Dancing With the Stars S22:E1


It's Season 22 on Dancing With the Stars! Come join me while we look back at the stars, the fashion, the drama, (oh yes, there will be drama, maybe not just yet, but just wait) romance, (same) and oh yes, dancing. Also, Len's back! Let's go!

Our lovely Tootie skates up to be first of the night with her partner, Sasha. They have great chemistry, (he motor-boated her during rehearsal, she's certainly got the set for it!) and they perform a decent Samba for her first time out. It's a wee bit wobbly, but nice start. Carrie Anne-7 Len-6 Bruno-7 Kim Shrieks with joy and Tom deadpans, "I'll have what she's having." Never change, Tom.


Next up is Paige Vanzant, a UFC fighter. She's an adorable spitfire that wants to lead Mark Ballas around. They perform a pretty good Foxtrot, but she's stiff, she needs to learn to relax and be more flow-y. I think she may be in athlete-mode still. She tears up afterwards and says she does after all her fights as well, it's like she's spent. Carrie Anne-7  Len-7  Bruno-7


Doug Flutie and Karina Smirnoff dance a foxtrot next and oh boy. He is enthusiastic as all heck, but jerky and can't stay in rhythm. He's like an over-excited puppy. Karina may not be here that long this time, there's just too many football players this season to compete with. Carrie Anne-5 Len-5 Bruno-5


Jodie Sweetin of Full House has Keo as her partner, and they are delightful if not a touch vanilla together. They dance the tango well except for Jodie's set mouth, which I thought made her look like she had vampire teeth. Carrie Anne also said she needed to work on her expression. Carrie Anne-7 Len-6 Bruno-7


Geraldo Rivera and Edyta dance the chacha. Well, "dance" is something that Edyta did. Poor Geraldo just kind of stood there and pointed while she danced around him. Edyta is finally back from maternity leave and some welcome they gave her, like hi, bai! Geraldo has a great attitude and looks good, but dude can't dance at all. Carrie Anne-5 Len-4 Bruno-4


Remember Marla Maples of the Donald fame? I also remember she was in Sisters, but that's neither here nor there. She's now dancing with her partner, Tony Dovaloni. They performed a marvelous quickstep to 'Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend'. Marla was smooth, sexy, fluid and gorgeous in that dance. Excellent! Finally Tony will stick around for a bit! Carrie Anne-7  Len-7 Bruno-7. I could not stop staring at that confetti in her cleavage!


Wayna' from Boyz II Men, has Lindsay Arnold as his partner and they danced a chacha to Motown Philly. It was very rhythmic, and it popped big time. Terrific. He will be here. He seems an awesome guy, very grateful to be there. He said he's wanted to be on for a long time, and he'll use the time to get in shape. Carrie Anne-9 Len-7 Bruno-8


Ginger Zee, the meteorologist from Good Morning America receives the gift that is Val as her partner, and she has just had a baby. She's even pumping breast milk in the rehearsal room, which Val side-eyes. He'll get used to it sooner than he thinks, that Val! Their dance is super energetic and very well done. Carrie Anne-8 Len-7 Bruno-8


Mischa Barton and Artem dance a super awkward tango. She is just really not in her element here and it shows. When the judges tell her what she did wrong, she looks extremely hurt. You'd think she'd have grown some thick skin by now, but I felt really bad for her anyway. Carrie Anne-5  Len-5 Bruno-6


Nyle Dimarco is a deaf super-model, and Peta is his partner. He can only feel vibration, but that is enough for them to nail this dance. It is pretty amazing. Just wonderful. The whole crowd loves it and we are going to be seeing these two for a very long time for sure. Carrie-Anne-8 Len-7 Bruno-8


Antonio Brown, of the Pittsburg Steelers, dances a sharp energetic quickstep with Sharna. It's very solid and his smile will knock anyone's socks off. He was so into it Erin has to give him a towel after; he's sweating so much. Carrie Anne-8 Grumpy Len-6 Bruno-7


Von Miller and Witney Carson danced an incredible foxtrot, those two are total and complete charmers. Ending the night with a very solid showing of competition and personality. Carrie Anne-8 Grumpy Len-6 Bruno-7


This season looks like a really fun one with lots of potential talent and some fun people to boot! Join me next week to see who goes home and who stays!