Just Jillian S1:E4 When G’s Away… Recap


This week on Just Jillian, Heidi orders more chickens and Jillian gets drunk the night before a workout show.  Let's go!


Heidi and the kids are making the chickens a cake for their birthday.  She adds eggs in the mix and Jillian says "that's cannibalism" but Heidi says it's not, it only would be if she fed them chicken.  Jill is like, uhhhhh.

Tito Ortiz has invited Jill to his championship fight. Backstage, they see Kimbo Slice, a MMA fighter and they start teasing Chloe when she wants to sit by him. Giancarlo says so he's about 300 pounds rock solid "Chloe is about maybe 100 pounds if that.  He would have her..." Jill interrupts "Split that bitch in half."  "In half" G agrees.  Jill proceeds to tell Kimbo that Chloe has a bunch of STDss and tells her later she saved her, she couldn't handle his action. "You'd bleed out."


Back at the house, Heidi has ordered more chickens.  Jillian is like, why not order bags and clothes like normal people?  G comes in and says he's sold a live podcast event, but he'll be in Spain so she'll have to take her sister Lauren because he won't be there.  But apparently Lauren isn't speaking to Jill right now because she asked her to sign for a loan for graduate school and Jill wouldn't do it.  She paid for her Bachelor's degree, but she doesn't approve of her taking on $80,000 debt for one year of school.  She cries because she feels so guilty and G calls Lauren to ask if she'll go with Jill.  She says she absolutely will go.


Jill meets her sister for lunch and asks her if she'd mad at her.  Lauren tells her she's not mad, but she wants to get her masters in Social Sciences of the Internet whether Jill approves or not. Jill has much the same response as me "The internet." and tells Lauren "It's Instagram."  She tells her she worries about her and doesn't want her to be overwhelmed.  Lauren tells her this is what she is meant to do and that Jill needs to be her sister right now instead of a mother figure.  Jill sees her point and they talk about Heidi wanting to get married.  Lauren tells her whatever decision they make, be happy with it.


Jill and her gang go to an Escape the Room type place where they lock you in for an hour and you have to solve puzzles to get out. Jill goes nuts with competitiveness and G says watching her freak is the best part. It kills her when they lose. G tells Chloe she's responsible for Jill getting to the fitness show in Chicago because he's leaving for Spain.


Jill, Heidi and Lauren take a wild ride through town to the live podcast. Lauren tells Jill she should know something when both passengers are holding on. Uh oh.  There are chords on the microphones, and Jillian's head is about to explode.  She's fucked because if it goes poorly it's because of this, but if it goes well she'll have to use the corded microphones from now on.


Lauren solves the problem by getting a hold of two cordless mikes. The show goes very well and Jill is only slightly impressed.

Jill heads to Chicago for the conference. Before she goes she tells Lauren how proud of her she is.On the way to Chicago Chloe tells Jill they should stop and take a shot. They start talking about how Chloe hasn't dated at all since her divorce, and Jill says she should just get on Tinder and find someone. It's been such a long time her hymen has grown back." Chloe refuses, she's too picky she says. At the airport Chloe takes so long in the bathroom that Kenta and Elle, fitness trainers that are also going, have caught up from a different flight.


In Chicago, Jill remembers she forgot to write her workout for the conference. She decides to write it later, she's more interested in getting Chloe laid. They go out to dinner and she tries to set her up with a 29 year old, but Chloe says she likes older men. After dinner, they go drinking at a club and Jill says they have to do body shots off a stranger. She tells Chloe she was the only single girl there, she must be asexual, she's a boner-killer.


The next day Jill is way hungover and she has to write her workout. The other fitness trainers say they're going to be sweating out liquor during the workout. G walks in and they tell him what they did. He's all, see what happens when I'm not around? He tells Jill she's not hung over, she's still drunk. In the car on the way she keeps saying, "I can't with the car, I can't with the car." She is so sick.  Ha.


At the workout, she heads out and the mike won't work. She swears and swears while G tries to get it fixed. He says he wishes he stayed in Spain for one more day. She wonders why she always has microphone issues. It finally gets fixed and she manages to get through the workout just fine, hungover and all. She says she may have had her fun getting drunk, but she with her work she will always come through.