Big Brother S18:E4 Power of Veto Recap


Paul was nominated on the last episode of BB on the surprise twist: Roadkill ceremonies. Nobody except Team 8 Pack know that Frank won the challenge and nominated him. Who will win the POV tonight?

Jozea thinks Paulie should go because he's related to a Veteran. Paul just knows he'll win the POV, and now the dimwits are convinced Michelle won the Roadkill challenge. They tell Frank, who is super pleased with these numskulls. Jozea is also pleased, thinking he's brought Frank onto his team. Oh, Jozea, keep doing you.


Nicole goes to Paul and hugs him, telling him how sorry she is. She's doing, "damage control". Jozea is still telling everyone that Michelle won the Roadkill challenge. He's telling the 8 Pack and they are smirking and nodding and it is hilarious. Dig your grave just a little more, dude, and while you're at it, make yourself look really really stoopid.

Paul sees Bridgette and Paulie together and tells Victor he no longer trusts her. He then asks her team members, Natalie and Bronte, what they think. They say she is loyal. What a mess these newbies are. Natalie tells the girls they have to vote Paulie out so that it seems they are with the guys. They lament how gorgeous he is while we have a montage of slow-mo Paulie lifting weights half-naked.

Time for the POV  picks! The nominees join HOH Nicole and then Nicole starts to pull the chips to see who else gets to play. She pulls Da'vonne and (hahahahaha) herself! (ahahahahahahaha)! She picks Corey to play. James and Frank celebrate in their room, but maybe they shouldn't get too comfortable because Jozea could win this thing after all. Dear bob, please no. After seeing Jozea pass by, Frank puts on *sadface* and boohoos with him for a moment. Nicole, Da' and Zakiyah think they're set and Azkiyah copies Jozea when his name didn't get pulled. She rolls her eyes all shifty exactly like he did. These girls can do a Jozea perfect!


POV comp time! There are fire hydrants, doggie treats, tunnels and the contestants are dressed as dogs. They have to spin around go through a tunnel and stack the treats. The first one done wins the POV. They all Diary punny dog jokes about winning. Ba dun tush. After each spin, they all can't walk worth shit; they look drunk and they say they feel drunk, so the comp is really hard. Watching them spin around, I wonder why none of them didn't think of trying to spot? No dance classes I guess.


They're all bragging that they've got this because nobody else can do it. Da' and Jozea especially. Then of course Da's stack falls and she has to start over. Looks like Paul has got this, and he got it! That seems like the best way to go and I am fine with that. He's entertaining if nothing else. "This pooch is happy and this pooch is coming for you." Eh. Frank has to decide who he will put up as a replacement nominee now.


Paul has his traditional dance-off celebration in the storage room. Paulie says he hopes that the vets keep their word and keep him safe. Bridgette thinks that she may go up as a replacement. Tiffany tells Corey about her sister; she's hoping that it'll bring him closer to her and keep her safe. It totally works, especially when she shit-talks Jozea to him. He's all, ALLY! YAY!

More Jozea foolery: Jozea knows what everyone is thinking. He's a Pieces, see. Also this: "I'm CEO in my mind." He tells Frank that he observes, that's just what he does. Frank can barely contain his disgust and laughter. He tells him that he's a Messiah. Frank diaries that he doesn't even think he can spell Messiah. Dear bob. I almost hate to see him go.

Now Jozea is "the leader of this house," so he's pulling a meeting and Da' Diaries that she'll "discreetly" go pick up Zakiyah from her alliance in the HOH room and laughs. When she gets her, they joke to not forget to take notes and she says she's taking minutes, no worries. OMG, I am dying. HAHAHAHAHA Never change, BB.

Bronte tells Bridgette to go to the HOH while her and Natalie go to the meeting. James sees everyone pass by and also joins the "secret meeting" Jozea tells everyone to flat out send Paulie home. James diaries that maybe, just maybe, Jozea should have checked that everyone in the room is on his team. LOL Da' Diaries that as a grown man he's trying to lead a meeting in a dog costume, "You got a bone on your neck that say Jozea." Oh, she is cracking me up today. Hahaha

Bridgette pretends she's clueless in the HOH room. She says she was invited, but she just doesn't want to go and she plays it off really well. They sit around talking about how off the charts Jozea is.


Paulie calls out Jozea in the kitchen about the house meeting. Jozea actually denies it and says everyone called it. He says that whatever everyone wants, everyone wants. Then he starts getting bitchy talking about freedom of speech and scenarios and speaking truth. Paulie tells him that if he says his name was brought up he'd be fine with it, but Jozea keeps right on lying.

Veto Meeting! Paul smack talks the Roadkill winner about being a coward and he's coming after them. Right, like you wouldn't have done the same thing. Paul uses the POV on himself, natch. Nicole announces the secret replacement nominee and it is...Bridgette. Just like she thought.


Bridgette feels awful, Paulie is still uncomfortable and Jozea is not worried one bit! Join me soon for the first live eviction!