Big Brother S18:E9 Roadkill Recap


It's new nominees and Roadkill competition time on Big Brother! Bridgette is the new HOH, but is Frank really the one running the show?

After BB fills us in on what has happened: Victor was evicted from the house, Frank and Tiffany are on everybody's last nerve, Bridgette is new HOH, etc. It's time for the new episode!

Bridgette celebrates her victory, but she's nervous because she wants to be everyone's buddy. Paul is the cheese that stands alone, but his strategy is to lie low. Frank's plan is to steer Bridge to put up Tiff, and Da' is disappointed that Frank is safe and knows that he's right in Bridge's ear.

Zakiyah cries to Da' that she doesn't know what in the world to do because she doesn't know what Bridgette's game is. Da' tells her to be patient. Natalie and Bronte are giggly-happy that Bridge won while James lies there watching them. They ask him if he has any advice and he tells her not to let anyone pressure her *ahem, Frank, ahem*.


Da' asks Frank what Bridge is going to do and he tells her it's cool; he'll have her do Tiffany, Bronte and Paul, but they know she won't put up Bronte. Tiffany tries to scheme with Corey, but Corey just keeps say, "I mean" over and over. I mean...he's no help at all.

Bridge tells Frank she wants either Nicole and Corey or Tiff and Corey. Frank tells her Nicole wouldn't ever target her, but she's not so sure about that. Frank encourages the Tiffany and Paul thing. Bridgette Diaries that she wants to put up Corey and Nicole who may be a power couple and girlfriend is absolutely correct. But then she questions herself and thinks maybe Frank is right for her to put up annoying Tiffany. Gurrrrlllll, you need to play your own game. #ThinkForYourself


Nicole giggles over James ribbing her over Corey and she is GAWN over that man. We see montages of them flirting and her fawning over him. She says she wants to keep it professional, but she is so into him, it's funny.


Frank gets the super-charming funny guy edit, but then we finally see his mean, sexist, downright abusive side. He calls the ladies names like slut, hussy, and slaps them on their butts, their arms. He is not a nice person. He should be sent home for this shit. Unacceptable. I cannot believe the producers let him get away with that. Grrrrrrrr.

Bridgette gets her HOH room and everybody comes up to see it. Da' sees right away that Frank is pretty much co-HOH. When she walks out he says, "Shut your damn mouth, woman" and she says, "Shut your damn mouth." She goes to her room and starts crying, saying he's called her a slut and she just can't stand him. She says she can't even believe it, she was one of his biggest fans.

THEN, we see the guys listening in later and we here Da' scream, "Stop hitting me on my ass, Frank!" They hug her when she walks in crying and then Frank walks in like, Whaaa? I'm sorry, Da'... and she walks out and goes to the Diary Room to talk about it. She says that she doesn't want her daughter seeing this and think it's okay to see women slapped on their butts and called sluts and names. You tell it, Da'vonne. They should have shut this down long before now. She promises she will get his ass; there's always next week.

James asks Frank what happened the night before and he says he just popped Da's butt; it's something he does to his ma, his grandma, everyone he really likes. Ummmm. He's a nice guy, dontchaknow? 

He goes to Da' and he apologizes and tells her he only meant it as a way to show her he's close to her. She plays along because she knows he's pretty much HOH. She says she's still coming after him next week. I hope she does. Weirdo. I appreciate the fact he apologized, but I really wish everybody in the house would sit his ass down and tell him nicely how his behavior is unacceptable and why, because he really doesn't seem to have a clue of what a misogynist ahole he is.

Bridgette announces the Nomination ceremony. She turns the first key and the face that appears is: Paul. God Dammit, she did exactly what Frank wanted. Yep, Second is Tiffany. THINK FOR YOURSELF! UGH. Da's face says it all. Major side-eye and WTF face.

Bronte tells Bridge that Tiffany knows that Frank led that nomination and that shit is going down with Frank, so she better be careful. Bronte tells her that it might be okay because if there's backlash, Frank will be sent home, so she's cool.

And, shampoo, rinse and repeat. Tiffany is in bed pouting about being put up. At least she's not crying. Yet. She's hopeful to win the Roadkill comp though.

Apparently there *may* be a thing between James and Natalie. They flirt a lot and they have a lot of GT according to James (Girl Talk). Natalie tells us that in the real world she would date James. But, she's going to wait and see so that they don't hurt each other. Now this is a relation I could ship!


Time for Roadkill comp! There are different steering wheel horns and they have to push the horns in the correct sound sequence. Whomever gets the sequence right in the fastest time wins. We see them all fly through it, but James seems to have a super hard time with it. Natalie as well. Perfect pair, these two. Zakiyah also looks to have it rough. It's hard to tell with the edit.


So, they all are directed towards their tackle boxes and the person that finds winner is...Oh my Bob...Frank. UGH.


They walk into the house and Frank pretends he didn't get it. Da', Tiff and Zakiyah lie around talking about how they know he got it; it's so obvious. Frank tells Nicole and Corey so far. Frank then goes and tells James, Zakiyah and Michelle. He promises he isn't going to tell Bridgette. They don't trust him as far as they can throw him.

It's now Roadkill nominee time. Bridgette announces this and the music and screen pops up which makes the house guests jump and startle. LOL Bronte's face comes up and she just smiles. Several people look shocked and Tiffany tells her she's good. Bridgette, you should have know, girl. You should have know. But she has no clue that Frank named Bronte and she's pissed at whoever did. Frank, you in trouble, because Da' is coming after you!