Big Brother S18:E5 Live Eviction Recap


Welcome to BB first Live Eviction! Will it be: Jozea, Bridgette, or Paulie that goes home? Oh, come on! We all know it will be the much despised Jozea: "MessiahOfTheNewbies," that goes! Let's find out!

Julie tells us that even though someone will be evicted, their games are far from over. Oh boy. A chance to come back later in the game. We get a recap of what's been happening and then Julie comes back to show us what's happened since the POV meeting.


Frank explains that he put Bridgette up only because there was no one else to put up. She's worried because even though everyone tells her she's safe; in this game, that means squat. Jozea is using his AWESOME intuition again and figures out that Paulie is the mastermind. Derp.


Paul tells Jozea to make sure he's all good with Nicole. So he goes to her and sucks up like crazy. She responds by laughing in his face. She then plays along and um hums and yeahs him. He thinks he is so smooth.

Zakiyah, Nicole and Da' talk about how Bridgette came up to spy on them during the meeting. They've got those three girl's number big time. They then talk about how they're the best group of girls on BB ever. They aren't going to get caught up with any men; sure they'll flirt, but that's it. They think they'll make it to the end. They decide to create a name for themselves: The Fatal Five #Fatal5, as BB let's us know.

James is up to his pranks again and he's put mayo in the anti-aging cream bottle. Natalie covers her face in it and then Bronte borrows it and knows right away. Okay Natalie. Why would you not know this?

Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette eat potato chips with M&M's mixed in and talk about how smart everyone else is; and why hasn't anyone come to them about how to vote? That's so like, weird, you guys! These ladies are a nurse, a mathematician and a well, a planner, but come on!

Bridgette slips and says to be careful of Nicole in front of Zakiyah. She tells Nicole that she was being a bitch about her and they decide not to trust her, even though Bridgette was entirely right, not bitchy. She was just pointing out that Nicole has played the game before and to be careful.

Julie tells us that a "petty argument threatens to flip the vote," but we all just know that BB needs to spice up the inevitable: bye bye, birdie!

Victor is annoying Natalie so much she is going to explode. She says he notices everything about everyone and criticizes her. He told her to stop eating crap when she told him she ate mac and cheese and pizza because it won't help her mid section and she is butt-hurt. She tells James and Natalie how awful he is because, like, I can get any man I want and I'm not conceited, just any man not in this house. 


Then, Paul gets irritated with James because he tried to come in the room and James told him jokingly to get out, it's girl time. So, he goes outside and complains about it. Then Bronte irritates him because he thinks she's acting like his mom when she tells him to shut it. So he and Victor tell her to go away and she gets mad. This is what happens when you have no outside distractions, people.


We are back live with Julie; let's talk to the nominees. Everyone gets a brief statement before the votes! Jozea says he is loyal and friendly and that's about it. Paulie is appreciative and has had a great time. He hopes he gets to stay. Bridgette hopes she stays; she's sweet and she makes great peanut butter cookies, so...yay her.


Julie says it's time to vote, so go! Victor is up first, and he tells Julie he votes to evict Paulie. Zakiyah votes Jozea. Paul votes Paulie. Frank votes Jozea. Da'vonne votes Jozea. Michelle votes to evict Jozea. Julie keeps trying to add some drama by saying so and so might vote out Bridgette now that they know so and so; will she? Not gonna happen, Bot. Bronte voted Paulie, Natalie, Paulie. James votes Jozea. Tiffany votes Jozea. And Jozea is OUT. Corey votes Jozea even though it's a done deal.

Julie gives the news to the guests and Jozea hugs everyone; he doesn't run his mouth for once too! He goes out to meet Julie and the audience claps a tiny bit. Not a super warm reception. Inside the house, the guests watch his picture fade to black. They look really sad. NOT. They all just sort of walk off like, okay then.


Julie asks Jozea why he didn't say anything when he left and he says it's because he's such a truthful person he didn't want to say anything to those that betrayed him. He thinks that Natalie betrayed him! Dude! Julie then asks him about his so called "Messiah" thing. He rambles about his team mates letting him down, blah blah blah. He targeted Nicole because he saw S16 and even though she's kinda nice, she's snake-ish and he knew to go after her first. Yeah., how's that working for ya? Why the meeting, she asks him. He called it to motivate because he's the leader and the Messiah, dontchaknow?!

Time for goodbye videos! Da' tells him no hard feelings, but once he said he's the Messiah, nope. Nicole says she had to come after him when he came after her. Paul says he'll stay in the house and Paulie says CaliforniaFury, BOOYAH. Julie tells him he's not going home just yet, he may have a chance to get back in the house. It's called Battle Back competition. Each week there is a comp with the evicted house guests to vie for a spot in week 5.

Live HOH competition time! This must be an ongoing one here and we'll find out Sunday. I sure hope #8Pack wins this. This comp is called "Berry Balanced" and there is a balance beam they have to cross to receive berries and then stack them up in rows on the other side. They have to choose a path the way back and if they fall off, they are eliminated. Natalie falls and she is eliminated. And then that's all the time we've got ,folks! See you next time to see who won this thing!