I Can, I Can’t get past da HUMP!


Welcome to my 'I Can, I Can't' post where I rant about things I am lovin' on and things I am hatin' on in the celeb world! Got your own rant? Email me at: iambeckymae@gmail.com


Punk legend and all round mensch, Henry Rollins is touring Australia at the moment. He made headlines yesterday with some blistering quotes about my country's inability to get their shiz together when it comes to marriage equality (nope, still don't have it....).

"This marriage inequality flap you're having is below your country; it is below your conversation. You should just ... let two men get married. You'll wake up tomorrow morning, everything will be fine. You keep on going. This is really below the intellectual quotient of the conversation that Australia should be having, now and forever. It really is below you. It makes you look bad."

Darn tootin', Henry! I CAN with those words but I just wish we would get our shiz together real soon. There is a plebiscite being proposed for 2017 which is really a $160 million public vote when parliament could just have their own vote and be done with it, Makes my farking blood BOIL! Thanks, Henry for weighing into this ongoing ridiculousness. I wonder if he is still needing a matchmaker? RuPaul gave him some very sage advice back in 2013 and I know quite a number of single ladies who would toot for his number! Can I get an AMEN?


You what I really CANNOT with? Fucking Burning Man...it's one of so many great, anarchistic, artistic orgy sites that has been overcome with celebrities and people who take their own chem toilets and buy steampunk gear on the Castro to use for FOUR DAYS! This year it's really gone to the dogs, Parasite Hilton was there, so was Matt Bellamy, Cara Delivigne and a host of other drongos. However the BIGGEST drongos by far are two you have probably never heard of...Kyle Sandilands and his VERY young GF, Imogen Anthony. These two are succubuses of the highest order, he is an obese shock jock with a penchant for being a sexual Pygmalion to super young chicks and she is his Pygmalioned super young chick. Here they are pretending to smoke blunts and pleading with the Australian government to legalise IT, basically they come off looking like 15 year olds smoking behind the back of the bike sheds at recess...

PIC: Daily Mail
PIC: Daily Mail

Someone, please put these dickheads out of their misery. Burning Man needs to create a new Burning Man, in fact, I am sure there is some other super cool desert scene going on somewhere that hasn't been wrecked by these facile c*nts. We all know he put the flights, Burning Man tickets, steam punk goggles and the drugs on his black Amex, that is some deeply unhip shit!

PIC: Imogen Anthony Instagram
PIC: Imogen Anthony Instagram