Dancing With the Stars S22:E3 Recap


It's "Most Memorable Year" on this weeks episode of Dancing With the Stars, so grab your tissues, it's usually a tear-jerker!

Ginger Zee starts off the show with her sweet story about falling in love with her husband. Her and Val dance a pretty, but slightly forgetful contemporary dance. Afterwards, she is handed her new baby on stage and he screams bloody murder. It's great live TV! CA-7 Len-7 Bruno-7


Doug is the first to make us bring out our tissues. His dad died, and then his mom died in the same exact day. This was only this past year too. I can't even imagine the pain. Karina and Doug dance a waltz in his mom and dad's honor, and it's so sweet and so sad. Doug has improved very much each week, he's putting his all in this, he really is. CA-7 GrumpyLen-6 Bruno-7


Kim Fields tells us her most memorable year is that adorable Mrs. Butterworth's commercial we all of a certain age remember. It got her cast in "The Facts of Life" as Tootie. Mrs. Garrett tells us that she had that "piss and vinegar" in her back then. Hehe, love her. She dances a perky foxtrot with Sasha to the theme from TFOL which makes this fangurl SQUEEEEE. Len makes Kim do the same when he compliments the dancing, comparing it to tasty syrup. CA-8 Len-7 Bruno-7


Von Miller's is of course, DUH, this year because, DUH, the Superbowl. He tells Witney that he listens to Phil Collin's "In the Air" before games to get himself all pumped up, so they dance contemporary to it. They look so delicious together out there I hardly noticed the dancing! CA-7 Len-6 Bruno-7


Marla's best year was giving birth to her daughter, Tiffany. She's working super hard so that Tiff will be proud of her. Marla and Tony dance an admirable jive, and I think Marla is doing a really great job, she's working hard and putting herself all in. Tiff is proud of her. CA-7 Len-7 Bruno-7


Antonio tells Sharna that his kids mean everything to him. He grew up not knowing his dad, so he makes sure he always tells his kiddos he loves them. He has his son Antonio Jr. play his mini-me in their dance and it's really cute, he's improving. Carrie Ann gives AJ a 10, and Antonio Sr gets a 7 Len-6 Bruno-7


Paige talks about being bullied right before she started up fighting in the UFC. So when she won her first fight at that time in 2014, it's her most memorable. Her and Marc (YAY, he's back!) dance a paso doble, but it looks like a FIGHT, and it's AWESOME! CA-8 GrumpyLen-7 (Too much messin' about) Bruno-8


Jodie makes all of us grab up our Kleenex when she talks about growing up in Hollywood. When "Full House" ended she floundered, using drugs and alcohol because she didn't know what to do with herself anymore. She grew up on the set and was still so young when it ended. She's been sober for five years now and Bob Saget and Lori Loughlin interviews how proud of her they are. Jodie and Keo dance a lovely, emotional foxtrot. CA-8 GrumpyLen-7 (More messin' about) Bruno-8


Mischa counts every year after 2008 most memorable because she was not in a good place before then. She was all kinds of a hot mess then. Uh huh. It also shows footage from last week after her and Artem's dance where she blames HIM for their bad scores. Artem is very graceful about it. She is not very nice. ANYHOO. They dance a pretty sorry samba to "Party In the USA" and earn triple 6's.


Wanya' counts 1996 as his most memorable; it's the year of the Olympics where Boyz II Men sang the National Anthem. There had been a terrorist attack that Olympics, so it really meant something to him. The OG BIIM just recorded the Anthem a capella for him and Lindsay to dance a waltz to, and he is on fire! It is just BOOM, and BANG. Awesome. Watch out for this guy! CA-8 Len-8 Bruno-8


Our last dance of the night is Nyle and Peta. Nyle tells us that his most memorable year was traveling the world without an interpreter. They dance an extremely gorgeous tango, and the judges finally give him some well-deserved kudos. Carrie Ann blabs on and on about how his "musicality" is all good, trying to make up from what she said last week. Yuck. This guy is just an amazing dancer, deaf, or not. CA-8 Len-8 Bruno-9


And it's time for elimination:

BAI, Marissa! But, we'll miss you Artem!