Dancing With the Stars S22:E8 The Audience Recap


We are heading towards the finish line on Dancing with the Stars. There are only two more weeks left after tonight's two hours of ballroom antics. The six remaining couples will have their solo dance, and then they will pair up with another couple and each judge will choreograph one of the three teams. America will then have a chance to score the dance along with the judges. Let's go!

Nyle wants to include a stretch of silence into his and Peta's paso doble so that the viewers can experience what he always has to experience while dancing. The silence is in the middle of the song for a brief moment, and it is absolutely very effective and adds to the piece wonderfully. Nyle's dancing is not as technically up to par as it has been though, so I believe that CA-10 and Bruno-10 is for the emotional aspect. Len-9 is rightly given for once.


Antonio says he definitely has to do better than receiving all 8s to stay in this game and he arrives to all the rehearsals earlier than Sharna, even. If you remember earlier this season, dude was always late and seemed to not give two mirror balls about any of this dancing nonsense. Now though, he means business. They dance a "Vietnesse" waltz, ahem, Antonio, and all of his early practice, hard work and stronger connection to Sharna has paid off. CA-9 Len-9 Bruno-9


Jodie is bummed because the internet has been all abuzz about her beloved partner Keo, saying that he is holding her back. *coughLoveyouKeoButit'sKindatruecough* and she's not having it! Well, this week Keo and Jodie have BRUNG it. Their jive is a thing of awesomesauce-ome. That's the way to show them holding back. It's full of energy, wonderfully choreographed and full of life. The judges agree: It's a win with all TENS! Tom Bergeron, to an ecstatic Jodie:  "I just like seeing happy."


Paige tells Mark to not play it safe with her and he says he never plays it safe. She says she's now very comfortable with him and she feels very safe and happy; she trusts him. They dance a Viennese waltz that looks like it's set in a weird other-world to "Frozen" and as always, she kills it. CA-10 GrumpyLen makes a comeback-9 Bruno-10


Ginger really wants to pull off hottie and sexy this time with an Argentine tango. Remember how her dancing was so good with "Nasty," but her nasty was so, err, squeaky clean? Never fear, Miss Zee is now Miss SEXYTHANG. Everything about that tango is HOT HOT HOT. Hot everything. Hot. Do you get me? Hot, I say! Hot bod, hot woman, hot dance, hot Val. Hot. It's another win with all TENS!


Wanya is excited that he has lost 22 pounds since he started dancing on the show and he says his old nickname was "Chunky Monkey." Lindsay is going so hard teaching him that she bit ALL THE WAY THROUGH HER LOWER LIP, but she doesn't quit, she keeps right on dancing. Unfortunately their dance is kind of a mess. He trips and never recovers, but they're a great team and he's a great performer. He'll be all right. CA-8 Len-8 Bruno-9


All right, time for the team-ups!

Bruno is choreographing Jodie and Nyle and their respective partners. He is incorporating same-sex dancing, which will be a first on this show, and he's going with some "intricate" and "crazy" moves. This Argentine tango is...DEAR BOB, THAT WAS HOT! Another hot Argentine tango. Can we just have a Argentine Tango week on this show? CA and Len give it a 10, while the viewers give it a 9? What the entire FCUK??? *MajorSideEyeAmerica*


Team Len has Ginger and Wanya and they will be doing a Samba. They say that he is not grumpy at all, he's actually a fun guy, and he's also going to have a cameo in the dance. This is not good, oh boy. It's set to a tropical island theme and Len comes out shaking it with a grass skirt on and it's just, oh boy. Of course the judges give it 10s. America a 9. Oy. More like solid 8s.


Moving on.Team Carrie Ann has Paige and Antonio and they will dance a paso doble. This is a very good dance and while Antonio is improving so much and he looks divine, he stood out a bit as the lesser dancer because Paige is really that good. As I've said before, you can't tell who's the pro when she dances. It's the same old song and dance (heh) with the judges 10s and America refusing to give it, so 9.


Jodie and Antonio are this week's stars in jeopardy, and while it's terrible, Jodie is the one going home. But it will be okay! Jodie will start filming "Fuller House" the next morning and she's going out on cloud nine with her three 10s wonderful dance tonight! See you next week for the semi-finals!


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