Big Brother S18:E27 Live Eviction Don’t Manhandle The ChenBot Recap


Welcome back to Big Brother, where Paulie is almost certain to find himself and his bullying, entitled, crybaby ways shown the door. Let's see if it happens and if he has that round trip ticket; bob willing; NO!

Julie, in a sort of nautical themed get-up (white skirt, blue tank) tells us that everything has changed in the house and then we get to see what's happened after the nominations and POV comp.


Victor is ecstatic; Paulie put him up when he was evicted and now he gets his revenge. Paulie feels like there's not much he can do now. Ya got that right, buddy. Vic, Paul and James celebrate after the POV win and things look good.

Paulie tells James that he won't campaign and he's not right for the game. He sees a butterfly and starts with the tears again. Violins start playing (literally; love you, BB!) and he says that it's like a spirit lands on him. LOL James starts to feel bad for him and Paulie just cries and cries. Suck it up, Buttercup!

The Apple Pie cue sounds, and Paulie refuses to go make his pie. He just keeps running back and forth in the backyard, ignoring it. Corey finally takes him aside in his Unitard and gives him a talking to. He tells him that he doesn't want him to be a softie; buck up, dude, you're family is watching! Bro bonding, blah, blah, blah.


Paulie, all dude-bro'd up, decides to go campaign after all. First stop is Natalie. He tells her he's sorry, but she's not falling for it. She knows what he's all about. Next, he goes to Paul of the duckie float and asks for his sympathy vote. Paul Diaries that he will give him that vote as long as everyone else votes him out. #Friendship

Paulie asks for James's next and James just laughs in his face. Paulie tells him to use him as a weapon to take out Paul, since he's such a threat. James thinks about for about 1.2 seconds and dismisses it, in all likelihood. James tells him that Natalie is the neck, even though he's the head, so it's up to her. Good luck with that, Paulie.

So, nothing much happened in the house obviously, because: Brenchel. They have had a baby and they named her Borealis. Oh, excuse me. Adora-Borealis. They tell us that being married and having a baby is just like being on BB. Messy, lots of crying; that kind of thing. They do side-eye the people in the house's game and think that Paul has a huge chance at winning, so at least there's that. Okay, I'm done with them.


Back at the Jury House, our Da' tells us that she regrets not shutting her mouth. She cries over seeing Zakiyah walk through the door and then they watch the video of her package. When Da' sees that Paulie won the POV when Zak was nominated, her face is all O-o It is hilarious! Zak admits she was blinded and Da' can't believe James was in it as well.

They wait for the Double Evictee to walk in and Bridgette puts on her video. They wonder where Corey has been all season when he wins. Haha. Da' and Zak squeal loudly when they see Meech's speech about Nicole being a snake. They LOVE it. They call it when they say the next to go will be Paulie. They have no idea how right they are!

All right, it is time for the voting! Julie calls them all a Motley Crew and right she is. The tickets will expire after Julie opens the last one tonight and she tells the noms they can say something. Paulie shouts out his family and tells each HG they're fab. He basically has to reboot his shitty personality because he knows he behaved badly and has to face the music eventually. #NotBuyingIt He then grabs Meech and kisses her, saying she didn't have a showmance, so... Lame. Corey loves everyone too, vote how you will, Paulie is a bro, Nicole is sweet as pie. Dude-bro.

I'll sum this up. 5-0 vote and Paulie is OUT. He hugs it out with everyone, so I guess no hard feelings with anyone and walks out the door to some pretty big applause and Julie, who he PICKS UP. She's very game and laughs. Good Chenbot. Bad Paulie. She gathers the HG's again to open that envelope. Cross those fingers, you guys! He has a ONE WAY TICKET! Phew!


Paulie tells Julie he trusted his dude-bros and they turned on him. She asks him what happened when he gave up after his nom and he says he was just trying to get sympathy to stay. Yeah, sure. She wants to know if he was playing Zakiyah and he says, Oh, no! Never! Julie calls his lying ass out when she asks him if he'll see her outside the house and he starts to make excuses. "That's a no. That is a no, ladies and gentlemen." ZING!


Julie has the remaining HG's open their tickets to see who had it and Paul had it. He acts like it actually means something, but it's useless. LOL. No HOH until the special Friday episode, which I will be recapping shortly. See you soon on a new, Paulie-less Bigggggg Brother!