da' said to him on the way out and he tells Paul the truth. Paul throws Natalie and Zak under the bus with that info and Vic tells us he just wants one of the "girls" to go home. WHATEVER, DUDE.

The dude-bros gather and get all excited about how the girls are all scared about being put up for eviction this week. Yeah, you guys are a bunch of awesome meat heads picking your fingernails.

Michelle cries while telling Nicole she trusted her. Nicole tells her that Da' was going to put her up and she had no choice. Michelle says that nobody told her anything and no one tells her anything. Nicole tells her that she's sorry and she had to do what she had to for her game. Michelle says, "I'm just like, an emotional person." Noooooo!

Paulie comes to Zak again and tries to talk to her about Da'. Zak calls him out on falling after her on purpose, but he denies it. She asks him if he wants her gone and his poker face is OFF. She needs to pay attention! REMEMBER DA', GIRL!

Vic wants Paulie, Paul and himself to do the final three thing via The Executives, and they fumble for a new name for that. "The Board" it seems to be. Paul doesn't tell Vic that he already has his PP though.

Michelle is HOT about what's been going down and she fusses at James next. She tells him she was blindsided and to imagine being her with nobody telling her anything. James is fed up and maybe wants her gone now. Paul was listening in and James tells Paulie about it. They decide she's way too emotional and she needs to go before Zak. Of course James is all, I'll do whatever you say, dude!


America's care package is coming and this time James gets the prize. He opens it and it is fresh whitie tighties, tube socks, aviators, and the power to eliminate two eviction voters at this next eviction. Of course he thinks that is way too much pressure. JAMES!


It is time for the nominations and Victor's first turn of the key is: Zakiyah. The next is: Michelle. So, no surprises there at all. He tells them that now they'll know what it felt like when he went home and he tries to make a rhyme, which is hilarious because it doesn't really. Then he passes out Mardi Gras beads?! Everyone just looks at him like, Say what? Then Michelle cries. Cause, duh. "I'm literally the worst super-fan ever." Yep, you are!

Victor wants Zakiyah to go home, but Paulie tells us that he wants Michelle to go, and he will use James's new power to make it happen. He says he's gotta be careful; he doesn't want to piss off his dude-bros.