Dancing With The Stars S22:E5 Switch-Up Night Recap



It's Switch-Up Week on DWTS, but the thing I'm excited about is the fact that Maksim is the guest star! Oh yeah, double that Chmerkovskiy brother hawtness again! Let's see how everyone did with their new partners.

Wanya' discovers his new partner is Witney, and he is delighted. Who wouldn't be? They have a tango, and while he hits it very hard and tight, it's not wonderful. Len and Maks agree, calling out the choreography and Wanya's lower body. Witney gives super great evil eye! CA-8 Len-7 Maks-7 Bruno-8


Kim seems happy to receive Keo as her partner, but then has a small teary breakdown later, saying she misses her Sasha. They decide to hopefully use her angst and yearning in their Viennese waltz. It's a very lovely and elegant waltz, and I'd just like to point out how AMAZING Miss Tootie is looking as of late. She is slim, glowing and just beautiful! This show is working some sort of youth/beauty potion on that lady. Maks says it wasn't a waltz and that there was no hold in it. Sixes. Puleeze. Sixes have been given to horrible, horrible dances before. You're on notice, MAKS. CA-8 GrumpyLen-6 GrumpyMaks-6 Bruno-8


Doug gets Peta and Peta tells us that he doesn't have a good memory; he literally forgets something she's told him five minutes beforehand. They perform a tango, and as they dance you can see Peta's mouth moving the whole time, telling Doug every single step to take next. They all do it to an extent, but I'm not sure I've ever seen a dancer talk the whole time before during the dance. The tango is sufficient, he doesn't do half-bad. And it's a solid 7 across the board.


Ginger and Mark have a salsa to dance to, and her husband was there at rehearsal to make sure everything was on the up and up. He was cool with Mark though, likening him to a glass of Merlot, but Val? Not so much, he's more like a Dirty Martini. Their salsa is fast, sexy and the best of the night so far. Very good! I'm actually surprised it didn't score higher, as the judges liked it a lot too. They are being stingy this week! Solid 8s across the board.


Antonio gets Karina as a partner and he's over an hour late. He says he has kids, a family, football, soooo. Uh, doesn't just about everybody have a job and family, dude? They dance a super flashy chacha, and while he does a fantastic flip onto the stage and they have some sexy moves, the judges are not impressed. It's a tough crowd tonight, y'all. CA-7 Len-6 Maks-6 Bruno-7


Paige tells her new partner, Sasha, that she has issues with trust, and he hopes she can trust him to let go in their rumba. I do believe she must have, because it is just lovely to watch. It was sweet and beautiful, and wow, her extensions were just gorgeous. Maks said she could win this whole thing she's so good, BUT there was only one step of the rumba in this dance. The judges mostly agree. Give me a break with the seven, Maks, I only have so much patience, even with your hawtness! CA-8 Len-8 GrumpyMaks-7 Bruno-8


Von gets Lindsay and she's not sure if he won the Superbowl or not. Good thing she asks someone else first! They dance a really fun Country jive, and it's different and lively and yeehaw! Maks the Debbie-Downer tells him he's capable of more and needs to dig deeper. CA-8 Len-7 DD-7 Bruno-7


Nyle and Sharna hit the penultimate spot (I love that word) and Tyra Banks surprises him during rehearsals. She watches and makes the moment oh-so-hers by crying over the former ANTM winner. Their Viennese waltz is so gorgeous, it is just MAGIC. It's everything that you want a ballroom dance to be, and more. Peta can't stand it (in a good way) and she cries and cries for her partner. I have to admit that I teared up watching it as well. That is always how I know a dance is incredible; when it moves me. CA-9 FROM LEN A TEN DD-9 Bruno-9 And what's weird is Debbie-Downer and Bruno also put up the 10 paddles along with Len, but Tom tells us after that they already wrote down a 9 and that's what sticks. BOOOOOO


Jodie and Val get the sweet-spot this week, and end it with an intense and "laser-focused" paso doble. I've been thinking for these past 5 weeks that Jodie has so much potential, and you know what? Val has pulled it out of our gal! Keo best be brangin' it next week, because whatever Val did, she needs badly. She absolutely nailed this dance. Fierce. CA-9 GrumpyLen-8 MaksIsFinallyBack-9 Bruno-9


There were no eliminations this week, so see you next week for Iconic Dances Night!