Big Brother S18:E23 POV Shady Paulie Recap


We are back to the Power of Veto on Big Brother, and the Dude-Bros once again, have the power, while targeting the ladies in the house. Let's see if Michelle or Zakiyah can pull it off and win this POV!

After the nominations, Michelle, SURPRISE, cries and cries. There's snot flying and everything. Everyone just stands around looking uncomfortable. Yeah, it doesn't look good for Michelle this week; ain't nobody got time for more Vanessa/Tiffany booshit.

Meanwhile, the guys are giggling their asses off while Michelle whine-cries because she's supposedly such a super-fan and she sucks so bad at the game. It is funny, actually, because she's a hilarious cry-er. Can't really blame them for that. Paul and Paulie decide to throw her a bone and go up to her to soothe her nerves. She says Paulie kisses Vic's ass and he should be the one to go home; he's running the whole thing. Uh, yeah. But, hold your cards to your chest, dearie. Not helping.


Paul goes and tells Vic all of that and Vic slurps his cereal milk with confidence and not a care in the world. Paulie and Zak talk and Paulie twirls a strand of pearls (that's rich) while he does nothing to reassure her that she's safe.

Zak tells Michelle that Paulie should be pissed at Vic that he put her up, but he's too calm about it all. She suspects something, but he thinks he wants Michelle gone. Derp. Girl! Get your head outta your butt!

Zak plays some pool with Paulie and she fishes for some info while throwing Michelle under the bus so that she can make sure she stays in the game, which is finally actual GAME PLAYING. Sheese!

Paul asks Paulie who should go, but tells him that Zak should go, and Paulie argues that Michelle should. Paul points out that Michelle is so emotional that she only pukes and cries, so she's no problem in the game. But, Paulie argues for his (kinda) gal and says that emotional is bad in the house. Paul says that feelings in the house are bad and Zak may cross him some day. Paul thinks Paulie is getting whipped and wants Z gone.


So, Paulie goes to talk to James about his power that he won from the package. He tells him about how Vic and Paulie wants Zak gone, and he tries to convince James that that is better for their game, not his and Paulie's. James, of course, can't make a decision for shit because he doesn't want to piss anyone off. Think for yourself, James!!!!!!

Time for Veto player picking time. Victor's still wearing his HOH red robe and stupid animal knit hat (a cat? a squirrel?) reaches into the box and pulls out: Nicole. Michelle pulls out James's name, and Zak gets HG choice, so of course she chooses Paulie. She thinks he'll use the POV on her if he wins it; it's a test, she says.


This POV comp is called: "Hide and Go Veto" and they get to drink some drinks, so they are all happy. The players get to take big ol' veto cards and hide them anywhere in the house, and whoever's veto card is not found, wins the POV.


Each player has three minutes to hide their card and this comp is fun because the house gets tore the f UP. It must take forever to clean it up after. Anyway, James starts throwing crap EVERYWHERE when it's his turn to look for a card; just food and items all over the kitchen. So gross. Nicole finds the first card, and then she finds the second one, whilst tripping and falling.

Paul finds one and the house is getting worse by the minute, mattresses are strewn willy nilly, it is bad. Victor finally finds one and it's been almost 5 hours and everybody is falling asleep. Victor finds the very last one and the one not found? Surprise, surprise, it was Paulie, and Zakiyah has a hopeful smile with the news. Yeah, we'll see.

As they walk in the house after the comp, they all wail about the messed up kitchen. They find the last card inside the dining room table and then Zak goes and smooches on Paulie in private. But Paulie goes to Paul for some PP (herk) talk and Paul tells Paulie to keep the noms the same. Paulie tells him he's poor-me, all caught in the middle, what'll he do? But, Paul tells him to trust him.

Paulie goes to tell Zak that if he doesn't use the POV she'll be okay anyway. She looks half devastated and he tries to explain that he has to do what his dude-bros tell him to do. He tells her that James is on their side; it'll be alright. He acts super shady, as per and she Diaries that she feels silly. YEP.

Paulie tells James that he told Zak about not using the Veto and so he tries to convince him to use his power to nix the vote with it. He tells him that Vic and Paul might try and flip on them, so they should take care of Michelle and it looks like James might be falling for it, but you just never know on this show.

Paulie calls the meeting and both noms say do what ya gotta do. Paulie does not use it and Vic smirks like the power-mad HOH he is. See ya's next time for the Live Eviction. It's a DOUBLE! Woot!