I Can, I Can’t-Presidential Cat Fight Edition


Welcome to my 'I Can, I Can't' post where I rant about things I am lovin' on and things I am hatin' on in the celeb world! Got your own rant? Email me at: iambeckymae@gmail.com


I'm sorry there have been no ICIC posts of late, I am squarely blaming.....LIFE!

Ok, so the world is a flutter after the Presidential Cat Fight/Name Calling Fest yesterday and I agree, it's popcorn worthy but we all know who the REAL star was, right?

Melania Trump's "Pussy Bow" blouse!! (PIC: smh.com.au)

 I am totes sure that she did not INTEND on wearing something called "Pussy's Bow" but, as Jezebel points out, this iconic shirt is, in fact, a bit of a feminist statement as it's a feminine interpretation of a man's bow-tie. Well, colour me LEARNT! Here I am shading Melania for that hideous hot pink colour and the fact that it cost $1100 but, really, she is a feminist in Eastern Bloc housewive's clothing! Thank you, Melania, thank you...


I CAN with the fact that Kim Kardashian is not in our face 24/7. Don't get me wrong now, I would not wish a traumatising experience like she had on ANYONE, but the peace and quiet really is lovely. That is all...


I CAN'T with the fucking amount of time it is taking for Australia to pass marriage equality, it makes me ragey-stabby! Kylie Minogue won't get married till the gays can Down Under, looks like Kyles is gonna be waiting even longer now the plebiscite is dead in the water. What is a plebiscite? I hear you ask...Basically it's a fancy way of getting the Aussie peeps to vote on it but the government doesn't need to put any decision into law. The government won't have a free party vote on it LIKE EVERY OTHER COUNTRY HAS so, looks like we wait longer and won't anyone think of our Kylie's happiness? She has to stand around in one of these hideous t-shirts with her hunky fiancee till we pull our finger out...

I'm not surprised that Josh Sasse is rocking the grey marle, these t-shirts are seriously hideous...looks like they were ordered from VistaPrint! (PIC: New Weekly)