Big Brother S18:E31 Live Eviction Awkward Jury House Recap


Here we are at the Live Eviction on Big Brother, where hopefully these dullards will send Corey packing. Will they actually do it, or will Victor head out again and then right back in, when the jurors get a chance to get back in that house?

Victor knows that it's all up to James, and that is not okay. James has not been making good choices in this game, if you ask me. Paul tells Vic that he doesn't like the way James is acting with the traitors, all snuggly-like in the back yard, so they decide to see how they act if one of them pops through. Vic goes out to do his "laundry" and yep, they clam up like the traitors they are.

Vic and Paul decide to create a plan where Vic acts super nice to them, but also throw Paul under the bus and make them think that he's working with Corey and Nicole. Hopefully then, they'll send Corey home instead of Vic.


Then, to up the ante a bit, Paul hangs out with Nic and Corey, just laughing and laughing like they're having a great old time so that James, Nat and Meech see it full on. It's kind of brilliant, but these people aren't that bright, so...Vic goes to talk to them and they eat it up completely.

We finally get to see how the three ladies in the jury house respond to Paulie the jackass. Take a big sip of your drink and settle in, peeps. This oughta be awesome!

Da' is having a great time, she didn't think she'd get along with Bridgette, but the three of them have bonded and are doing great. They wait for who's coming next and lo' and behold...PAULIE! They are just beside themselves, they are so excited. Da' and Bridge scream and clap, while Zak sits and gives RBF.

Zak tells him there's a lot to be said, and he says, "We'll hash it out." He also tells them it's been the season of catty, petty women and it's not changed a bit. Da' says she'll stay that way too. Ha! They sit to watch his video package and the ladies clap and cheer while Paulie stays pompous and jerky.


He calls them "classy" sarcastically and Da' just stays cheerful while he sulks and puts them all down. Bridgette smiles and tells him she has no respect for him after how he's acted. He tells her that she has no respect for any man (Uh?) and she says, "Sure, Paulie." She tells us that she's a feminist, not against men, just Paulie. Word. He calls them catty again and Da' says, "I'm a grown ass woman, Paulie. Let's just watch the video. Don't try me." He keeps acting like a damn pompous fool and keeps at it. Just stop, because you are never, ever ahead!

When they see his eviction, they cheers their drinks and you can see his face practically turn purple. Bridge tells him how egotistic he is and that is why he didn't win; he was horrible to do what he did to Nat and also the way he treats women. He can't see ANY of that, of course. He cannot stop demeaning them for two seconds to see any of it.

Zak then asks him what's up; she had his back and what was his deal? She starts calling him a bitch and Da' and Bridge just sit there all, *awkward*. Then they start bickering and they just leave. LOL This is their convo: You're a bitch. You're classy. You're a bitch. You're classy. Over and over and over and talking over each other.THAT should be an interesting month!

Jules reminds us that Victor will get an "unprecedented third chance" to go back into the house if he gets evicted. He shouts out to his family and hopes they all keep him, even if he has to be a Have-Not again. Corey has been loyal and honest and he's the right one to stay. Oh, 'scuse me, I just fell asleep for a sec.


This part is easy. Nicole votes for Victor. Paul votes for Corey. This one, though. Let's see! James votes for: Victor! I knew it, the traitor! Julie gives the results, and Victor hugs everyone and joins Julie to huge applause from the audience.

Julie asks Vic about the plan, and why they voted him out instead of Corey. Well, he's a stronger player than Corey. Truth. She wants to know why they got rid of Paulie and exposed himself so soon, and he says that Paulie betrayed him, so, bye. How did he do so much better this time, she wants to know. He admits he rearranged his social game, and that Paul had a lot to do with his success.

Julie wants to know who he'd like to go next, and he says James, but he just hopes Paul makes it through. His video goodbyes are all nicey-nice; it looks like everyone in the house likes this guy a lot. He does seem like a super nice guy when his BFF isn't around.

He says he's fine with everybody and happy he had a second chance. This is where Julie tells him he has an "unprecedented; second-second chance" (kinda like a THIRD chance, mayhap, Miss Bot?) and he is like, WHAT????)

Back to the Jury House of DOOM. Zak says they've calmed down and not fought since the weekend. Paulie and Zak avoid each other, so that they don't fight. I say that in a matter of days she'll be in his bed. Mark my words.

They get a basket at their door and there's a note that tells them about their second chance to get back into the house. They squeal with delight, but wait and wonder who the next person coming through that door is. Da' is hilarious shutting Paulie's obnoxious ass down as he says he knows he'll be the one in. I like how she just keeps her cool, laughs, but still puts him down at the same time.

Back live on the stage, the four jurors see Victor join them and they all hug him like a long lost family member. Julie tells us there will be a live competition for them shortly. She then calls up the house guests to give them the lovely news.

They know this news is not going to be to good as they all side-eye Julie waiting for it. When she tells them that the jurors will join them in the next HOH, they look absolutely thrilled. Just thrilled. The doorbell rings and I swear, it's like Paulie and Corey are reuniting lovers, where one of them has been gone to war or something. Other than that, lots of fake screaming and squealing.


On to the HOH comp. It's called, "Welcome to Loch Ness." The juror to be the last one standing is back in the house. The very last person standing, is HOH for the week. They're on a wall, and it will guarantee: tilt, go all kinds of crazy, rain, storm, etc. You can do it, Victor! See you on Sunday to see who gets back in the house!