I Can, I Can’t-Emmy’s Edition!


Welcome to my 'I Can, I Can't' post where I rant about things I am lovin' on and things I am hatin' on in the celeb world! Got your own rant? Email me at: iambeckymae@gmail.com


Hopefully, you didn't have to sit through ALL of the shit show that was the Emmy's like all of us at the Ginge's Crew did but, if you did, you would probably agree that the kids from Stranger Things ruled the roost. I adore them so much and, whilst I missed them doing 'Uptown Funk', I caught a video of them made by someone in the nosebleeds of the Emmy's on the YouTube:

Wow, that Millie Bobby Brown has some PIPES! Either that or Mariah Carey was backstage subbing for her, lawd knows it wasn't Beyonce who was a no show because of 'laryngitis'....hmmm.

These kids have been performing forever apparently and had roles in musicals like the Lion King on Broadway. Bring on 'The UpsideDown' musical! It could feature rejects from Little Shop of Horrors as the monster and Corey Feldman could be the MC! No? Oh, okay then....


Ohhh, here we go again....the Hiddlesbum (as TTM has christened him) has been reported by E! Online as getting flirty with Indian goddess, Priyanka Chopra whom he presented with at the Emmy's. Sure, there was chemistry but, seeing as she is a renowned workaholic, I don't see this coming off unless he really wants to get back into the showmance game soon. He was only with Swifty for a glorious, thirsty hot minute so I would totally endorse this. Make it happen, Bollywood! It's all up to you now!

PIC: Bollywood Life


We all cringed at the deeply un-hot Matt le Blanc's comments about seeing Emilia Clark nekkid but I'm giving a BIG I CAN'T to Jimmy Kimmel's lame, Dad-joke infused hosting of the whole shebang. It wasn't as bad as Samberg last year but at least Andy TRIED! Kimmel waltzed through the whole thing like he had no fuq's to give, which he probably didn't, but still. Bring back Poehler and Fey! Better still, give it to Beyonce and Laverne Cox! I'd pay good money to see that amount of fangirling for 3 hours, fo realz!

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