Big Brother S18:E28 County Fair Special Filler Episode Recap


We are back on a Paulie-free episode of Big Brother! Excited? I know I am. Let's see who wins Head of Household and how and if, the power will shift this time.

The remaining house guests gather 'round to watch Paulie's picture turn black. Natalie is happy he's gone, because he is not nice. She thinks the house will be much better off without him. Victor thinks he is perfectly safe now because he's the best competitor, while Corey knows he still has a target on his back. Paul is worried about Nicole and Corey coming after him for revenge.

Victor reads an announcement from Big Brother congratulating them on making it until one month till the end. They will have a County Fair celebration with Ziggy Marley performing. There's food, drinks and games to play. I love how they have the beer's labels all covered up, like we can't tell what a Corona looks like.


Ziggy comes out and these youngsters act like they know who he is. I think Paul is the only one who actually does. After he performs, they chant, "One more song! One more song!" Ziggy is all, K, thanks, bye! and leaves.


Yay. We then get a montage of Jozea talking shit about knowing truths and being like Obama and the Messiah. Yawn. Next, we see Zakiyah's birthday and the guys shake their booty's in their undies for her. It's actually funny and cute; Paul was hilarious in his USA drawers, shaking his butt in her face. Then, Paulie gives her a lap dance. Pass.

Oh, yay. Now we get to relive Frank, Tiffany and Da' implode on each other. Aren't we lucky. Except for this part: Da' asks Frank to admit he's after her when he does the same. He admits it and she says, Guess who's not going home? Me. Guess who is? Frank. Hehe, miss her. The rest: Too soon. SKIP.

Back in the present, they get to throw darts at balloons to win money and Nicole wishes she wasn't drunk. Paul starts and wins $500, while James and Nat win 25 Cents. Her strategy for aiming at the pink balloons was not so swift. Nicole and Corey score mere cents, while Victor finishes up by not being able to hit a single balloon until about shot 7 or 8. He finally gets another $500.

Next up: the Kissing Booth. Nat and James share a sweet peck and then we get more montages of showmances. Nat tells James that she was a top 5 NFL cheerleader and his eyes get all starry like he won the lottery whilst drinking a beer whilst feeling boobies. We get to see a whole bunch of flirty moments they are just adorableness personified.


Corey and Nicole are next and they refuse to smooch in the booth, so all we get is more showmance montages. Sorry, I lied, it's not Paulie-free. They deflect in the present to go on to Paulie and Zakiyah and just. No. Summation: They were flirty and cute for about 5 seconds, and then she saw him flirting (or maybe just being normal with Nic and Nat from the clips here) and she got jealous. She then wanted more and got upset that he didn't; he turned nasty and cold to her. He's a jerk anyway, Z; good riddance. The end.

Woohoo! Mr. Pectacular (Jesse) shows up for the next comp! It's a comp to win tech stuff like a TV, tablet and smartphone. It's the dunk tank game and it's called: "Dunk-A-Hunk". Corey played baseball, so he thinks he'll win. He totally blows it with only one dunk. The rest of them dunk absolutely no times at all except for Victor, and then he wins with two. Way to go, Vic! Jesse also hilariously tells Paul that if anyone needs a TV, he does, since he lives with his parents. Haha


A hi-jinx of comedy moments that really aren't that funny, so I will just leave this nugget they talked about right here. #BoobWrinkles James pranks and Meech pranking him right back, is also the next montage. James was putting crackers in the guys beds until Victor got pissed and told him to stop, because it was bringing in ants. James was all, they don't bite, they're just the black ones, but Vic didn't care and told him to stop with the stupid pranks. I'm with Vic on that one. Good grief, IT'S ANTS IN BEDS, what are you, 11 years old?

They find out they have a pie eating contest after that for the Have Not competition and Victor is it. After that, they come outside to see a huge ol' black box for the HOH competition. It's called "The Black Box" LOL. They all get a lane and they have to keep a button pressed the whole time until they are cued to search in a tub of slime for a disc. There are decoy discs and they will be in the dark the entire time for two whole hours.

The girls start screaming as soon as they enter and they say, "OMG, I'm so scared!" They're going to get you! Not really. Anyway, they say it smells really bad in there, and stuff is dripping on them. Nicole is worried that something is going to get her and says something is touching her back. One of the guys says, yeah it's the stuff dripping down. She's all, oh, okay.


See you next time for the end of the HOH!