Big Brother S18:E8 Live Eviction Recap


It's that time again. It's the live eviction on Big Brother! Will it be Bronte, Victor, or the now vilified in the house, Tiffany? Let's find out!

Julie welcomes us to Big Brother, and we get our usual big fat review of what's been happening. Team #8Pack has been running the house, and #Califury (Paulie) has the HOH. They want Victor gone, but he won the Roadkill comp. He put Tiffany on the block and she started annoying everybody with her Vanessa boohooing and wining and also general crazy. Now the 8Pack are starting to want her gone out of the house. Have they changed their minds about Victor? Eh, I doubt it. I think this is all BB playing up the drama, but we'll see. Ya just never know about this game.


Julie talks about Paulie, and in the background we can see the screen of the three nominees live. Bronte keeps yawning over and over - obviously she's super worried about going home.

Back to what's happened this week: Paul says he feels bad about what's happening with Victor, but gotta look out for number one. Victor tries to talk James into getting Tiffany out since they're on the same #TeamUnicorn. James just nods, like, sure buddy, but you know he's just playing along.

Tiff tells Bridgette and Bronte she'd maybe like to get a girl thing going. They look at each other like, errrr. They talk about how the boys dominate, and then Tiffany talks crap about Frank. She then asks Bridgette not to tell him she said that. Frank walks in and Bridgette immediately tells Frank what Tiff said. Frank tells her she's just hanging with the girls because she wants Frank gone, and Bridge is just like his little sis, so trust him, yo.

Tiff tells Natalie, et al, that she is so close to all you girls, she would never put them up. Right then, James walks in and they clam up. He goes up and tells his guys that they are planning shit, and they say that Tiff is just like her sister and they best watch out. "She's a ticking time bomb. You know what happens to ticking time bombs? Boom Boom."

Frank tells Nicole and Corey that he should tell Paulie about the 8Pack. They are not happy at all, but have to go along so they won't have to go around and around with him. So he tells Paulie and he's completely all, whatever, dude.


But boy, does it piss Da' the F off that he told him. Now she wants Frank out. These people are running hot and cold. But Da' has a point: she says Frank wanted to cover his own ass, he was unconcerned about them.

Frank then tells Zakiyah, and she starts biting her fingernails; it apparently makes her that nervous. She wants to know what to say if he asks her about it. Just go with it, he says. Paulie tells her he trusts her, Corey, Nicole and Da' and he's "down to ride with a group."

Zakiyah tells Nicole and Da' about this new five-group, and Zakiyah Diaries that she doesn't want to be the third wheel because those two girls trust those two guys just because they're cute. Haha She then tells James and she cries about everything flipping upset down and she has to take control.

It's Live voting and eviction time! First, let's hear from the nominees: Bronte thanks her parents and her fellow house guests and wants to stay. Victor uses an accent to say he loves the gym and the tan and the laundry and how special it was, and then asks everyone to follow him on Instagram. Tiffany says it's been a blast and she tries to sway the ladies with her hair products.

Natalie goes first and after saying HAI JULIEEEE! votes out Victor. Paul - Bronte. Bridgette giggles and evicts Victor. Zakiyah's bewbs evicts Victor. James - Victor. Da'vonne - Victor. Frank - Victor...and it's offical. Victor is OUT. Michelle votes to evict Victor. Nicole -Victor. This is getting redundant, ya'll. Corey votes " evict Vic."

Julie announces the vote and Victor acts like he knows. He gives hugs all around and doesn't act like a jerk like so many do, so there's that. He doesn't say anything that I know of either. He comes out to talk with Julie and his roomies watch his picture fade to black. They are definitely not broken up about it with huge smiles on their faces and talking and laughing.


Julie asks Vic what happened and he says he always felt like a "sitting duck," but wasn't quite sure what was going to happen. She asks what he thinks of the one vote for Bronte and he says that Paul is his dude. Why didn't he keep any secrets? He agrees that he should have maybe shut his trap some, but it probably have played out the same way anyway. He'd play it a bit different, but he's all good. He still misses his Messiah BFF, Jozea.

Video messages: Natalie gets in a blow right away by starting off nice and then saying she hopes he's learned his lesson about being nicer, especially to the ladies...ohhhh, burn...did they get up to something? (Google survey says: they started a showmance, but it turned sour very soon after he told her that her pants were too long. Okay, then.) Bronte is sweet and tells him she'll miss him. Paulie says he'll miss him and Paul tells him they straight up blew it.


Julie then tells him about the twist. The Battle Back excites him and he's ready to go. She thanks him and up next is the live HOH competition.

This HOH comp is called Kiss My Ace. Each team serves a tennis ball into a slot and the slots have numbers. Whomever has the lowest number is eliminated and whoever has the highest wins, or something. Bronte is eliminated and then Michelle. Next is Nicole who didn't even make it in a slot and also Da'. James is out. Frank is out next and then Corey goes. Zakiyah and Tiffany are done and then it's just Natalie, Bridgett and Paul left. Natalie is out, leaving only Bridgette and Paul.


Bridgette is the new Head of Household! Who'd a thunk it? Her whole team is safe too, which is Frank, Bronte, Michelle and Paulie: #Category4. Julie says goodnight, and on Sunday, Bridgette will nominate two new house guests for elimination. See ya then!