I Can, I Can’t Wednesday

I CAN, I CAN'TWelcome to my 'I Can, I Can't' post where I rant about things I am lovin' on and things I am hatin' on in the celeb world! Got your own rant? Email me at: iambeckymae@gmail.com


Well, well, well....hasn't Ms Amber Heard landed on her feet? I was never much of a fan of hers when she was Mrs Depp but, when the DV shiz hit the fan with Johnny, I was definitely Team Amber. I have the feeling, like many others, that Johnny has gone from being a sweet, sensitive artistic lad to a raging McRage monster over the years and we can blame the booze for that.

I've no idea where the legal crap is at with them but I have a feeling both of them want to keep it on the DL after all the initial dramz and now we can see that Amber has had a SERIOUS upgrade in the beau stakes, stepping out with billionaire, Elon Musk. She sees you, Miranda Kerr, and she is gonna one up your photo filter billionaire with a real life space ship style one!

johnny depp amber heard elon musk
Who would you rather? PIC: NYMag.com

According to The Daily Mail, Amber and Elon were seen with my fave 'supermodel', Cara DeLevigne, exiting super exclusive and kinda porny club, The Box, in Soho last night. Get that billionaire dong, Amber! Elon has never really pinged my '7 ways from Sunday' radar but I read this piece about him in Vanity Fair and he seems like an interesting dude, apart from the South African thing, I just CANNOT with that accent. It's doubtful he's got any substance abuse issues either, dude is gonna send us to Mars so he better have his shiz together, right?


Ahhh Ozzy Osbourne, the shrivelled, overly tattooed Dad-rocker who's family gave birth to reality TV as we know it, he is just the gift that keeps on giving. His ex-mistress is coming out, all guns a-blazin' and I CAN with this info, get yours, Michelle Pugh aka 'Becky with the thursty hair' is suing the family for defamation and slut-shaming and telling all to People, yay!

"Michelle Pugh was thrust into the spotlight earlier this year when her affair with Ozzy Osbourne was revealed, and now the celebrity hair colorist is opening up for the first time about her relationship with the rocker.

"When I say he gave me the greatest love of my life, I mean it," she tells PEOPLE exclusively about Ozzy, whom she claims first pursued her one year after she first colored his hair in late 2011. "He made me feel like the most beautiful and worshipped woman in the world."" from People.com

Geez, it's a sad, sad world when Ozzy Osbourne is the 'greatest love' of your life, you're a side-piece, honey! But I CAN with the fact that she suing the bejeezus outta Shaz and Kelly, there was no need for the amount of vitriolic slut shaming that occurred there. Get dat money, Pugh!


Ok, so I am old...older than the hills but the 90's were my hey-day and I am cringing with all the shiz that is coming back after 20 years. First up, The Choker, it wasn't new in the 90's either but there appears to be yet another irritating rash of them courtesy of the glorious shit-show that is the Bachelor Australia or Bachie Dick, as it's known (because the Bachelor's name is Richard/Richie, geddit? *guffaw*). We are deep into week two and we already have our Bachelor tropes: the Villain, the Cool Girl who loves bacon (my fave!) and someone who thinks they're a mermaid. But the ONE thing uniting these idiots is, yes, you guessed it: The 90's Choker! I give you....dun, dun, dunnnnn, The Villain-Kiera:

bachie dick bachelor au kiera
Keira in recycled dress and 90's choker PIC: The Daily Mail

And here's another contestant, Alex Nation aka The Token Single Mother with a disabled ex-boyfriend, rocking out like she's the bass player of L7....*not*

alex nation richie strachan bachie dick bachelor au

There are soooo many other trends from the 90's we need back, not this crap. My neck is crepey as hell now anyway, so I won't be caught dead. How about Baja hoodies? Or bucket hats? Stussy t-shirts definitely need to be back in my life #coverthatmuffintop. CK One, anybody? Crystal Pepsi? Should I stop? OK, I'll stop...

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  1. I had the best Stussy pork pie hat in 1995. Stussy is back in all the surf shops right now, but no pork pie hats yet goddamn it

    1. We need to bring back the pork pie hat! I had sooooo many fake Stussy shirts from my many Bangkok stopovers in my backpacking days….

    1. I think I had a couple but I have these weird neck wrinkles that I’ve had since I was a baby so it was never the look for me, maybe that’s why I am such a Bitter Betty about them, lol

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