Big Brother S18:E7 The Toezarks POV Recap


With the vets having clear control of the house, the newbies are scrambling to appease them while they await their turn at the helm. Who will win the Power of Veto? A vet again? Or will a newbie be able to take themselves off the block? It clearly doesn't matter; for now the vets are in charge on Big Brother.

Paulie's plan of back-dooring Victor was put on hold when Victor won the Roadkill comp, but #8Pack are still working him like a well-played piano. There's still a chance he could go up as a replacement when the third nominee is named and boy is just asking for it. He and his BFF Jozea have a lot in common.

Tiffany is baffled as to why she was put up on the block and doesn't know who to trust. Natalie tells Victor how smart he is for putting her up and he thinks he's got enough votes to get her out, the poor deluded soul.

Oh my bob. Tiffany is pulling a Vanessa and weeping in bed with a stupid hat on. At least it's not one of her sister's nasty beanies. There's that. Michelle and Da' come in to soothe her and Da' tells her not to worry, she has numbers in her favor.


Tiffany goes up to talk to Paulie and asks him why Victor picked her. He tells her he doesn't know, but she's good. Vic is the one leaving and if not him, one of the others. Paulie is all, what in the world is she whining at me and her own team for? We didn't put her up! Da' is also fully annoyed seeing Tiff cry and whine about being put up and she cannot deal with her Vanessa act at all.

Bronte knows that her and Paul can still be put up, so she knows to stay on the down-low and hope others start some crap, which is smart. Frank also smartly says that they have to make sure that Tiffany doesn't start any drama with her paranoia. He also says she needs to stay on the block as well and tells her to throw the POV so they can backdoor Vic.

Da' tells Frank that worse case scenario if Vic wins the POV, Vanessa is the worst of the #8Pack. They can't hardly work with her and they might be better off just voting her ass out. She's annoying, rude, whiny, she starts shit. Frank agrees, he's already had words with her when she accused him of yelling all the time, but he says he is just a loud person.

Paulie Diaries that Vic told him that Paul told him not to trust Paulie. Got that? Now Paul is stuck and he has to dig himself out of a mess. Paul is done with Vic now, he can't keep messing with the hot mess. Paulie believes him, so he's alright for now.

Veto player picking time! Paulie picks Da's chip first. He then lucks out again and draws Paul's. After a huge dramatic pause Paul picks Zakiyah. Hahahaha. Victor is stunned. Paul tells him he picked her because he can beat all the girls. Paul then humors him when Vic tries to explain why he should've picked him. He is so dumb. Good thing he has a pretty face. Whew.


Time for the Veto Competition! The yard has great big cement toes in water with stinking fungus. They have to dive under a bridge and dig in the toe fungus for letters. Then, they have to correctly spell a word. The longest word spelled correctly wins. I always love the one person that spells a four-letter word. Derp.


There's lots of squishy goo noises as they search through the toe's purple ick. Then, all of the sudden white goo is squirted right in Da's face and she can't see a thing. Haha. Da'vonne is the first one to lock in her answer. There's one minute left and it looks like everyone else is still searching.


Paul spelled slouched. Not too shabby, but not a winner I'm sure. Tiffany spelled twinkling for 10 letters, pulling ahead. Da' spelled redemption: 9 letters. She's pissed because Tiff had counted her letters specifically to beat her word. Zakiyah spelled duration, nope. Bronte spelled powerful, which is 10 letters, but she clocked in first, so she's ahead now. Paulie can take it if he spelled a 10 letter word and boy oh boy did he! His word is sustainability. Paulie has won the Golden Power of Veto.

Victor stays in delusionville thinking he's still safe and that Tiffany will go home. Da' is still super pissed about Tiffany counting her words and she tells Paulie and Frank about it. They say she counted all of theirs as well, but Da' says no, it was specifically just her. She shady, they decide.

Paulie is impressed with Paul being loyal to him during the POV comp so he's going to use it on him to get him off the block. Paul is now playing this game well. Finally.


Paulie tells his crew and they agree and they'll put up Vic. "Backyard Willie!" Frank hollers right as Victor walks in. They all freeze and make funny faces. Haha. But Vic is utterly clueless.

Nicole asks the other girls in her group what she thinks of Tiffany, and Da' tells her she's fishy. The other girls agree and want to become the final four, not five. They don't want to deal with Vanessa 2.0 and Da' wants to get rid of her right now while they can.

Delusional: party for one, tells Paul it's fine and he'll be safe. Paul tries to tell him nobody is safe, but Vic is beyond confident that he's so safe it's crazy. Vic thinks Paulie won't take anyone off the block because he'll get BLOOD ON HIS HANDS. Paul keeps giving hint after hint and Vic is in Lala land. Paul just sighs loudly in frustration.

Veto meeting is in session. Paulie gives all three nominees a chance as to why they should be taken off and Tiffany says she's trusts and respects his decision. Bronte says she just hopes he uses it on her even though they haven't been in the house very long. Paul says it's the beginning of a beautiful relationship, please use.

Paulie uses the POV on Paul of course and Paul acts like it's a HUGE shock and relief. Paul then nominates Victor as his replacement. Da' just smiles angelically, which is hilarious. I have changed my mind; I just love her.

Vic Diaries that he can pull through and Paulie better watch out. Excuse me. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Okay, I'm back. Paul is sadz that Vic is up, but glad he's not. Da' is just glad that Tiffany is still up and is making her own plans to get her whiny, mopey, hat-wearing ass out.


See you on the next BB!