Big Brother S18:30 POV Y’all Suck At This Game Recap


Last time on Big Brother, we had traitors! Traitors everywhere! Let's see if the real players in the game can come back and show them who's boss.

After Victor takes the knife out of Paul's back, Natalie and Meech tell us that he is their main target, not Victor; they just put him up as a pawn. Meech has changed her mind about wanting Nicole out, which is a HUGE mistake. But, what do I know?


Victor clues Paul in on the scenario and Paul wants to know why. So, Paul then comes at  the traitors with all guns blasting and demands to know what he did wrong. Did I lie? What did I lie about? Nobody wants to play with him, and Natalie just leaves. Michelle will take the bait though, and she brings up Da'. He tells her that he couldn't go against the house, it wasn't him that planned it.

Paul is way aggressive and shouty, I'll give them that, but he is soooooo right when he explains that it was Paulie that was the master and Paul was just doing his own thing. He then tells them: "Ya'll suck at this game." Truer words, Paul. Truer words.

Nat, Meech and James talk about what a lying, underhanded dude Paul is. He walks in more calm and asks nicely what went down. Nat asks him if he put James's name out there and he tells her that Paulie pulled him in the room and said all of that (which we literally saw happen, it's true) and Natalie starts balling, because she feels bad that Nicole gave her bad intel.

Meech and James tell her to stick to her decision, but she is a hot mess about putting the wrong person up. As well you should be! Nah, she's such a nice person, she shouldn't be in this game. Paul tells Vic what happened and they know they just have to win the POV. Period.


Vic tells the traitor crew that Paul is pissed as hell. Natalie knows she put Paul up on that bad intel. He's all, I told you so about Nicole and Corey, and tells her that when he or Vic wins POV, she should backdoor Corey because they are the real snakes. She is thinking about it, but Meech and James are no bueno with that idea. STOOPIDS.

Paul starts in on Nicole in the kitchen. He tells her that it's her fault he's on the block and calls her out on her tomfoolery about him putting James's name out there. They start yelling at each other about it all and then Corey walks in stripping off his Unitard. It is HILARIOUS. Nic is trying to tell him that Paul's yelling at him, but he is clueless; dancing around Nic and humping on her. When he finally realizes, he's all, "buzzkillers."

They continue on and on. Manipulator, threat, liar, bamboozled, behind my back. Blah, blah, blah. Then BB brings the hilar again and sounds the Red Alert for Paul one more time. Nicole asks the other traitors if they had anything to do with Paul's rant against her and they deny, deny, deny. These people are hot messes.

Natalie is saying she wants them to win the POV because she feels like shit about what happened, (maybe we have a chance after all!) and BB puts a "Weather Alert" on the screen for them. They flash different house guests and weather news for them to remember for the POV comp. Evidently it goes on for AGES, because they all eventually fall asleep. It looks like Paul may have the best chance, because he is the only one really focusing. Corey and Nicole have no chance, as they make out in bed the whole time.

It is time for the POV pick! Meech picks out Paul and he picks James to play. Then Meech picks Corey to play. Natalie walks into her HOH room and sees Paul sleeping in her bed. She gets super irritated by this and he's on her shit list again. It's not faiiiirrrrahhhh. James encourages her to take him out and she goes with it. Sigh.

James puts salt in Paul's water bottle while he's working out-prank hi-jinx. They all watch and Paul spits it out and says, "How the fuck? You fucking ninja!" It is kinda funny. Brought to you by, #BBJamesPrankHijinx

The POV begins, and the house guests have to be reporters in a storm, read a feed and fill in the correct answers from the video they had studied. They give them all names too: Natalie Rainbow, Victor Caliente, James Showers, Michelle Drizzle, Corey Breeze and Paul Storm. BB gives them hell, with a torrent of water and tons of wind, as they hold umbrellas and freeze to death in goofy costumes.


They all shiver while the points are revealed and Paul WINS THE POWER OF VETO! YAS YAS YAS! You show um! I just hope they put up Corey and get him OUT, the damn fools.


Paul knows he has to make sure Corey goes up and out as well, while Nicole is worried that she will go up, which Meech does want to happen. Nat tells Paul she doesn't even care, either Corey or Nicole will be fine with her. They sit around going back and forth about the two, and Meech says Nicole will sit around and win this shit because that's the type that always does. Good point. But, aside from her showmance; pot, kettle?

Paul, of course, uses the Power of Veto on himself and Michelle names Corey as the new nomination. So, I guess they all got to her AGAIN. Michelle, Michelle, Michelle. Oh well! Hopefully it will be Corey gone tomorrow and not Vic! See you soon!