Dancing With the Stars S22:E6 Famous Dances Night Recap


It's week six on DWTS, and we have Famous Dances night! This is a super fun night with iconic dances abounding. Fabulous costumes, fabulous movies and songs. Let's check it out!

Kim and Sasha happily reunite, but he soon discovers her more than normal swollen ankles. He makes her get checked out by a doctor who tells her she can't rehearse anymore. She's had two babies, puleeze! She doesn't need any rest. She begs Sasha to not ease up on the routine; she's got this. They dance a jive to "You Can't Stop the Beat," from "Hairspray". As usual, she's so much fun to watch, if not somewhat lacking a bit. Well, I'll be! Len likes it, but Carrie Ann doesn't, so the guys call her Max. Ha! Tom says they must have all hit the wet bar and it's straight 8s from the judges anyway. Phew.


Von and Witney are very excited to receive "Bad," by Michael Jackson as their iconic dance. For once, Von seems to put a little extra in, and he does a good job. It's a people pleaser for sure. Boy, he's got some chiclet teeth in his mouth! How come I've never noticed that until now? Glaringly white, phew! Len likes it, what?! Just where did GrumpyLen go? Ah, it's his birfday, maybe he took a tipple! Another straight 8 across the board.


Jodie and Keo find out that they have Pink's "Try" and poor Jodie is getting injured left and right from all of the acrobatic moves to the point of having to be carted off in an ambulance. What would episode six be like without the dreaded x-rays and ambulances, amIright? I liked this contemporary dance very much, it's very grunty and angsty, and it pulled me in, but, I felt Jodie could have done even more. She danced so well with Val, I feel like she could have done more than fling herself about. CA-9 Len-8 Bruno-8


Paige is another one happy to be back with her partner, Mark. Mark is pissed though, because their original song has been snatched back, not being cleared, so they're two days behind. They now have a jazz dance to "Austin Powers" opening theme song. No worries, Mark, you for real cannot tell who's the pro and who's the celeb here. Paige's lines, her precision, her moves, gawt damn. It's perfection. That, my friends was a thing to behold, and behold again, actually. *'Scuse me while I rewind and re-watch* Girlfriend had to have taken dance classes at some point as a kid or something, wow! CA-9 WTF, woman! FROM LEN-A-TEN!!! Bruno-9 WTF are those two smoking?


Nyle and Peta are up next with a quickstep from the movie "The Mask". Nyle says bluntly that he's not worried about anything, he knows he's a front-runner. He says his only competition is Val. Well, well, well, sir. Peta feels pressure though, because of how well Sharna and Nyle did last week during the Switch-Up. Nyle is always a revelation, (thanks, J, holler!) and this was well performed, charming and frenetic in a good way, but, Nyle was a touch behind the whole time. CA-8 Len-8 Bruno-9



Ginger is back with Val and she has to chuck her perky cuteness and channel her inner bad girl, because they've received Janet Jackson's "Nasty". *Aside - I always forget that Ginger is not a ginger until I see her again - end of aside* Ginger is just as precise and en pointe as she can be when it comes to Miss Jackson's iconic video and her moves. It's just that she can't seem to put the "Nasty" into her game. Also, why does she look more like slutty Sandy from "Grease" than Janet? Miss Z, you just ain't nasty. Solid 8s across the board.


Doug is still acting super pissy whenever he makes mistakes, and Karina is still zen-lady, telling him to calm down, it's not the end of the world. They dance Bollywood to "Slumdog Millionaire" and while Bollywood is so much more intricate than what they are even close to doing, for Doug, he really put his all into this and he does very well. 7s across the board.


Wanya' is upset about his low score with Witney from Switch-Up week. He hopes to make up for it with his Lindsay with N'Sync's iconic 2000 VMA performance of "Bye Bye Bye". He knows that Nyle is the front-runner and, "I like him, but he's got to lose." It's an awesome jazz performance, I love how Lindsay puts him front and center, giving him the attention. A lot of the times the female pro will put the attention on herself to distract from the celeb's flaws. He was wonderful, not a lot of flaws to see there, and the judges agree! CA-10 Len-9 Bruno-10


Sharna and Antonio get the pimp spot this week! He tells her he's upset that she said Wanya' is going to win in interview last week, and that he wishes she would have faith in them. She apologizes and he tells her she shouldn't have said it even if she felt it and, very good point, sir. They are dancing the iconic prom dance from "Footloose" in jive style and he really brings it this time. I may have loved this no matter what since Footloose has a place in my heart forever more, but he reminded me of Willard, Wren's friend that couldn't dance, that he taught in time for the prom, and he ended up making some sweet moves. And it's a solid 9-9-9!


And in a not surprising elimination, Doug Flutie goes home in week six. There is a double elimination next week, so buckle up, grab an extra strong drink or four, and join me for week 7!