I Can, I Can’t Hurry Love!


Welcome to my 'I Can, I Can't' post where I rant about things I am lovin' on and things I am hatin' on in the celeb world! Got your own rant? Email me at: iambeckymae@gmail.com


Oh my lawdy, yes I CAN!! Willam?? Alan Cumming?? Rachel Dratch?? Shangela?? Margaret CHO?? 'Hurricane Bianca' is surely the 'Tootsie' of our generation and by 'generation' I mean me and TTM, lol. The inimitable Bianca del Rio has released the latest trailer for her debut feature film and it is a whole world of YAAAAASSSSS QWEEN!

 We have been reading about this film for a few years now, Bianca was attached shortly after winning S6 of Drag Race and, honestly, I didn't think it was going to be up to much but I am converted after seeing this.....Oscars for ERRYBODY!! Well done, Miss Bianca, we think you have a mega-hit on your hands, be prepared for your star on Hollywood Boulevard!


This is less an 'I can' post and more like a 'thank the fuck, gurl, about goddamn time' post, J-Lo has kicked her sexually ambiguous fuck boy, Caspar Smart to the curb....The Daily Mail reports:

"Jennifer Lopez and longtime beau Casper Smart have called time on their relationship. The pop star and actress, who's 47, and the backup dancer, 29, have been together since 2011, with a brief separation in 2014. A source confirmed to People Wednesday that the pair 'have split' and that they remain friends."

jlo caspar smart split
PIC: Daily Mail

Damn, he almost stayed long enough do get a gold ring on EVERY finger, he's a wise man, this Caspar, don't keep your $$ in da bank, wear it on yo body so that the IRS can't come for you. Just like the Romany gypsy lady who lives in my street, she is wearing pretty much every bauble she owns from when she fled Europe but no one will ever mug her, the 100 year old chihuahua she keeps in her handbag would tear the face off anyone! Go strong into this cold night Caspar, may the weight of all of that gangsta crap keep you safe till you find the next jump off! Enquiring minds want to know though, will it be a he or a she?? Hmmm....


Much as I lurve all things 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelorette' related I just CAN'T with Jordan fucking Rodgers, he's a douche of the highest degree, we all knew it when he stepped into JoJo's world and we knew it when he got her final rose. Turns out he's a whole world of stupid as well (DUH!) as his Tinder account is still active...In Touch Weekly reports:

"The Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher and her fiancé, Jordan Rodgers, have had their share of drama and unfortunately the allegations against Jordan are only getting worse. In Touch has learned that Jordan’s Tinder account still appears to be active. LA resident Nicole Andersson, 22, says she was matched with Jordan on July 10 — after he was already engaged. Nicole says he would have to “swipe right” on her profile at some point in order for them to be matched. “It’s super shady,” Nicole says. “He shouldn’t be on there if he’s really serious about JoJo.” "

jordan rodgers tinder
PIC: Just Jared

Oh, he is serious about JoJo alright, about as serious and SHE is about him whilst they get all their Kohl's freebies and cashed up photo ops. These two are the worst B-grade reality TV grifters I have ever seen! They deserve each other and you can bet BOTH of them will be guest starring on Bachelor in Paradise next year, Jordan will be the skeevy pool boy and JoJo will be training the macaws to deliver drinks to Chris Harrison whilst he massages Jorge's feet.....TRUST!