Big Brother S18:E25 HOH Paulie is the worst Recap


Bridgette is gone and Michelle made an ass out of herself on the last episode of Big Brother. It's a new week and a new chance to make some changes as we head into the Head of Household competition. Let's cross our fingers!

After the live double eviction, Michelle keeps boohooing, and she apologizes to Nicole. They bicker for a few minutes until Nicole walks away and Michelle finally jokes that the last three girls can be the #Fatal3. Nicely played.

Next, we get some flashback action. Natalie decided to tell Zakiyah about Paulie's dirty, dirty ways before the eviction. Apparently, he's been hitting on Natalie pretty much non-stop and she tells Zak that she giggles because she's uncomfortable (we get to see it when it actually happens - confirmed). He talks about making out with her, comments on her hot butt, etc...Zak cries and Natalie apologies. Zakiyah must not have heard her very well because I distinctly heard her tell Julie that she wants to see Paulie the dirtbag after the show. Gurrrrrrl, you so dumb.


Zakiyah goes and talks to Paulie about what Natalie said, and he says it was all Natalie flirting with him. Yeah, you douche. Zakiyah looks confused like she wants to believe him. DURRRR. Paulie tells her that he doesn't like Jersey girls, so...Oh dear bob.

Natalie also decides to tell her main man, James. He goes to Paulie to ask him about it, and Paulie just blows him off saying he flirts with ALL the girls, he just gives compliments to Nat. He would never, ever! He then Diaries that Natalie is the worst and he's going to come after her. No, Paulie, you, my friend, are the worst.

Later that night, Paulie bullies Natalie when she goes to bed. He tells her she's next going home and she asks him why he's being like that. He then tells her she's "about as fake as the things on your chest." She keeps her cool and leaves. She then tells James and Bridgette.

They all convene together and Paulie tells them what he said. Bridgette tells him that was a personal attack and James says it's a game, dude. Paulie then has the NERVE to say Nat shouldn't hit on all the guys, then. Bridgette seems to be the only one to stand up for Nat, she keeps telling Paulie that he shouldn't have talked about her boobs. Zak leaves and tells Nat. THESE PEOPLE.

Natalie arrives and Paulie has his cocky dander up. He asks her why she's telling people things about him while Paul HILARIOUSLY eats Cheetos like a sports spectator next to Vic. HAHAHAHAHA Natalie and Paulie continue to argue while she tells truth and he (the bully) tries to turn her (the victim) into the bully. Got that? Natalie finally goes off on him about loving James and James just fucking SITS THERE. He does finally take Natalie out of the room, but MAN, say something, you twerp!


When they leave is they BEST. Paulie slow claps, then Paul slowly, carefully, takes a Cheeto out of the bag while everyone watches. He Diaries that Paulie's the worst and he wants him OUT. Bridgette, once again the only one to stick up to the bully, says he's a jackass and he says he doesn't feel bad at all. Okay, I finally like Bridgette a smidgen.

So now we're at 90 minutes before the eviction and James has told Paulie, Corey and Nicole that he's going to vote out Zak. They are all pissed that "those girls" put the idea together, but James says he's standing by his woman. Paulie then asks Paul when he was going to tell him what was up. Paul plays dumb.

Paulie goes back to James et al, and this is where he starts to blow up his own game. Ah ha! He starts yelling at James that a Jersey girl is running his game and swears at him, etc. He apologizes later, but James tells us he won't forget this on a game level - Personally, sure. Not in the game.

Meanwhile, Vic and Paul are having NO DRAMA and they celebrate in the pantry with a little dance. They are smooth sailing, y'all. Loving Victor, you guys. Who taught him how to play this game when he came back in?

Finally time for the new HOH after all the dramaz! It is "Hollywood Squirrels" this time. The house guests face off with each other in twos and are asked questions about Benny the Squirrel. Whoever is left standing wins HOH. It comes down to Paul and Victor, but Paul doesn't want it, so Victor wins once again! Go Victor, you Basement Jon Snow, you!


Paulie thinks Victor winning is perfect for him, he's gonna chill this week. *Snicker* Victor and Paul pretend that Michelle and Natalie are their intended, while Paulie lies around in their room and I cannot WAIT until nominations!

Paul tells Vic that they need to put up Paulie and Corey; it's those two and they need to concentrate on them. Victor remembers how Paulie put him up when he went out, so he's totally cool with that. They tell James and he's also cool with that.



America's care package arrives and this time Nicole has received it. WHAT? Okay, America. I suppose it was kind of hard to pick a favorite until this week, I'll give it that. She receives safety from everything all week and she has to wear a safety costume. #Supersafety

Natalie gets super excited to find out Paulie is the target this week because she is so sad to be around him saying mean things to her. Well, that's a Pollyanna way of putting it, Natalie!

The nominations begin, and Vic turns his key. Paulie doesn't blink an eye, but Corey shakes his Santa hat clad head. Victor tells them that Paulie is a strong player and Corey is guilty by association.

Diary Room after the noms: Victor: "Paybacks are a bitch." Paul: "Blindsided!" Corey "Backstabbed" Natalie: "Justice is served." and "Have fun fist pumping back to Jersey, Paulie." Paulie: "Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh"

Next week the Zingbot is back! YES!