Big Brother S18:E6 18 Dolla Recap


We find out who has the best balance and won the new Head of Household on the latest episode of Big Brother after the self-proclaimed "Messiah" was evicted. Who will they nominate for eviction, and who will win the Roadkill comp?

Back to the HOH competition. Natalie falls off the log and she says she's embarrassed badly because she's "been a competitive dancer her whole life." Victor diaries that Frank shocked him right before the eliminations by telling him to vote Jozea instead of Paulie. Frank tells us that Victor is his next target and that's why he told him that: to make him think he was working with him. So they're all working to secure their own safety in this challenge.


Zakiyah and Da' are walking so slowly that it is driving Paul crazy. He's pacing back and forth and won't shut up. The three teams are very, very close, almost completely even, so it's anyone's game. Tiffany tries to step it up a notch and then she falls off and is out. Corey falls and then the #Freakazoids are out of the game. James throws the game on purpose because the #8Pack "is targeting, pretty much my whole team, except me." He's out.  Frank diaries that it's the least they can do to let Paulie get the HOH since he took one for the team and he wins it! This puts his team #Category4 safe as well.


Frank says that this is perfect because his team will be safe and Victor will be gone. Victor, Bronte and Paul know that James threw the comp. Victor cries real tears for his best bud Jozea in the Diary Room and this should get very interesting!

Paulie is excited he won and is looking forward to sending Jozea's "minions" home, while Paul is shell-shocked that he doesn't have control of the house like he thought. He says he has to make some new moves toute suite. Too late, dude.

#8Pack goes up to celebrate in a room; they want Victor and Bronte up on the block. Natalie is crying because she's nervous that she voted for Paulie to go home. James comes in and soothes her while Bronte begs Paul to believe that Natalie did not vote to send Jozea home. He unconvincingly agrees to believe her.

Victor speaks the obvious, that two of them will go up and then one will be replaced with another. Duh. Paulie passes by and Victor tries to get in his head and convince him to be all bro and throw the girls under the bus. He then tries the "you and me are the strongest players" approach. Paulie is snorting inside his head while Victor tries his thang.


Later, Paulie asks Paul if he really trusts Victor. Paulie is working him to maybe see if he'd be a good pawn to go up with Victor. He then tells Paul that Victor is a snake that can't be trusted. He tells him that he's totally safe, and Paulie's like, dude, I'm not really getting a choice; whatever, man.

James is doing his flirt thang while Nicole and Da' look on and reflect on all his flirting techniques and I mean he has flirted with all the of them. All. Da' is hilarious while breaking it all down. Here's her final sound bite as she listens to him flirt with Michelle from the shower: "Gawwwwd. Stab me."

Nomination time! The first turn of the key brings up Paul and then the final turn brings up Bronte. Victor smirks. Paulie says he just wasn't sure where their heads were at, so that's his decision. He diaries that he's saving Victor for later to make it even worse for him when his ass goes out the backdoor. He's going to make him feel like king of the world and then, BAM. #byebitch

Bronte sucked up extra helium to tell us that she needs to change her game and put a smile on her face, act happy and not trust anyone. Victor is shocked he wasn't put up but is suspicious he'll be back-doored, so he says he knows he has to win the Roadkill.

Gross. Paulie says the Biebs voice is a miracle and he loves him. Then he waxes poetic about Christmas and how he's dropped 600 bucks on decorations. He goes on about peppermint bark, cookies and Christmas spirit. James walks in, pauses and walks right back out. HAHAHA

After another James prank and Natalie wanting checkers instead of chess because "this games is so hard," the Roadkill comp is announced. It's sort of like the match the price on The Price is Right. They have to find the items that all add up to 18 dollars the fastest and then hit the red button.


Tiffany has a hard time and is all confused even though she's a math teacher. James is too and he's not a math teacher. Natalie says she hates only capers and hot dogs worse than math, (NO! Shocked!) while Da' wizzes right through it. Corey totally DERPS and Frank looks good to go. Frank thinks he's got this, he's overly confident and Victor is dying to get it.

Paulie tells them after they can all peek in their tackle boxes to see if they won. Most of them poker-face it, but Paul out-right "awww fuck"'s and then Victor wins. Good job, Paulie. Uh oh. Sometimes back-doors do not work. At all. They may even backfire.

Victor is relieved he won't go up, of course, and goes and tells Paulie right off the bat. Stoopid. Paulie is like, thanks, dude! So, Victor doesn't see it that way though; he wants to prove he's trust-worthy. Paul tells Victor not to tell anyone at all. Victor wants to put up James and Paul tries to tell him that's a terrible idea, trust him. He won't listen and thinks he's all good. Paul is all: my gawd, man.

Victor walks in the room with some of the #8Pack all comfy like, and starts talking dumb like wanting to put up Corey's team members, like Tiffany. Dig your grave even deeper, Victor. Do it.

Time for the third nominee. Corey announces the reveal and the picture that comes up on the screen is: Tiffany. What a bonehead. Paul rolls his eyes and sighs loudly. Haha. Tiffany says she has to watch her back, but she looks pretty unconcerned. Victor, you in trouble, guy.


See you on Wednesday for the POV comp!