Dancing With the Stars S22:E2 Recap


It's Latin week on Dancing With the Stars, so grab your margaritas and join Tom at his taco stand! 

Jodie and Keo start off the show with a samba after Jodie has a mild fit during rehearsal footage feeling frustrated at herself. Keo gives her reassurance, and then she does end up dancing well. She's got a lot of potential for the season. She looks beautiful and she's got rhythm, she just needs to loosen up and throw herself out there. CA-7 Len-7 Bruno-7


Marla and Tony attempt an Argentine tango, which apparently amino acids and collagen powers Marla through it, as we learn she's a bit of a health nut. Tony says she orders weird stuff when they eat out, like tempeh. It's a very decent tango, she's good, but I agree with Bruno that she needed to tighten it up and make it a bit hotter instead of elegant. CA-7 Len-6 Bruno-7


We now get the sight of Geraldo and Edyta doing a satire of Donald Trump and Melania if "The Oval Office suddenly turned into Mexico" Yeah. So, he still can't dance one bit, but he is having fun, which is more than some of the stars that come on the show can say. CA-5 Len-4 Bruno-4


Paige and Mark have a salsa routine, but Mark has slipped a disc during camera blocking, so he is out for the performance until the doctors clear him. Instead, Alan Bersten, a former SYTYCD contestant will fill in for him. This salsa is pretty darn amazing for this early in the show, actually for any time in the show. It's great. There's so much energy and the lifts! Wow. So good. CA-8 Len-8 Bruno-8


Antonio and Sharna are going to perform a rumba, and he does pretty well. He also has some potential. When Erin interviews them after the dance, she asks him if all the practicing of the rumba touching did anything for him, and he says it definitely got the blood flowing. Ahem. CA-6 Len-6 Bruno-7


Kim is up next with Sasha, and they're still as cute as they can be together. She's not so confident this week, so he surprises her with a video chat with her favorite, Gloria Estefan, as they're dancing to the "Conga". It perks her right up and the salsa is good, with some room for improvement. We all know that Tootie will stay for a while though. CA-7 Len-6 Bruno-6


Nyle and Peta are up with a rumba, and it is unbelievably beautiful to my eyes. The judges are hard on them for some unknown reason, and Carrie Ann thinks they need to work on Nyle connecting with the music more even if he is deaf. She also, of course, complains of a lift. Boo. CA-7 GrumpyLen-6 Bruno-7


Mischa just needs to go on home by this point, girlfriend is more miserable by the second. Her and Artem perform an underwhelming cha cha cha and she's just blah blah blah. CA-5 Len-5 Bruno-5


Von Miller and our adorable Witney also have a cha cha cha and it's an improvement, but for once Wit hasn't really killed it with the choreography. It's kind of everywhere and everything at once. The rehearsal package it more interesting; Von agrees to give Wit a $100 bill for every minute he's late, every time he farts and then she adds on for swearing. Now that's a good move right there! CA-7 Len-6 Bruno-7


Wanya' of BIIM, impresses everyone even more this week with a very spirited and extremely well danced salsa. He is in it to win it, y'all! Bonus, he's even lost 15 pounds already. I see him going to the end, he's great. CA-8 Len-8 Bruno-8


Doug decided to turn up his improvement a huge notch this week, and I don't know what he did, but it worked. His and Karina's paso doble was entertaining and well-danced. He looked strong and confident. Nice. CA-7 Len-6 Bruno-7


Ginger and Val took the dance floor last with a samba. Ginger was worried it might be hard to bring out her swag and sexiness seeing as she just had a baby and has been married for a long time. Never fear, she can do it! She did an excellent job bringing her swag to the dance. It wasn't perfect, but she is just so adorable and she'll improve to be one of the top contenders, I bet. CA-7 Len-7 Bruno-7


In the non-shocker of the century, Geraldo Rivera is the first star sent home. Come back next week and see if miserable Mischa will join him!