Dancing With the Stars S22:E10 Finale Part 1 Recap


We have made it to the finale of Dancing With The Stars, you guys! Tonight we watch the final performances of Ginger and Val, Paige and Mark, and Nyle and Peta. Tomorrow we will find out who takes home the coveted mirror ball trophy, so let's get to it!

There's trouble in paradise straight away when Ginger starts having terrible back spasms, which impacts her contemporary piece that they want to perform in the redemption routine. The redemption routine for those uninitiated, is a dance that the judges maligned earlier in the season that they believe they have improved so much they can show it off in the finals for an awesome score. Their dance is pretty much like Ginger herself: Lovely, nice, pretty, a little vanilla. CA-9 Len-10 Bruno-9


Nyle and Peta choose the quickstep to make up for their mistake in covering up Nyle's beautiful face in that awful "Mask" makeup from before. It's a country western theme and it's a fun routine, but doesn't quite get the job done. The judges say he's a bit behind and out of sync. All 9s.


Paige and Mark pick the salsa for their redemption dance, and methinks Mark picked this because he wants to make sure he nails this sucker but good as he missed her first salsa, which was hot hot hot with Alan. Now, let's just say Mark and Paige definitely nailed this salsa. WOOOOOO! Superb, is all I can say. It's danced to Pitbull's "Fireball," enough said. Len says she didn't have enough hip action and everybody side-eyes him. CA-10 GrumpyLen-9 Bruno-10


And we're are onto the freestyle dances. Ginger is up first and her and Val will perform first. Val wants them to be all about the chemistry and he might get more if he let down his man-bun. Now, this is a perfect dance for Ginger. It's like an old school Hollywood film, and she plays the part perfectly. She plays it much better than she can the sex-pot. Very nice, wonderful expressions and smooth lines. ALL 10's!


Nyle is up next and they dance their freestyle to "Sound of Silence." It is a visual treat to watch. It's strong, it's moving and it's interesting. It's everything a freestyle should be. It's given me chills when it ends. Carrie Ann says it's the best dance in all the 22 seasons of the show and again, everyone side-eyes her, because, really? It was pretty cool, but all the 22 seasons? No, Carrie Ann, stop being a drama queen. ALL 10s!


And we have our last dance, with Paige and Mark. They dance their freestyle and it's of course pretty grand, how could it not be? They dance to a live edition of "Over the Rainbow," and it's supposed to be about Paige overcoming her bullies. What can we say, she's a shoo-in. ALL 10s.


So, who do you think took the ball? I think Paige did, but Nyle may have edged her out. I think we all know that Ginger came in third, and she deserves it, she did great! See you next time with the results!