Dancing With The Stars S22:E4 Disney Night Recap



It's Disney Night this week on DWTS, and we also have guest judge, and former Disney channel star Zendaya with us. Let's check it out!

Antonio says he really enjoyed dancing with his boy last week. Sharna hopes he can keep up, because there will be four other male pros in their jazz dance this week. They are up first to dance to "Friend Like Me" from "Aladdin". This dance is so much fun and he is so improved. He's slick and bouncy, just great choreography and good moves. He kept up nicely! CA-9 Len-9 Zen-9 Bruno-9


Next up we have Marla and Tony. Marla is working so hard that she's getting super stressed out, and when she wants to calm down she does random cart-wheels and handstands. Oops, and breaks light bulbs with her feet whilst doing said handstands. She is playing Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" and they dance a nice, but a bit tight, waltz to "Part of Your World". She needs to loosen up and enjoy herself like Zendaya tells her. It's fun, gurl! She gets all 7s from the judges.


Nyle picks "Tarzan's" "Trash In the Can" because when Tarzan first meets Jane they don't understand each other, and it reminds him of him and Peta. We ahhhhh along with her. They then go out and dance the most adorable samba in the world. Just eye candy; it is cute, fun and awesome sauce! Is it the most perfect? No, but it's wonderful anyway. CA-8 Len-8 Zen-9 Bruno-9


Doug gets very frustrated during rehearsals because he's so "passionate," and he actually slams down his cane and breaks it. Karina asks him if it only took him a couple of days to become a football great, and he admits it didn't. She tells him it's only dancing and to calm down. They dance a jazz piece to "A Spoonful of Sugar" from "Mary Poppins" and he has a rough time of it. He gets solid 6s across the judge's board.


Kim tells us that yes, she knows everyone is talking about her and Sasha's hawt chemistry, and yes, they still got it. *Insert clip of Sasha burping in her face* Their Disney movie is "The Jungle Book" and they're dancing to "Wanna Be Like You". This quickstep is charming and entertaining just like all of the dancing they've done. She's got so much energy and you know what I love about her? She is so gosh darn happy to be there, and so full of joy! Everyone should feel that way! Solid 8s across the judge's board!


Jodie and Keo will be dancing to a "Zootopia" song. Her kids come on set sometimes and watch her rehearse, and they are adorable. Keo swears during practice and apologizes when he forgets they're there. Her daughter says she doesn't know what he said, she swears it! The character Gazelle from the movie danced hologram style against Jodie, and while I thought she did well, very peppy, apparently she messed up quite a bit, according to the judges. She told them she couldn't hear the music at all because of the audience's screams. CA-7 GrumpyLen-6 Zen-7 Bruno-7


Witney wonders if it's a coincidence that all three footballers are in the bottom three with a score of 20 each. She wants Von on his best behavior this go 'round. No farting or swearing or anything like...too late, stink bomb dropped. Von makes up for it in their gorgeous Viennese waltz to "Cinderella's," "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes." It is absolutely enchanting, for want of another word, and I think it's mostly because Witney makes the perfect Cindy. Also, her ball gown is LIFE. Solid 8s across the board!


Ginger and Val are up next with "Beauty and the Beast" and "Bonjour". Talk about charming and delightful! These two danced a foxtrot so fetching it made me want to get out my old DVD of this movie and pop it in for a re-watch. It was smooth, clean, spirited, and fun. Loved it. I thought it deserved at least one 10, but alas 9s across the stingy board.


When Nyle got the first 9 last week, it put a fire in Wanya's belly. He's competitive as he can be. He and Lindsay are dancing to "The Lion King" and "The Circle of Life". It's just getting better and better as the night goes on. Their samba is on fire all right! He dances so light and so smoothly, he's just a natural. This is great dancing this season. Shut yo mouth CA-8 Len-9 Zen-9 Bruno-9


And the final spot goes to Paige and Mark. Paige tells us she's happy to be here because everyone has befriended her and she's never had friends outside of the UFC. Huh. They are going to dance a quickstep to "You've Got a Friend In Me" from "Toy Story". This was of course, also amazing; it's the last spot, duh! But seriously, Paige has got to have had some dance lessons in her life; she did a jump so well it looked absolutely like a professional. (Thanks for pointing that out, JSierra! I was floored by how perfect that jump was, but didn't put two and two together!) Nines all across the board, but this one totally deserved a few 10s, there has been lesser danced dances awarded them.


And in a surprising move, America has voted out Marla Maples, instead of one the three bottom footballers. I'm bummed, because she put her all into it, and really wanted to be there. She also did really well and had some potential. I'm not naming names, but she was MUCH better than a footballer still there. Ah well, good job, Marla!


See you next week!