Big Brother S18:E32 HOH Back in Da House Recap


This is an exciting Big Brother, because Victor has yet another chance of coming back into the house. The five jurors are back in the house competing along with the house guests for a chance to not only get back in, but also a chance for HOH. What was the outcome?

The competition is on, and already Da' is not feeling it. She's hurting and doesn't think she can hold on much longer. Oh, man! She tells Zak and Zak will go with her; they join hands and jump together. All Thelma and Louise-like. Everyone can't believe they're already out. Da' cries in the Diary Room; she's devastated to let her little girl down. That's alright, Da', you can torture Paulie back in the Jury House if bob willing he falls!


Then Corey falls next. He's counting on Nicole of the raccoon eyes. She had no for-site and wore tons of makeup, so she can't see because her mascara in running like crazy. Bridgette then starts getting the shaky arms, and she drops. So, it's in between Paulie and Victor, and Paulie is just about to fall, while Victor is just as steady as he can be. Unfortunately, Paulie catches himself and he's back up.

The BB Gods spray some more freezing water on them and they wait. The wall tilts to a dangerous level and they get sprayed again. Paulie moves his hands and then he falls! He falls off, you guys! VICTOR IS BACK IN! #VicIsBack


Paulie has to go back into the Jury House of Shame. See ya, fella. Hope Da' eats you up and spits you out! So, now it's down to the HOH comp. Victor tells us he can't hold on much longer and he falls. Oh for the love of bob! This game is constructed for a lower level of gravity. James, Nicole and Paul are all shorter and they have outlasted everyone. It's down to them now.

It's now been one hour and thirty minutes and they are all miserable. They're cold, shaky and then Paul drops. Dagnammit! It's in between Nicole and James? The worst! Nicole starts working on James right away. She nags him to death about about needing a letter from her mother or she'll lose it. She wines and wines until he cannot take another second of that. fucking. voice. I really can't half blame him. He drops.


Everyone has watched them negotiate and they no likey. Meetch knows she's in trouble, and Natalie ain't gonna be happy either. Paul thinks he and Vic may be okay this time though because he's been playing nice with Nic. We'll just see about that; this game is sketch.


Meech says she thinks Nic will put up Vic and herself. Nic and Corey talk about what to do, and Nic tells him how she promised James that he and Nat are safe, but she's willing to do whatever she needs to. She really wants Meech to go though.

Paul asks if he's good with Nic and she assures him he's fine. He tells her and Corey that he and Vic are cool, but James and Nat are burnt bridges. Meanwhile, Nat gives James a little talking to about giving Nic the HOH. He just says he didn't want to, but she gets her point through and then says she doesn't want to fight, so, the end, dude.

Paul continues to work on Nicory hard. He sits and throws the others under the bus, big time. He tells them they could go all the way. Nic says they don't want to get burned and Vic's all, Hey, what's that like? Hmmm?

Later Nicory talks about what to do. He asks her if she would feel okay about putting Vic and Paul up and then they talk about Meech and Nat going up. She doesn't want Nat going up though. She talks some crazy what not, and I do not get what's she's even saying. She wants to do this, but this and this and this. Okay, lady.


It's time for America's Care Package, and this is the last one. For some damn reason, America has voted for Corey? America. What you be smoking? I mean, What the entire fuck? Really? I just can't even. Sigh. He gets $5000 to trade for a bribe in the house.  Okay, one more thing; America you really just voted for that big bag of expired vanilla oatmeal?


Corey and Nicole are boggled by the bribe and talk about what to do with it. Corey thinks maybe he could use it to get people to do funny stuff! Nic thinks it may be for something more important, probs. Duuuuude, what does America want me to do with it? It's soooooo confusing. *blank stare* You did this, people of America that voted for this empty space.

James and Natalie are super worried that Nicole is going to go back on her word and put them up now. James just tells her there's nothing they can do about it.

Nicory are sitting in bed when Vic and Paul come in and she tells them that she wants Meech out because she's a huge threat. She's smart and she doesn't trust her. Yeah, Nicole still hasn't forgotten her calling her snake ass out. So Paul agrees to go up as a pawn to get her to trust him. They decide to become the "Final four I've been looking...for." So they are just plain ol' #FinalFour. Corey waves his $5000 bribe in the air with a blank face. Sigh.

Nomination time! Nicole turns the first key and the face is: Michelle. The next key reveals: Paul. He shoots guns and waves. HAHAHA. Nicole says she nominated them because they're smart, they're important; kind though? They are not. See you for the POV!