Dancing With the Stars S22:E9 Semi-Finals Recap


Welcome to the semi-finals of DWTS. Only one week left, so there will be another double elimination tonight. Who will it be? Let's go find out!

Paige and Mark start the night off with the trio dances. They pick Alan, who did an awesome job standing in for Mark earlier this season when he got hurt. Also, they are totally hooking up and no one will let them forget it. They won't deny or confirm, just giggle and sweat. Dressed as peacocks fighting over Paige in the middle, their samba is hot, quick, crisp, everything we expect from her. Erin bombards Alan about Paige when they go up to get their scores, tell us about your situation with Paige, we demand to know! "This peacock cannot stop shaking!" TENS abound!


Antonio and Sharna are up next and she has picked Hayley Erbert for their Argentine tango. She's picked her because, "she's fierce," and she wonders if Antonio can handle it. I didn't much care for Antonio when this season started, but his growth as a dancer and as a person has impressed me and I enjoy watching him. This tango is very nice, if not a bit stiff compared to the other near-perfect tangos danced last week. Very good choreography. Nines across.


Wanya wins the perfect California beach blonde award this week when Lindsay picks Witney for their third. But before this happens, they are both upset about the hanky mishap from last week and have a bit of a cry. They decide to shake it off and they perform an intense, dramatic and very powerful paso doble. As our lovely JSierra pointed out; the music, the lights, the setting, everything seemed to add to the theatricality of this dance and it was a major success, earning all TENS across the panel.


Jenna Johnson joins Nyle and Peta, and she sends away his interpreter because she knows sign language. They bond immediately and while Peta is in the stages of learning sign, she is a bit taken aback at how fast they've bonded and leave her a bit in the dust. Their jive is simply adorable. So cute and so much fun, but unfortunately Nyle was out of sync with the ladies quite a bit, and he loses a point, earning 9s from them all.


Val doesn't mess around, so he brings Artem on board for himself and Ginger. He knows that they have to get all tens to stick around, and something about they're honey (Artem) mustard (Val) and chicken nuggets (Ginger). Okay. So, moving along. Ginger worked that skirt like it was her job, baby. Wooooo, hot stuff, that paso right there - Val + Artem + Ginger finally learning how to give good face = TENS


Well, our suspicions are finally confirmed. Not only was Paige a very successful dancer growing up, her mother was a dance teacher. Paige only gave it up when she went into ninth grade where she was accepted into the Varsity cheer leading squad, which lead to her being bullied by some upperclassman girls. Her family then moved to Reno, NV (Holla!) where she showed an interest in UFC fighting, thus began her career. Mark comes up with a concept for the Argentine Tango where they each slowly but surely strip off pieces of their clothes and the effect is sexy as hell. I'm telling you: DWTS: Argentine Tango Night. DO IT. Len thought is was good, but is a stuffy Brit and didn't like the sex bits. CA-10 GrumpyLen-9 Bruno-10


Antonio grew up in a drug-infested neighborhood and his dad regrets walking out on him and his family. Antonio knew that he was going to take care of his kids and be there for them, unlike his father. He goes out onto that dance floor with Lindsay and absolutely tears it up with a contemporary routine. I mean this is his best dance he has ever done, just beautiful. I am so proud of him here. Everyone is. Great routine. CA-9 Len-9 Bruno-10


Wanya also grew up in a bad neighborhood, the projects in South Philly. He knew from an early age that he would one day be somebody and make it. He met his band mates while he was in high school, and Motown heard them play, and then as he says, the rest is history. His family says he is the most selfless person ever and he works so hard for them, not himself. He and Lindsay perform an absolute -delight to the eyes - the Charleston. It's the Wanya that belongs in the final three if you ask me. (Maybe you didn't, whatever!) All TENS with Bruno calling it a "razzmatazz."


Nyle actually went to University to become a math teacher until, "Tyra stole him away," as his family tells it. Haha. Nyle says that being a model is much different than teaching in the classroom, but he likes it better because he feels like he's reaching so many more people as he uses the forum to teach about being deaf. This week he wants to see if he can dance while not only deaf, but also blind, so he wants to be blindfolded. They dance a tango and about mid-way through Peta does blindfold him and he doesn't miss a step as they continue to tango their hearts out. While the blindfold is brief, it is certainly impressive. I mean. Who can do that? Maks says he can't even do it! All TENS.


Ginger was put into a tail-spin as an adolescent when her parents announced their divorce to her. She didn't know what to do, so the only thing she could control was what went into her body and she developed anorexia from the ages of 10 to 14. Luckily, her family helped her get the treatment she needed and she's managing it. While living in Michigan, she used to watch the frequent lightning storms as a girl, and that's how she came to become a meteorologist. Her and Val perform another delightful quickstep while guest singer Leona Lewis sings live on stage. Carrie Ann makes up something about a catch in Ginger's dress just to dock a point, I guess? You know if Len gives a ten, you're making shit up. CA-9 Len-10 Bruno-10


Alright, to the chopping block we go. Ginger...YOU'RE SAFE. Nyle...YOU'RE SAFE. Paige...YOU'RE SAFE. Which leaves:  Antonio and Wanya. Man. I knew Antonio would go because he hasn't been pulling 10s, but Wanya is a tough one. He deserved final three, but then so do the final three. What do you guys think? Did the right three get through to the finals?