Big Brother S18:E3 Roadkill Challenge Recap


Nicole is showing how strong her play is while Jozea is in trouble, girl. Will the power shift when Julie unleashes a new twist on this episode of Big Brother?

Nicole reminds us why she nominated Jozea and Paulie. Jozea's mouth keeps writing checks he can't cash and Paulie will be the pawn. Jozea laughingly says she made a mistake because now he'll be coming for her. Okay, dude.

Da'vonne is laughing inside while pretending to console Jozea. Nicole does a perfect imitation of his stank face after the noms. Haha. Jozea says Nicole can't compete which is hilarious because she just won the last competition and is the first HOH! Bridgette says she follows her on Twitter. Haha Jozea says he loves errybody except for "that thing."

Da' tells Nicole what Jozea's been saying about her and they reiterate how he has got to go. They see him walk toward her HOH room and Nicole jumps up and says, "I'm scared!" He comes in and she tells him her choices were so small and not to be mad at her. He says he would never suck up and he's totes authentic (gurrrl) and she says she's not a "kisserbutter" either. Most awkward convo yet.

Nicole gathers the group in the living room. BB has an announcement. "If you think you're safe because you're not on the block, think again." An RV will come in and the house guests compete and whoever wins will nominate a THIRD person for eviction. It's called the BB Roadkill Challenge. Jozea is not worried because the house loves him. The best thing is that they can nominate anonymously. Nicole knows she screwed if Jozea stays.


Jozea immediately starts campaigning to put Frank up if one of them wins. He thinks he's suspicious because he doesn't talk a lot. Frank knows he's in danger and talks to James about it. They all gotta win, yo!

Da' and Nicole decide there's no way for the four of them to win this thing with the new twist. There's too many newbies to always be able to put one of them up.

Da' and Zakiyah lie around and talk stress. Zakiyah asks if two black women have ever happened before LOL. Da' likes her a lot so she tries to bring her over to the light: AKA The returners. Zakiyah is intrigued by the offer, she's fed up with the newbies game.

Da' then goes to Michelle to try to get her as well and she didn't even have to say two words before Michelle was telling her she wants to be with the returners. How quickly they turn. But, Michelle Diaries that she knew coming in the house she wanted to play with returners if they were in.

So we've got James, Nicole, Frank, Cody, Tiffany, Michelle, Zakiyah and Da' on a team now and they are all sitting in the HOH room deciding on their new name. How about "Smartinis" Nope, Frank won't be called anything that ends with "tinis." How about Eight Pack? Yep, better than a Six pack, they reckon.

Here comes the RV. Roadkill is on! Each player has to strip down to their bathing suit whilst driving their RV. It's much more complicated than that though. I don't even know; something about buttons and times and pressing them and powers of the timers. Anyway, whoever undresses the fastest wins!

They all have to twist and turn and use their feet and legs and mouths and all sorts of body parts to hold down those buttons. It's quite hilarious actually. Kudos, BB. My hats are off to whoever thought of this one.


They each get to open a tackle box and see if it says winner or loser. They can keep it to themselves or tell. Well I'll be. Frank is the winner! Suck it, mean newbies!


They all walk back inside and Frank tells James, "Fuck yeah, I got it bro." James thinks he's lying at first and then they do a celebration dance. "That's why they call you the tank, man."

The newbies wonder who got it and decide to go try and find out. Jozea just knows it's Paulie that got it. He just knows, man. Frank walks in and commiserates about being a "loser" in the comp. Jozea tells him it's Paulie cuz he's always right and he can read faces. HAHHAHAHAH

Natalie and Bridgette giggle about making an all girl alliance with Bronte. They giggle and giggle and giggle about how it will be a secret and so cute. Yeah, because that always works. Bronte is thrilled and they name themselves Flirty Spy, Wifey Spy and Spunky Spy, because they need something that ends with an E, see. Oy. Tiffany hears everything. Haha


Frank, Michelle, Bridgette and Paulie are called to the Diary Room to get their Mysterland prize. They all have to wear a Pixel Costume for the week. It shows a lot and the girls are thrilled about Paulie. Thrilled. Lottsa oggling.


The Roadkill nomination is about to commence and it is:  Paul! Zakiyah says "WTF" while Paulie just fist pumps. Jozea is still mouth vomiting that the house still loves him, he ain't worried a'tall. The returners are sittin' pretty, ya'll! See you for the POV comp!